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Fartleks: Not Just a Funny Word.

Training info for those who want to know:

Fartlek is actually a Swedish word.  It means “speed play”.   Fartlek workouts are meant to prepare a runner for the more serious speed training.  Basically it’s a speed training intro, and it’s meant to be fun and kind of spontaneous.

Here’s how they work:

  1. 12 min of easy running (or 1.5 miles, whatever is first, generally)
  2. For one mile, throw in some speed bursts of varying times and distances.  For example, think “I’m going to sprint to that tree/mailbox/telephone pole, etc.”.  Do a recovery jog after each burst…try not to walk!  Burst to a landmark, recover to a landmark, and repeat.  Increase the distance you do these bursts as your tolerance increases each week..
  3. OR, instead of using landmarks to judge burst distances, do timed fartleks.  30 sec jog, 30 sec burst.  And repeat, and repeat, and repeat.  Work up your burst time so it’s longer than your jog time (30 sec jog, 45 sec burst, for example).

Plan how far/how long you want to do these bursts before you go out running.  Having a goal will make you stick to the program better, and reduce the risk of injury by just barreling along for awhile.

Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now.  Just thought this would be good to know info for people starting to train for the first time.

Hope you have some happy and healthy running :-)

Source:  Liberman A, Pribut S, Devito C.  The Everything Running Book. F + W publications.  Print, 2002.

Good Morning (M)

Genre: S M U T 

Length: 1,000+ words

Kinks: Oppa! kink, slight exhibitionism(???) 

Disclaimer: I am extremely exhausted at the moment, so if this is bad I am so sorry lmao I just felt horrible for slacking off so much on writing and came up with this little drabble/scenario~

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“Jagi..” You could hear your boyfriend sweetly coo as he attempted to gently shake you awake, “Jagiya wake up, please..” He whined. “It’s important.” 

Despite how utterly exhausted you were, you knew he wouldn’t stop until you gave him the attention he wanted, “Ya know- you might try to act all daddy all the time and stuff, but you sure act like a child when you want attention..” You halfheartedly teased, turning to face him.

Yugyeom pouted as soon your gaze met his, “Why do you have to be so mean in the mornings babygirl?” He asked in a childish tone. 

“Because I am not a morning person. This is an ungodly hour to wake up at. For fucks sake the sun’s not even completely out yet.” A sleepy little giggle escaped your lips as you motioned over to open curtain that revealed the slight darkness outside, cuddling against him you sleepily asked, “What’s so important any-” Immediately you stop speaking as you felt exactly why he wanted you up so badly. 

His cheeks furiously blushed a bright red, biting his lower lip roughly his eyes wandered over you. Bringing his head down, his plush lips right beside your ear he softly whispered, “Please baby.. Help your precious Oppa feel good.” 

You automatically sat up on your knees, crossing your arms over your chest as you peered down at him with narrowed eyes, “Precious?’ You scoffed, “You’re anything but precious to me right now, Yuggy. I’m tired, I wanna sleep.” You pouted in the cutest way you possibly could.

Yuggy pulled the blanket off him, revealing his hardened member attempting to poke straight up; the only thing stopping it from doing so was his tight grey sweatpants. “Don’t you see how badly i want you baby?” He whined, biting his lip once more as he began to gently rub his clothed member. “Come on baby, you know Oppa can put you right back to sleep once he’s done with you.” 

Though you were completely exhausted, your body began to betray you. The familiar ache in your core ignited as soon as you could see how desperate his was for you, “Fuck..” You airily whimpered as you rolled your eyes, “We can’t though. Everyone’s here.” 

A sly, smug smile painted itself across Yugyeom’s face as his eyes continued their lustful wandering, “So?” He said with a shrug, “They’re all still asleep. You know that babe.” 

“But they’ll wake up sooner or later, if not because of their alarms then because of all the freaking noise we make.” A playful little chuckled flowed out as you crawled over to your needy boyfriend. 

Yugyeom immediately grabbed your waist and sat you on top of him; his large hands lightly caressed your curves as he began peppering candy sweet kisses along the base of your neck and collarbone. “Please baby.” He seductively whispered between each kiss. “Be a good girl for me, sweetheart- Be good for Oppa..” 

