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The Cure

Bucky Barnes x Reader Drabble

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader,  Steve Rogers  |  Word Count: 1493

Warnings: Nothing but fluff. A drabble. This is what happens when I’m bored. Spotify is my nemesis. The Cure by Lady Gaga

You looked up from your book when the door opened.

Bucky, in all his combat gear stumbled into your shared suite within the Avengers compound, shedding guns, gloves, and grenades with such disregard for their explosive nature it had you leaping to your feet. The look on his face spoke plainly of just how hard the latest mission had been.

Going to him, you grabbed for the belt he was getting ready to chuck across the room, the one with at least three grenades, and gently laid it over the back of the sofa. He went still, just stood there, shaking, breathing, anger radiating off him in waves.

Lifting your hand, you laid it gently against his clenched jaw. You only had one question. “Is everyone alright?”

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lesson learned |myg|

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pairing: min yoongi x reader

words: 765

genre: smut

summary: you misbehave, and yoongi has to teach you a lesson.


raising money for my pet’s tumor removal

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A/N: oh wow a tour fic. new laptop is working all nice and cool and i love it so whoop heres a fic. i might not have anything out for a few days bc i want to start the two long fic ideas i have (those will be up on my ao3 eventually bc they are klance lolkjhgkjfhg) but ill finish requests up soon. enjoy!

my ao3 if u want it: http://archiveofourown.org/users/yikeyway

It wasn’t the best idea. It was time consuming, a bit of a hassle, and definitely not cost effective, but you’d never claimed to have good ideas. A part of you rationalized that this was only the first leg of the first tour and that eventually they’d drag their shows to the east coast, to Maine, and you could just go then. But another part of you refused. This was the /first/ tour. It was special, it was scary, it was new. You wanted to see that, not only for yourself but for Ethan. So after a short battle with your impulse control that ended with your silly decision triumphant, you bought a ticket to the show and a flight to Detroit.

A few weeks later, you stood outside the theater, hands stuffed in the pockets of your jacket as you rocked on the balls of your feet. The doors opened and as people were led to their seats, you couldn’t help but smile. You’d seen a few videos and pictures, all of which the teams hard work and dedication practically radiated out of. There was also a strange meta feeling seeing as you’d listened to Ethan’s distressed rambling about them. A video of a certain dance and you remembered the 20 exasperated texts from him, groaning about how he just couldn’t get it right.

Your phone buzzed and brought you out of your reverie. You looked at the screen to see Ethan’s name, followed by a frighteningly long list of blue emojis in luea of a last name. You’d never understood people using their friends full names for their contacts. It was professional, yes, but /so boring/.

Ethan: Holy shit. Oh my god I’m gonna DIE

Ethan: Is it possible to die from nervousness and excitement at the same time? Bc that is what’s about to go down

Ethan: It’s the last show, y/n. What if I fuck it up? What if something absolutely terrible happens? WHAT IF SOMEONE DIES THAT WILL RUIN IT

You laugh to yourself as the texts come, one after another.

Y/N: Eth, calm down. You’re gonna do fine, I guarantee it. The shows have been wonderful so far, what makes you think this will be the one that sucks?

Y/N: Actually don’t answer that you’ll just freak yourself out more. Don’t worry, Ethan. It’s gonna be amazing, I know it.

You smile as you message him, and consider telling him that you’re there. But you planned to do it afterwards, as more of a surprise. You missed him, though, and were itching to see him in real life again. The last time you’d seen him had been before he moved to the opposite coast months ago. Every time he’d been close to being back home, you hadn’t been able to catch up. Conflicting schedules had forced you from seeing your probably-best-friend in almost a year.

Ethan: Okay. Okay yeah you’re right. It’s gonna be fine totally

Ethan: Alright shows starting soon I gotta go. Love you bye

Y/N: Love you too. Good luck, Eth. Don’t worry, hun, you know they’ll love it.

