speed clothes

Things I have in common with The Raven Gang.


• Will point at you if I liked your argument.
• Weird shoes.
• No sense of fashion.
• Want to help everyone.
• Never sleep.


• Secretly bisexual.
• Always tired.
• Think is unworthy of love.


• Love animals.
• Black clothes.
• Love speed and danger.
• Is actually so different from everybody’s opinions.


• Nobody notices if I’m there or not.
• Usually get tired of my own argument and leave it hanging.
• Dead.


• Feminist.
• Impulsive.
• Tired of everybody’s bullshit.
• Short hair.
• Small.

Merry Christmas Drabble

For anyone, sorry I’ve not posted imagines in a while! Have a short flarrow Christmas drabble to try and make up for it!! (From my in the works fanfiction)

Fandom: Flash & Arrow

Characters: Barry x Reader, Oliver, Felicity etc…

Word Count: Short

Request: None

“You’re not dressing in black to Joe’s Christmas party.” Barry laughed as you pulled out a pair of long black leggings and a thick fluffy black jumper.

“Why not?” You asked with a smirk. “I wear it every other day of the year.” Barry laughed again and you threw your clothes at him. “Stop laughing at me!” He picked the clothes up and tried to run away from you at normal speed, you grabbed your clothes from his hand and he picked you up, causing you to squeal.

“I’ll let you go when you promise to wear suitable clothes.” You could feel his laugh vibrating through you as he swung you around and his breath was hot on your neck.

You rolled your eyes and teleported away in a puff of black smoke, standing by the door way with your clothes in your hand. “Bite me.” You said playfully. He threw a pillow at you from his bed.

“Come on! Oliver and Felicity will be here any minute.” He whiney jokingly. “It’s bad enough you aren’t ready but you’re deciding to wear black?” You walked over to Barry and sat with him on the bed.

“Okay.” You grinned. “But you have to do something for me too.” You leaned in slowly.

“Oh yeah?” Barry kissed your lips and grinned. “Deal.” There was a knock at the door and Barry sighed.

“They’re early.” You said, gesturing for Barry to go while you got ready.

“Barry!” Joe called. “Oliver and Felicity are here!” Barry gave you another quick kiss before sliding off the bed and going downstairs to greet the guests.

When he was gone you shut the door and rooted through the closet for something to wear other than what Iris had given you, anything but what Iris had given you… But alas, nothing festive, you knew that anyway, black and leather were all you owned.

Did you really have to wear that dress? With a groan you pulled it from the back of your closet and put it on. Barry owed you big time, you decided.

Downstairs the smell of heat, eggnog and turkey filled your nostrils. From where you were stood you could just make out the murmurs and laughter of the guests. Oliver spotted you first and stopped talking mid-word in awe, which made you blush. Barry followed suit and Iris nodded to you. You smiled at them .

“Hey.” You said, making it down the stairs. You’d fought off metahumans and men and women with ease but walking down the stairs in those long thin red heels was pure torture, and you were not stranger to that either.

“Wow.” Cisco complimented. “I didn’t think you owned anything that wasn’t black.”

“You look good.” Caitlin said. “I’m glad you came.”

“That is a great dress.” Felicity nodded to your short loose red dress that went quite a bit above your knees, you hadn’t been sure about the bright red lipstick either and now that all eyes were on you, you instantly wished for the black clothes on your dresser.

“Eggnog?” Oliver stood up and handed you a glass. “Merry Christmas.” He said.

“Merry Christmas.” You said.

The Scorch of Justice
  • ((A chat fic dedicated to hex-maniac-mareen. I can write a full fic as well if wanted))
  • Sonic: *Walks into his home covered in gore as Mumen Rider follows him inside*
  • Mumen Rider: Thanks for helping with that monster. Sorry it was kind of messy.
  • Sonic: Whatever, just stay here. *Goes to shower*
  • Mumen Rider: *Looks around curiously.* Wow, he sure does have a lot of weapons *Opens closet and gasps* What? This....this is unlawful! As a Hero I can not let something this dangerous exist! It is my duty to uphold justice and with this...I...I just can't!
  • *A few minutes pass as Sonic walks out in his towel, looking around for Rider before stepping outside.*
  • Mumen Rider: *Standing next to a burning pile of clothes*
  • Mumen Rider: *Squirts more gas on it* JUSTICE!!
  • *Sonic chases Mumen Rider around the pile of burning clothes as a neighbor watches from across the street.*
  • Man: Honey? That quiet guy from across the street is outside nude again.
  • His wife: I saw a hero over there earlier, let him take care of it. You know the police won't come out here anymore.

So I feel like Tommy is one of those guys to wear short shorts. I mean, like the ones from Hollister and American Eagles that probably aren’t supposed to be that short but he probs rolls the legs. He wears shirts with sharks on them, and flamingo shorts and buys himself and billy positive/negative matching shirts. Like is black with blue dolphins and one is blue with black dolphins. And no one will tell Tommy how pretentious he looks because it makes him so happy, and no one wants to deal with an angry Billy.

one punch man au where everything is the same except genos is really bitter and sarcastic and he's constantly gossiping about the other S class heroes and saitama loves it
  • Barry : I'm the fastest man alive, I look down upon you weak humans walking and driving and I LAUGH. I use my speed to change clothes and give the people of this city their morning coffee. I am THE FLASH!
  • Caitlin : I'll drive.
  • Barry : Can I choose the radio?