His words seemed to make you melt into his embrace, soft little whines began escaping your lips as his hands and lips began exploring your body more. “F- Fuck..” You whined, gently rocking your hips back and forth on his member.

He dragged his hands back down to your hips, roughly digging his fingertips into them as you rubbed your clothed, dripping core on him. A low growl escaped him, the urge to be inside you suddenly becoming more than overwhelming. 

Suddenly he tossed you back onto the bed, your body landing on the black sheets as he stood above you. “I need you now.” He said, gritting his teeth as he practically ripped your favorite pair of lace panties off of you. 

“Babe! those were my favorite~” You playfully whined while he hastily pulled his sweats down, his solid cock springing free as he positioned himself between your legs. 

An anxious chuckle escaped him as he grazed the tip of his member up and down your drenched slit, “I’ll get you new ones..” He looked up at you, quickly flashing a smug grin. “You’re so fucking wet princess.” He cooed, groaning loudly just as he slowly slide himself inside you. “Fuck y/n.” 

Your face contorted in sweet, divine pleasure as he began pumping his length in and out of you, “God, Yuggy~” You sweetly whined as you gripped the sheets. 

“Hush baby..” Yugyeom airily growled, “Do you want the others to hear?” 

At first you nodded, but automatically shook your head seconds after. You wouldn’t be able to face them if they heard the two of you fucking. In between your moans you weakly replied, “No, Sir..” 

“Well, too bad.. I do.” Another smug grin sprawled across his face as he picked up his speed, drilling himself inside you with each hard, long thrust. His finger tips bruisingly dug themselves into your hips. “Ask before you cum baby, got it?”

Despite how badly you tried to contain your moans, Yugyeom just wouldn’t allow it. Every second you stayed silent he fucked you harder and rougher, “F- Fuck..” You whimpered as you couldn’t contain yourself anymore, “Yugyeom!” You shouted nearly at the top of your lungs, your almost throat tearing moans now echoed throughout the dorm. 

Yugyeom threw his head back in complete pleasure, groaning as your walls tightly clenched around his cock, “Shit-” He hissed as the sensation began bringing him closer to his climax, “You gonna cum babygirl?” He breathlessly asked as he lowered himself on top of you. 

“Oh god-” You whined, nodding rapidly while loudly whimpering as the sudden slight change in his position hit your most sensitive spot perfectly. “Yes, holy shit- I’m wanna cum, please let me cum.” 

The sheer desperation in your voice nearly threw him over the edge right then and there. He roughly pressed his lips against yours, his thrusts quickly becoming sloppy, “Me too baby- “ He whimpered as he broke the heated kiss, “Me too, cum with me babygirl. Cum with Oppa..” 

And with that your body seemed to waist absolutely no time at all. Your orgasm wracked through you; turning you into a shaky, drowsy mess. “Oh- Oh god..” You whimpered as you felt your walls contract around him once more, the sensation drove your newly sensitive body crazy. Your eyes rolled back as you roughly bit your lip as your orgasm slowly came to a halt.

Yugyeom followed you over the edge seconds later, “Ahhh~” He breathlessly whined, groaning loudly as he shot his load inside you. He practically collapsed on top of you as exhaustion took over, “Holy fuck..” He said once more as he wrapped his arms around you. 

Just as you cuddled into his embrace, your sleepiness returning almost immediately, he placed a sweet kiss on the top of your head. “I love-” His sentence immediately being cut off by the sound of whispering coming from the other room.

“Hey! If you guys are done fucking now do y’all want breakfast? Mark and I are starving!” Jackson shamelessly shouted from across the hall, completely killing the moment. 

You buried your face in Yugyeom’s chest, lightly punching him as embarrassment took over. “I hate you..” You shyly teased. “How can I face them now?”

A playful smile spread across his face as he planted another kiss on your head, “Yeah! Y/n’s pretty tired out though, and she might not be able to walk right now so she’s gonna stay in bed for a while.” Your boyfriend puposely shouted back in reply. He gently cupped your chin, forcing you to look at him. a soft chuckle flowed out of him as your eyes met his. “Jagi~ How does breakfast in bed sound?” 