You got a barrage of hearts interspersed with a few other strange emojis in response. You laugh to yourself and press the power button on your phone. A few minutes later the lights dim and you’re swept up in the cheers of the crowd as the show starts.

It’s strange, but wonderful. There’s music and dancing and silly bits. They play games and laugh, changing costumes and bringing the audience into their fun. At one point there’s a q and a portion and you’re oh so tempted to ask a question to see if Ethan will realize what you’ve done.

You think you’ve blown your cover once when Amy, a beautiful blonde girl who Ethan introduced to you once over Skype and who dropped in on your conversations often, passed your seat at the end of your row. Her eyes passed over you, snapping back and filling with surprise. She obviously recognized you, but you just smiled and pressed a  finger over your lips to tell her not to say anything. Her surprised expression turned mischievous and she turned away to find a questioner, smirk on her face.

Near the end of the show, the boys got weepy. There were tears and hugs and so much emotion flowing through the room that you felt yourself tearing up too. You were so immensely proud of Ethan and what he had accomplished.

As they left the stage, you swallowed thickly and pulled out your phone. So far Ethan had texted you after every show, excited messages with more words misspelled than not, but you expected he’d be celebrating with his friends backstage right now. You open your conversation with Ethan and type out a message.

Y/N: You did wonderful, Eth. Your singing has really improved but the dancing could use some work. Especially liked the part where you tripped leaving the stage.

You pocketed your phone, moving into the crowd that was now flowing out of the venue. A few minutes later you were outside, cool night air refreshing on your skin, when your phone buzzed.

Ethan: ???????

Ethan: ur kiddin rihgt?

Ethan: Howd do you know that happened excuse me

Ethan: y/n…. Y/N


Y/N: That she saw me in the crowd? Because she did. I’m outside, dumby.

You didn’t get an answer for a while as you edged around the crowd to stand by the side of the building. You wanted to see if you could wait it out and finally get to talk to Ethan in person again. You leaned against the wall, fidgeting with you phone. Suddenly, from farther down the alley a door slammed open. You jumped at the noise but barely had a moment to react before you were being knocked backwards by a speeding bullet of clothes and blue hair.

Ethan was babbling and hugging you tightly. You laughed, hugging him back.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe you’re here what the fuck?” Ethan was still teary from the show and it made his eyes shine.

“What are you even doing here? What the hell oh my god.” Ethan was out of breath, laughing giddily as he grabbed your face in his hands.

“I just… wanted to come see you. I know how much you’ve worked for this and I just couldn’t wait to see you again. The show was wonderful, Eth.”

Ethan’s face flushed at the praise. “Thank you. I’ve really missed you, I’m so glad you’re here.”

“I missed you too, Eth. So much.” You sigh. There’s a warmth in your chest and you feel so content. Not even the fact that you’re both in a cold, dank alley with a crowd of people right around the corner can ruin the moment. You’re hugging your best friend again and you’ve never been happier.

Ethan’s breath leaves him suddenly and his eyes widen. His grip slackens as he looks at you. He opens his mouth, then closes it, then opens it again. He breathes deeply before trying to speak again.

“I think I just realized something…”

“What?” You ask quietly, smile tugging the corners of your lips.

“I love you.”

Your brain short circuits and you blank for a moment. Then it’s spinning out of control again, like fireworks are exploding against your eyes. You can’t think of anything to say but you want to say everything.

You love him too.

Instead of trying to formulate a coherent response, you surge forward and press your lips against his. He makes a surprised noise before leaning back against you. You’re still hugging so you’re so close you can feel how fast his heart is beating. It’s like the world has frozen around you because nothing else matters. Nothing except Ethan.

When you pull away, he leans his forehead against yours and laughs. There’s a moment of silence before the sound of people clapping bursts into the bubble the two of you created. You jump back, looking around to see the source of the noise.