God did he make it hard to hate him.

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7 Study Moods

So you wanna study, but somehow the mood just isn’t right. Maybe try these? Pick your favorite, or do one each day of the week!

  • The Classy: Green tea, classical string quartets, reading articles in a park.
    • Great for when you need to read 120 pages of something. It’s way nicer to read when you’re in a nice place!
  • The Hipster: Coffee, jazz, writing summaries of the material in a coffee shop.
    • You’ll look very cosmopolitan, with all your notes in front of you. Make sure your summaries are coherent though, and you’re not too busy looking great to study well.
  • The Grad Student: Wine/sparkling cider, Adele, writing papers, curled up in blankets in bed.
    • Papers are easiest for me to write when I’m comfortable. If I feel a little fancy at the same time, so much the better.
  • The Focuser: Cold water, nature sounds, taking practice tests in a sunlight place.
    • The best way to study for a test is to take a test. The best way to kill test-anxiety is to take a practice test and feel calm while you do it. This is a great way to feel calm and prepared when you do a practice test, and that leads to a better actual test.
  • The Party-er: Energy drink, dubstep, drilling flashcards on the floor.
    • Flashcards for me are a speed thing. If I’m drilling them, my goal is to know those definitions as fast as possible. Caffeine and fast music raise my heart rate, and sitting on the floor gives me room to spread out the cards however I need to.
  • The Morning Person: Orange juice, early American hymns, transcribing notes at your desk.
    • Not necessarily done during the morning! Orange juice helps keep you alert without making you open to distraction, and old American hymns just make me feel happy, so putting them together helps make transcribing a better time.
  • The Finals Prepper: Black tea, folk music, interleaving any/all of the above, at the library.
    • This can be done whenever, and is especially useful for just keeping yourself up to speed.

Don’t worry about doing any of these exactly, these are just moods! Mix and match parts of them, make your own, whatever. I’d recommend choosing one or two moods that work really well for you and then doing them consistently, just to really get in the habit.

Good luck!

Seven more study moods


The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) conducting high-speed turn drills during sea trials on May 11, 2017. Abraham Lincoln is underway after successfully completing its mid-life refueling and complex overhaul and will spend several days conducting sea trials, a comprehensive test of many of the ship’s key systems and technologies.

To Borrow #6

Here is our little dark cupcake called Saeran. This is definitely AU as he didn’t go to high school or anything like that but hey, I can hope that in another 2D universe he didn’t have such a sucky life and is just the broodier, edgier punk of a kid who shops at Hot Topic/Dangerfield/Off Ya Tree (Aussie here ^_^) and begs his mother for money for a new piercing for his birthday. In my head I could see troubled adolescent Zen and Saeran being besties sans motorcycle gang. 

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Which Exercises Burn The Most Calories (And Fat)

Losing weight safely and effectively is a combination of eating fewer (and healthier) calories and burning more calories through exercise. You can work harder and longer to burn more calories, spending hours on the treadmill or stationary bike, or you can work smarter and choose
​ - exercises that burn the most calories in the exercises that give you more ​bang for the buck
shortest amount of time like:
● Walking​- Brisk walking burns about 300-400 Calories Per Hour and is always a good
place to start your fitness training, all you need is a good pair of comfortable shoes.
● Running​- Running burns the same number of calories as walking, but in half the time at
around 600 Calories Per Hour. Get better shoes designed for running to prevent injuries. ● Cycling​- Stationary or on a course or track, cycling also burns around 600 Calories Per
Hour with less impact than running.
● Rowing​- Using a quality rowing machine with a fan blade resistance burns around 800 Calories Per Hour. If you have ever tried an extended set on the rower, you can vouch for the intensity and calorie burning based on the amount of sweat alone. Bring a towel. ● Swimming​- Swimming is another low impact, full body workout that burns around 600
Calories Per Hour as it engages all of your big muscles and muscle groups.
● Jumping Rope​- Not the kiddie kind but the boxing training kind of rope and speed drills burns Over 1000 Calories Per Hour. It is the cheapest exercise to begin as a good “speed rope” costs around 10 USD. The down side is your skill level, the massive calorie burn comes with extended CONTINUOUS sets or sessions. If you must start and stop frequently it is not as effective. But if you stick with it and start over every time you misstep, you will soon be burning the fat. Very few exercises burn 166 calories every 10 minutes. You CAN jump rope in 10 minute blocks spread throughout your day with much the same benefit.
● CrossFit​- Crossfit calories vary by your WOD, but average 260 per 20 minute session
or 780 calories per hour.
● Interval, Tabata or HIIT​- These types of timed interval training involve short periods of intense exercise for X time followed by 2X or 3X time of less intense recovery exercise and then start over again. A simple example would be runners who do sprint training - they sprint full speed for one lap, but then immediately jog for 2 laps or 3 laps. These type of varying intensity, continuous training programs burn in excess of 1000 calories per hour BUT, it will be a long time building your strength and stamina to achieve 60 minutes of interval training.
Conclusions​- The best calorie burn comes from the highest intensity exercises like intervals or rope jumping but are difficult to maintain for any length of time as a beginner. If you have access to a gym or cardio equipment like a rowing machine, treadmill or stair stepper, consider your own fitness program, bring a jump rope and perform 5 or more minutes on each piece of equipment followed by rope jumping and continue from machine or activity to the next without stopping. You will NOT get bored (you won’t have time to) and you will get very close to that magic 1000 calories burned!

The Falcon and the Wolf Part 3

Summary:  This is an AU where you and Dean have been separated by a terrible curse for over two years.  You’re banding together with some old friends and old enemies to bring down the person responsible in hopes of removing the curse.  This is part three in a multi-part series.

If you missed Part 1 get caught up HERE.

If you missed Part 2 get caught up HERE.

Characters: AU!Dean x Reader, AU!Sam, AU!Cas, AU!Gadreel, AU!Arthur, AU!Cain, AU!John, AU!Crowley (mentioned), AU!Jess (mentioned), AU!Abbadon (mentioned), AU!Rowena, AU!Kevin, AU!Metatron (mentioned)

Word Count: 3495

Warnings: SMUT (unprotected sex, wrap it up people), canon typical angst, canon typical violence, death of an animal

A/N:  This is partly inspired by one of my favorite childhood movies Ladyhawke, though I’m taking it in a different direction.  This will be a multi-part series.  This is my first AU series, so feedback is very much appreciated!

Thanks to the fabulous beta @wheresthekillswitch, you are so wonderful! I don’t know what I’d do without you!

Thank you to the amazing @arryn-nyxx for the BEAUTIFUL aesthetic you created!  You capture a feeling with color, light and pictures that I can rarely find with words.

My tags are open so send me a message or an ask if you’d like to be added to the list!

Italics are flashbacks.

Castiel and Gadreel follow you on horseback riding north to find Sir Arthur Ketch.  Castiel’s freedom fighters are heading back to the compound with Sam and Dean.  Truthfully you could have made the journey on your own, but you’re reluctant to visit him alone.  No one has seen or heard from him in the years since the curse took hold.  Recently, word made it back that he was seen near a monastery far east of the Winchester stronghold.  As you soar through the sky your thoughts drift to your times with Arthur Ketch, or Ketch as you always called him.

Stinging pain hits your skin the moment the wooden sword makes contact with your leg.

“Sloppy, Y/N.  You can do better.”

Blowing your hair out of your face you stand with your sword ready again.

“Come at me, love.”

“Gladly,” you say darting toward him, swinging your sword.

Ketch twists out of the way, anticipating his move, you quickly sweep at his legs though he manages to jump away.  You bring your sword over your head; he meets it with his own, leaning into you.

“Getting better, love,” he says looking into your eyes.

“Just wait,” you say pushing away from him.

You circle each other feinting moves, trying to get a read on each other.

“Don’t hesitate, Y/N.  Move.  Action is best.”

You launch towards him again, successfully bluffing him, he goes left and you catch him across his side.