By the door Ethan burst out of is a group of people. You recognize them immediately as Ethan’s friend and tourmates. They’re clapping and whooping loudly, one of them, who you recognize as Mark, even whistles. When you look at Ethan he’s flushed all the way down his neck and glaring daggers at his friends.

“Fuck you.” He spits at them.

“It’s your fault for leaving the door open.” The tall one, Tyler, says.

“It was like a romcom. I could practically hear the fireworks.” Kathryn, a girl you’d taken a special liking to because of her kind words and snarky comments, puts in.

You laugh loudly, heart swelling with happiness. You have Ethan. You have this. It’s strange and complicated, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Scorch of Justice
  • ((A chat fic dedicated to hex-maniac-mareen. I can write a full fic as well if wanted))
  • Sonic: *Walks into his home covered in gore as Mumen Rider follows him inside*
  • Mumen Rider: Thanks for helping with that monster. Sorry it was kind of messy.
  • Sonic: Whatever, just stay here. *Goes to shower*
  • Mumen Rider: *Looks around curiously.* Wow, he sure does have a lot of weapons *Opens closet and gasps* What? This....this is unlawful! As a Hero I can not let something this dangerous exist! It is my duty to uphold justice and with this...I...I just can't!
  • *A few minutes pass as Sonic walks out in his towel, looking around for Rider before stepping outside.*
  • Mumen Rider: *Standing next to a burning pile of clothes*
  • Mumen Rider: *Squirts more gas on it* JUSTICE!!
  • *Sonic chases Mumen Rider around the pile of burning clothes as a neighbor watches from across the street.*
  • Man: Honey? That quiet guy from across the street is outside nude again.
  • His wife: I saw a hero over there earlier, let him take care of it. You know the police won't come out here anymore.
Things I have in common with The Raven Gang.


• Will point at you if I liked your argument.
• Weird shoes.
• No sense of fashion.
• Want to help everyone.
• Never sleep.


• Secretly bisexual.
• Always tired.
• Think is unworthy of love.


• Love animals.
• Black clothes.
• Love speed and danger.
• Is actually so different from everybody’s opinions.


• Nobody notices if I’m there or not.
• Usually get tired of my own argument and leave it hanging.
• Dead.


• Feminist.
• Impulsive.
• Tired of everybody’s bullshit.
• Short hair.
• Small.

helluvawriter  asked:

72-Cesaro please :)

Prompt - “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

A/N:  Sorry of the lack of writing! My internet died for ages then just as it came back my laptop died. So I’m glad to be back and hopefully get back in the swing of things, so here is a lttle cutie Cesaro one becausse Cesaro deserves more love ^_^ There’s a ittle swearing. Maybe like 1 or 2 words? Also reader is kind of a bitch at the beginning? If that even is a warning?

 It had been a tough day at work, you’d had a match against Sasha and the ring hadn’t been checked properly before your match meaning that when Sasha went to perform a move off one of the ropes it nearly injured the both of you. Then as you were exiting the gorilla one of the tech guys bumped into spilling hot coffee all down you. Making your way back to the womans dressing room you fruriously dab at your chest trying to get rid of the liquid that was still trying to burn you. Keeping your head down muttering to yourself you didn’t the giant that is your boyfriend walking towards you, that was untill you walked straight into him.

“Fuck!” You shout as Cesaro quickly wraps you up in his arms and pulls you up into him to stop you from falling.

“Woah there pretty lady.” Cesaro chuckled to himself as he pulled back, finally taking in your disheveled appeance and coffee stained ring gear. “Jeeze babe what happened?”

“Some stupid techie with his hot coffee ran into me!” you practicaly yelled at him, continuing on your path towards the showers and clean clothes, the speed with which you took off down the hall suprised Ceasro and made him lightly jog to catch up with you. He lightly reached out to grab your arm to stop you on your evident war path but you jerk it away from him and spin to face him.

“Can I just go and wash this fucking coffee off me. Please!” Snaping at him you just about see the way he frowns and sheepily nods his head before walking off. Finally reaching the womans locker room you flng the door open, stripping out of your ring gear you step into the shower sighing as the hot water hit your body washing away the coffee and your stress from the day. Finally feeling refreshed you step out the shower wrapping one of the cheap scratchy towles around your body, drying yourself you pick up your phone seeing a text from Cesaro.

C <3 - Hey babe, just checking to see how you are. You still wanna ride with Seth and myself? xxx

(Y/N) - Heya, no thanks hun. Think I’m riding with Sasha and Bailey tonight. x

C <3 - No problem babe. I’ll see you at the hotel. x

Pushing your phone back into your bag you start getting dressed, pulling on a pair of skinny jeans and one of Cesaro’s shirts you can’t help but let a small smile slip as his scent washes over you. Grabbing your bag and slinging it over your shoulder you make your way through the corridrs until you come across the garage, looking around for Sasha and Bailey you couldn’t see them, pulling out your phone you dial Bailey.

“(Y/N)! Hey what’s up?” Bailey chirped down the phone. You rolled your eyes at her, seating yourself on a nearby crate yet to be moved by the crew.

“I’m just wondering where my lift is….” You swung your legs backwards and forwards awaiting her responce. There was an audible gasp at the end of the phone followed by some muttering between Sasha and Bailey.

“(Y/N) We’re so sorry! We’ll come back and get you.”

“No need. I’ll find my own way.” Hanging up you run your hand through you hair and wonder what else could go wrong today. Picking up your phone again you dial Cesaro hoping he was still around or at least wasn’t very far away.

“Hello?” The voice of Seth comes down your phone, pulling it away from your ear you check that you had dialed the right number.

“Seth. Why do you have Cesaro’s phone?”

“He’s gone in a rest stop to get some coffee. Want me to run in and get him?”

“No, no. Ummm how far away are you guys from tonights venue?” There was a slight pause on the other end and you guessed it was Seth checking his maps.

“Like half and hour why?”

“Sasha and Bailey left without me. I’m stuck here.”

“Well that sucks. We’ll come get you.”

Letting out a sigh of releif you thank Seth before hanging up and sit and wait for them to arrive, true to his word Seth pulls into the garage of the arena not 40 minutes later. Cesaro jumps out and makes his way towards you, he pulls you into his chest and you allow your arms to wrap around his torso. You feel him place a kiss to the top of your head before pulling away and lacing one hand with yours, grabbing your bags with his other hand. Gently he leads you towards the car, opening the door for you to slide in before walking round to the boot to put your bags in.

“I said you should have rode with us (Y/N).” Seth smirked at you through the rear view mirror.

“Don’t even start.” You scowl back at him shoving your headphones in, Seth raises his arms in defence as Cesaro sits back into the passenger seat. He looks over the seat at you, noticing your annoyed state Cesaro sighs and turns back to face the front and takes a sip from his coffee. The journey back to the hotel was pretty quite, Seth and Cesaro being the only ones who would talk. A few hours later Seth had finally pulled up to the hotel, sleepily you pushed your door open and headed round to the back to get your case to find Cesaro holding both yours and his cases smiling sweetly at you. Grabbing his hand you pull him into the hotel, desperate to get to your room and forget the day you’d had. Quickly telling the clerk at the desk your check in details and grab the key the clerk slid across the desk towards you, thanking her you head to the elavator still dragging Cesaro behind you, he chuckled at you pushing the button for your floor placing a kiss to your head once more. Walking out of the elavator you trudge to your room, pushing the key card in the slot and push the door open, seeing the massive bed you immediatly drop Cesaro’s had and jump onto the bed lying face first. Chuckling at your antics Cesaro shuts the door behind himself and sits on the bed next to you, removing his shoes as he leans back to talk to you.

“Want me to grab your pjamas babe?” Nodding into the pillow you feel the bed shift as Cesaro gets up, he makes his way over to your case having a rumage around. “Uhhh babe? Didn’t you pack more than this?” Rolling over you sit up to look at your now open case and seeing that Cesaro was right and half your stuff was in fact missing.