“Very good,” he rubs his side, a smirk playing on his lips.  “Again.”

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🇺🇸🇰🇷One of my followers is a US Marine and wanted to share this video. He did not want to be tagged. Here is his caption: *US Marine PFC. Bravo of 3/1 kilo company. He is challenging a ROK Marine to a speed reload drill. This is in South Korea after training them on MOUT tactics.*

Thanks for sharing and •thanks for your service•!!! #rok #usa #usmc #marines #rokmarines #korea

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From an anon prompt passed over from @talortut​. I got a little carried away and next thing you know it was ~1700 words. Oops?

Lance regrets a lot that morning when he manages to wake up. He regrets being almost late to Allura’s drill–or really, he regrets her drill in general.

‘Is this what death feels like?’ Lance wonders as he settles himself into the Blue Lion.

It’s been a rough morning. 

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anonymous asked:

i loved your coaches headcannons! do you have any more? or just training hc in general?

!! hello thank you i’m glad you liked them!! 

ok so i’m going to shamelessly steal many of these because they are things that Actually Happened from when i used to play Sport/ work at a children’s museum buckle up friends

  • Celestino is late to practice exactly Once. he got his ponytail stuck in his car door before leaving for the rink n spent the next hour frantically treating it with strengthening products just in case he damaged his hair
    • also, based on a conversation with @thecookiemonster77 
    • celestino is always early for practice
    • yuuri n phichit love doing car karaoke, complete with ugly singing and fake accents and as much dancing as they can do with their seatbelts on. even when they get where they’re going, they sit in the car and sing until the song is over
    • so one day celestino is running late
    • he pulls into the rink parking lot and parks next to yuuri’s car
      • celestino: i hope my skaters are inside starting their warm ups like good kids 
      • celestino: *looks to the left to see phichit n yuuri jamming out in the car, singing very passionately to a song that celestino cannot hear*
      • celestino:
      • celestino: i don’t know why i expected anything different
    • (the song was wannabe by the spice girls)
  • one time yuuri and phichit show up to practice without their skates (”they’re in the apartment, we got help up in class, let me just–”) So, celestino makes them wear the gross rental hockey skates and do speed drills with the hockey team in the other rink
    • this backfires because for the next month he gets angry emails from the hockey coaches about how the players are “requesting we move practice to the time slot before yours so they can hang back and watch yuuri and phichit practice”
    • “There’s just something about watching a cute boy hurl his body off the ice and spin at 308 RPM that turns me on.”
    • “Todd, shut up and get back in the crease.” 
    • “Just look at those thighs. 308 revolutions per minute, Jace. That’s, like, super fast.” 
  • Celestino has yuuri demonstrate a triple axel to the Tiny Demons and one of them calls him coach. the rest of them start calling him Coach Yuuri. celestino is so jealous
    • “They’re demons but they’re my demons.”
  • Celestino has a No Swearing policy at the rink (for the Tiny Demons) but instead of a swear jar he has a “1 word, 1 lap” rule. phichit n yuuri find a way around this by searing in thai/japanese
    • “C’mon, Ciao Ciao, teach us some Italian swears!”
    • “So you can continue to use my own rule against me? No thanks. Another lap, kid.”

whoops this turned into a detroit fam thing heh sorry. anyway, some coach things:

  • this might actually be canon (not sure???) but celestino and jj’s parents are really good Frenemies
    • like they’re friends. they’d throw down for each other. But.
    • that being said, he’s actually jj’s godfather
    • coaching jj was an Experience
    • their competitive careers never overlapped but celestino has seen all of yakov’s competition videos because a) his old coach made him and 2) whenever phichit and yuuri make fun of him for his bad late 80s/ early 90s routines he just. points to yakov’s ridiculous 70s career
Assassin Preference: Training and Recovery After Tough Practice

A/N- I hope this didn’t get too far from the original point! I found the whole mentor/apprentice dynamic interesting, so I may have deviated from the ‘recovery’ bit!