“Oh you have got to be kidding me.” Leaping off the bed suddenly filled with more energy you look at all the bags you have and notice that one is missing. “Shit!” You sigh holding your head in your hands, hearing Cesaro on the phone with someone.

“….Yeah….okay….so it’s not there? Yeah thanks.” Cesaro let out a sigh, coming to sit next to you on the bed, wrapping his arm around you he rests his forehead on the side of your head. “They can’t see it at the venue at the moment but they’re gonna keep an eye out for your bag okay?” You lightly nod your head moving to rest on his shoulder allowing him to pull you into a hug. “Is there anything I can do?”

“Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.” Pulling away from Cesaro’s shoulder you look at him on the verge of tears.

“I can do that.” He flashes you one of his award winning smiles that you can’t help but return. Leaning down he places a short but loving kiss to your lips.

“Here.” Cesaro gets up off the bed going to his case, rummaging around he comes back with a pair of his sweat pants and a t shirt for you. Smiling at him you take them, placing a quick peck to his lips before getting changed, climbing into bed you turn on the TV as Cesaro strips down to his boxers and pulls on his own pair of sweat pants. Just as he’s about to climb in next to you there is a knock at the door. Heading over he opens it and you hear the familar voice of Bailey chatting away, not 2 minutes later Cesaro shuts the door and comes back holding your missing bag.

“My bag!” You squeal, jumping up onto your knees grinning like mad.

“Yup looks like it was put in Bailey and Sasha’s car for you to go with them.” Cesaro places it on the floor with your other things then makes his way over to you. He stands at the side of the bed and even with you kneeling on the bed you’re still smaller than Cesaro. His hands gently come round your waist and you place yours on his bare shoulders and he gently starts swaying you both.

“Thank you for putting up with me today. Just seemed like everything was going wrong and I didn’t mean to snap at you earlier.” Looking down your cheeks heat up feeling bad about how you acted towards him earlier. You feel a finger gently lift your chin up and your gaze meets Cesaro’s.

“It’s okay love. We all have days like that sometimes. I’m just glad I could make you smile.”

“You can always make me smile.” Cesaro slowly leaned down, his nose brushing yours as he captured your lips for a passionate kiss, gently pushing you down onto the bed.

Prompt from this list.


bffbestfriendsforever  asked:

May i ask how you do male bodies, and clothing?

yes you may ask how i do male bodies!! i’m also going to double up this base-editing tutorial because i have some older asks that i have yet to respond to so this one is also for the anon who sent in this ask (also apologies for replying late huu i have a few more really late ones that i gotta respond to):

the tutorial is slower and has words (unlike my speed edits) so hopefully that’ll be helpful!! i used my original meiko base and edited it into a masculine base, but i’m pretty sure this can be used for any bigger chested models as well (however if you have a flat chested base already then that’s even better!!) 

note that the higherpoly the base, the longer it’ll take i suppose!!! also textures will screw up ahaha i didn’t rly mention it because my original meiko base already has screwed up textures so eheh, and use references!!! i didn’t use any references for this bc i was lazy but they realy help!

this entire process only took me like 25 minutes or so, i remember bc i was watching something (which i crappily hid behind that white square) so yeeyeye

as for the second part of your ask, how i do clothing can be seen in the following links: (though this is how i edit clothing- more than making it since it’s a lot easier, making clothing is different and i’m pretty sure if you do a quick search you’ll find a few!)