Altair is probably the least push-over-y of the whole group. He works you hard and pushes you past your limits, as he knows that it’s the only way to get stronger, whether it be physically or mentally. Despite this, he also knows that continuous over-exertion will only end up hurting the body. After a hard day of physical training, he will spend the next day training your mind, with light exercise before or after his lesson. He wants you to stay productive, but doesn’t want to injure your body. His usual training is intense physical exercise, then mental exercises the next day with light warm-ups or stretches, moderate physical exercise, and then a mix of both, moderately. He wants the body to recover, but not to become unused to his training.


Ezio is probably one of the mentors more likely to give his apprentice more slack the day after some tough practice. The trick with him is to try really hard, sweat a lot, and just put your full effort into practice. Ezio appreciates people who put a lot of priority on getting better, no matter what it is. In this case, it would be your assassin training. If you try hard(er than usual), and voice how you were sore, Ezio will give you a break day to recover. He wouldn’t mind having a day to relax either, seeing as he is more easygoing than Altair in that sense. No matter what age Ezio is, he will find a valid reason to take a day off every once in awhile.


Connor works hard. It’s just who he is, or perhaps who he has grown to be. He likes pushing himself, much like Altair, to get better, and that view would probably apply to anyone being mentored by him. He wants you to try your hardest, and will push you from time to time. But he will only push you as much as he thinks you can handle. You won’t be as utterly exhausted from training under Connor as you would be from Altair, but Connor’s training always involves a mix of physical and mental exercise, blended together in a perfect balance. He also makes you climb up trees and- at times- the Aquila when he takes you along with him on an oversea trip. Connor will push you, but he will be mindful and will ease up a little if you show him that you are overexerting yourself.


Haytham is somewhat more extreme than his father and son in that he actually tries to push you, and pushes you hard. No good Templar had easy training sessions! He knows how Assassins try to kill fellow Templars, and he will try his damndest to make sure you don’t wind up with a hidden blade in your back. His training sessions involve lots of multitasking. He’ll quiz you on history while you’re doing pushups, make you recite his teachings as you run, and make you explain why you want to be a Templar while you spar against him. He wants you to be able to do both equally good (Whether that’s even truly possible or not). If you do an exceptional job, he might let you go early, but he’ll never give days off. If you look really sore, he might spend a few hours indoors, focusing on history and other useful subjects.


Edward’s training isn’t tough in theory, but in practice, it’s a whole other story. I mean, come on, it’s Edward. He’d have you taking on dozens of Spanish guards with only him by your side. “Experience is the best teacher” and all that. He doesn’t mean to make you so sore from all that running and fighting, it just sort of… happens. If you seem sore or in pain, he’d let you chill on the Jackdaw with him and his crew, drinking rum and singing shanties for a few hours. Edward’s training is very little legitimate training and mainly you running, fighting, and climbing in real scenarios. It’s hard training, but you know that you’re going to be all the better off for it.


Aveline’s training usually involves subtlety and more mental exercise than physical. She often uses her skills to blend into the crowd rather than sneaking around, out of sight, but she gets into her fair share of trouble too. Her training would rarely be physically tiring, but you’d best be prepared to use your brain. On days where you are physically training (Perhaps one or two days a week are mostly dedicated to just physical training), be ready to be climbing up abandoned buildings, or running through the forests and sometimes the swamps. She wants to teach you how to adapt to your environment, whether it be through blending in a crowd, or free running through the wilds.


Arno is a bit of a meticulous mentor (Despite the fact that he isn’t usually like that in the field), strict and no-nonsense, but not without humor or a soft side. He wants you to do well, seeing as you’d most likely be his first apprentice, but doesn’t want to be too strict, as he remembers how he wanted to have enough freedom to be able to do other things besides the Brotherhood’s jobs. As such, he would have training every other day, but he would have tough practice. He’d make you run the rooftops of Paris (But he would often got sidetracked by thieves or extremists harassing passersby on the streets) to raise your endurance, sword fight with him in the training room of the Café Théâtre to better your speed in combat, and drill you with intellectual questions at seemingly random times, although not to the extent of Haytham. Whatever you choose to do on those days off are up to you.