here’s my tip-guide on the basics of meta and such and where to start especially with clothing
speed-edit: kiyoteru’s clothes and how i did them and UV’d them

hopefully that’s helpful!!!! thank you for asking hehe

Not Quite Lovers

Lance x reader

Slight nsfw warning 

You grew up a woman of your word, you followed the morals embedded into your head perfectly up until today. The promise you formed with the Cuban man, the most difficult to possibly follow. How could you not break this promise? With his looks painted by the hands of God himself, gifted with a silky smooth voice, the compassion perfect of that coming from a childhood friend. Your feelings visible to all at the Garrison Academy, but Lance, the boy you could never get out of your head. Knowing McClain had its perks; you were able to get to know perfection at its finest and see it all develop over the many years. Sticking by his side even at his lowest; especially when his insecurities overwhelmed his senses. Bringing us to the situation at hand, his soft lips passionately pressed against yours. Slender fingers grazing upon your smooth skin, the melody of your moans joined together in a heartbreaking ballad. “Lance, we have to hurry, someone will catch us.” Pink hues etched onto the skin of your cheeks as your hands tugged at the hem of his shirt. “Please, I need you.” At the speed of light clothes covered the ground. Lance’s lips moved down towards the skin of your collar bone. “Hey, (Y/n), I’m glad you accepted my offer. You’re the best I’ve ever had; the passion your give, it’s like you’re actually in love with me.” With groans emitting from both of your throats he entered your heat with precision. Then, he “made love” to you while you were stuck in your lovestruck haze. Soon after your session was over, Lance picked up his clothes and bid you farewell. The actions repetitive, yet still stabbed your fragile heart. With arms wrapped around your chest you clung to the last bit of hope within you. “Maybe he loves me. If he didn’t we wouldn’t be doing this right?” Salty tears streamed down your face the ache of one sided love washing down upon you. You put yourself here; you’re the only reason for your pain. If only you didn’t decide to be a stupid ‘friend with benefits.’ Yet you stayed because it seemed that this situation was the closest you’d ever get to what you wanted. “I can’t stand loving you…”

The Flash Season 4 “Hero Reborn” Promo (HD)

First: Barry comes out the speed-force naked?? Did the speed-force take his clothes/suit??

Second: Barry looks absent-minded, the speed-force would never just release him without him accomplishing or overcoming, is what I should say, the ordeals/mistakes of last season. A lot of people are complaining, already, that we might get an emotional Barry from the start but what I think is he’s going to be like is numb-er, stone or emotionless for the first bit of the season.

Third: Everyone seems happy to see him but considering what he went through being in the speed-force for so long I doubt the feeling is mutual (in the beginning). 

Fourth: A new villain looking for The Flash and I doubt he is going to get the Barry version of The Flash, I think this is where Wally is going to have to put on the suit to get to him.

Fifth: Cisco talks about making him a new suit, like getting him back in the suit and running before he can walk is going to help him. It just seems too early for that, but nice try Cisco.

Sixth: Iris gets kidnapped by the villain and people are already complaining that she gets kidnapped too many times but I feel like this looks more like an offering than a kidnapping. I think maybe Wally (in Barry’s suit) can’t defeat the villain and maybe they need Barry immediately. Iris, making an executive decision, decides that maybe if Barry sees her in danger it will light the spark in him (cause her love tends to do that remember S03E21) and Barry will come to the rescue. Maybe he does save her but I doubt that it will fix everything wrong with him.

On an exciting side note: Barry looks like his time in the speed-force made him faster so that’s a plus.

BTW: Don’t worry about Caitlin/Killer Frost, I’m sure she will be back maybe towards the end of the episode.

The Flash returns October 10, GET HYPED!!

I Like a Lot of Things

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SUMMARY: A light hearted moment turns into something else after one of Sami’s workouts. FLUFF. SMUT.

TAGS: @monsteramongmen-tamer @wildandfreepinkv0dka @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @alexispoo @mandazord @panda-girl1999 @alexahood21 @66psychotic99 @jboofanpage @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @pittiemommy22 @unabashedwwesmut @spine-buster @wallflowerfangirl-life @tinyelfperson @nickie-amore @nickysmum1909 @birthday-prinxess @randomfandompenguin

This is another fic that I found on the flash drive. Enjoy! xx

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