Evie is a strict mentor, who sticks to her daily training regimen of 30 minutes of hard exercise, with fifteen minutes of light warm-up/cool-down before and after, and after a 30 minute break, two hours of intellectual study. Don’t train under Evie unless you are ready to be the recipient of her passion for learning and teaching. She’ll be a bit more stern with you, and, depending on what kind of apprentice you are, could treat you kind of how she treats Jacob (If you act like he does) or she might treat you more like an equal than an apprentice. It truly depends on how you act. As far as recovery from tough practice, she is fairly forgiving, and will allow you to only do just the intellectual training for the day. What, did you think a few sore muscles would stop her from lecturing you on the First Civilization?


Jacob treats his apprentices like his Rooks, and his training sessions are probably the most… abstract. Sometimes he forgets or ditches you, because he gets sidetracked by his… mischief. If you decide to tag along on his little outings, be ready to run. Or fight. Or both. Really, it’s a wild card when it comes to what Jacob gets himself into. We won’t mention the whole almost-causing-England’s-economy-to-crumble fiasco. If you need a day to recover, he’d be totally fine with it. Then he won’t feel bad if he accidentally blows up a train without you.


Desmond doesn’t train you, he works out alongside you. I mean, he’s never been the mentor-y type. He’d rather the both of you go jogging or weight lifting. If you were sore afterwards, he’d have no qualms about staying home and chilling. It’s Desmond, after all. Days where he can relax are a rarity.


THE BEAD MAKER – Apprentice Watches the Master – A Rosary Shop in Old Meiji-Era Japan by Okinawa Soba

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />This image and its 3-D counterpart are dedicated to the illustrious, world-traveling photographer and Flickr member &quot;DCI&quot;. Ever since he asked me what the strange tool was in another photo I posted, I have been meaning to dig this one out and post it.. 

In the OTHER photo, this handy tool was dead on the ground. In this photo it’s alive and well, and a young apprentice is being taught how to use it.

The tool is called a PUMP DRILL, and though rarely seen today, it was an important part of many old artisan cultures. Amazingly, I discovered a great modern version of this “Boy watching the Master” on Kai-Erik’s photostream : www.flickr.com/photos/kai-erik/2860082920/ Take a moment to see his other photos showing close-up images of this tool as well. Thanks, Kai-Erik !

Due to the shaft reversing itself after many spins in one direction, the Pump Drill also required a unique bit. The all important flywheel – in the above photo it is a simple, ball-shaped weight in the shaft – could take any form; from round ball to “flying saucer” shape, and from smooth surfaced to ornately cast or engraved (making it a work of art in itself). It looks about as primitive as you can get, but it was an indispensable tool. It did its job making all manner of fine bore holes, the direction and flare of which could be accurately controlled by the subtle moves of a skilled operator.

Well, now that we have established how primitive this tool is, it’s only fair to tell you that at the very moment the quaint photo was taken above in 1904, back in the “advanced” nations of North America and Europe, every JEWELER, SILVERSMITH, GOLDSMITH, ENGRAVER, OPTICIAN and WATCHMAKER were all sitting at their benches using all sizes of the same Pump Drill seen above! With it, they produced the fantastic settings of the beautiful “antique rings and jewelry” that many folks like to collect, as well as the beautiful old precision watches and scientific instruments that still “keep on ticking” today.

In spite of that, I’m sure nobody here is about to trade in your variable-speed DREMEL Hobby Drill for one of these. On the other hand, if you are out in the wilderness with no electroicity (working on some kind of on-the-spot wood,metal, or stone project), some version of this drill with the right set of bits would come in MIGHTY HANDY.

If you are into stereoviews, the deep 3-D version of the above detail crop is here, and was photographed by JULIAN COCHRANE in 1904 for the Keystone View Company : www.flickr.com/photos/24443965@N08/2586445212/

In the Wikipedia under BOW DRILL, and you can see PUMP DRILL illustrated as a related tool : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bow_drill

The Photo that DCI first caught the Pump Drill in is here : www.flickr.com/photos/24443965@N08/2477276418/

For other beautiful and interesting photos by the same photographer (including a couple of great self portraits taken while in Japan), look here : www.flickr.com/search/?q=Julian Cochrane&w=24443965@N08

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Ah hi i was that anon that send u the iceskaterau and omg thank u!(u might have noticed, but i usually send prompts ending with 3 pervyemojis(゚ω゚)srry if i spam u sometimes and thank you for answering every one!)(╹◡╹)and i got a lot more ideas! They invite eachother to watch their contests. Some people foundout about them, they made it to the headlines: love on ice. Gladio getting jealous of Prompto skating partner.Gladio teaching Prompto hockey but he somehow made it look elegant while doing it

Pervyemoji Anon, I love all of your sweet ideas! Thank you for starting this whole hockey/skater AU idea <3 ! I’m so deep in this hell right now and that’s all your fault, but I can’t really complain. What a happy aesthetic to carry around with me all day <3 I’m going to write something based off a couple of the ideas you listed here :) The rest will happen, too, but in the interest of keeping this a semi-chronological story, I’ll revisit them later *wink* Hope you enjoy!

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Cheesy Cheese under the cut!! v v v

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“thank you for your patience”

Yesterday’s kung fu session was focussed on beginners, and during a partner exercise I was paired with one of our newest students. She’s been training with us for only a few months now (4, iirc), but she’s one of those who are surprisingly quick to grasp new movements. 
Being the student with more experience, I of course adapted my speed to hers, giving her feedback on her technique. I tried to keep it simple, as I know it can get overwhelming when you have to watch out for so many details at once. It’s only much, much later that you can apply all of the corrections about your stance and your steps and your “elbows dripping” and your cover and breathing and eyes, and slightly bent joints and timing and distance and rhythm… 
So imagine my surprise when that new student was not only very quick to catch on to techniques she never did before, but also managed to increase the speed of our drill without getting too sloppy. She still has a lot to learn, but I was very impressed - and made sure to tell her. 
And after that partner exercise, just before we started working on forms, she turned to me and said “thank you for your patience!” - I didn’t really expect that, either. Not that we do not treat each other respectfully at our school, but her thanks was delivered in a way that I experienced as unusual. 

I try to make sure that everyone feels at home at our school and has great learning experiences and can work on their Kung Fu as intensely as they possibly can, and it just warmed my heart to get that kind of feedback. Especially since it did not feel like any kind of work to train with her, but rather like a natural situation. 

Apart from that exchange (which left me in an even better mood than before), training went really well. I’ve been trying to change my perspective on the beginner’s lessons, as I’ve been recently reminded that training the basics is one of the most important, if not THE most important things I can do for my Kung Fu right now. (Yes, I’m looking over at you, @goatanddragon :D) 
It was not only very rewarding to do so, but also possible without adapting anything to the needs of my knee. We trained forms at a very low speed to make sure our newest student could keep up, so I didn’t have to worry too much about sudden weight changes and difficult transitions between stances, which in turn led to me being able to go low. It felt great. ^_^

Looking forward to get back to training tomorrow, and to hopefully train more with our newer students on Monday and/or Tuesday… ^^ 

the signs as things art workshop things

aries- “at least my dress doesn’t look like it’s made of bird shit”

taurus- *very solemnly after a huge jug of black paint spilt* “ahh gravity… amen… amen…”

gemini- “TABS” *every art student within earshot* “TABS TAbS tABs TABs!!!!!”


leo- Y.O.P.O, you only paint once (except acylics)

virgo- art teacher- “how do you make water colors lighter?”
student- “you add your tears”
teacher- “how do you make paint darker?”
another student- “you close your eyes”

libra- “we’re going on a field trip to the closet” “come on, I just spent the last 8 years coming out of the closet”

scorpio- a cut open tube of dry paint with googly eyes named harriet tube-man

sagittarius- eating 5 pounds of twizzlers in an hour

capricorn- *art teacher vaguely hints that someone in the class is doing something wrong*
everyone in the class- *mass panic*“ARE YOU TALKING TO ME WHAT DID I DO WRONG??”

aquarious- the animal cracker my sister taped to the wall four years ago

pisces- *twizzler rotating at high speed on a drill* “performance art”