speed boarding

SO LAST NIGHT i made a biiig big mistake while doing that gabe/loki thing and to do something i had changed the canvas to a low resolution


and did two pages like that

for some reason it never clicked in my brain that something was wrong until 2AM

SO along with the other members of the household streaming netflix tonight, and me catching up with the lost pages, i think i’m gonna postpone the stream again! but i’ll have one again soon for sure

to make up for it have some topless freshly-vesseled gabe


awesome longboarding video :3

cowboy!luke who’s not only one of the many dirtied up farmhands around your family’s local ranch who’s rarely seen without dust coating his grown out scruff and a crinkle to his electric blue eyes as he drawls out coos to each and every animal he works with, but is also the rodeo star of your small town, sporting those studded up blue jeans and brightly colored flannels that are cuffed just below the elbow with his only pair of nice boots. and it’s apparent that your parents don’t approve of his latter choice of income, often banning you from taking the worn down old pickup into town to watch him but you’re quick to figure out the latch of your window is extremely broke as you’re sneaking away with your finger pressed across your lips as you pass the old sheepdog that’s perched on the front porch and you make it just in time to watch luke rope a calf in record speed a board his sleek palomino quarter horse, his smile daring after he’s announced as the winner, one eyelid scrunching over his dazzling eyes in a wink as he tips his hat in your direction and nudges his horse in your direction, nearly falling over the fence rails and out of his decorated saddle as his hand cups your face and pulls your lips against his, muttering against your skin in a thick accent that was for you, my little lady 

for anarchyaustralia ‘s cowboy!5sos night :-)

I need your help...(like, ideas! Not$,don’tworryi’mnotthatbrokeyethahahahahah)

Soooo you know how people do those “draw my life” white board speed doodle videos??? (ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvtDWssF-Wg)

Well a light bulb went off in my head a few days ago. 

I know quite a few kids these days can’t afford private lessons, and come to me and other musician Tumblrists for advice. 

So, I thought…what if I make 5-15 min mini lesson videos, in a “draw my life” style??? WOULDN’T THAT BE COOL!!?!??!?!?

I would take all the advice that i’ve learned from various teachers (and credit them ofc), and smoosh all their knowledge & my personal experiences into a cute, fun, animated, voiced-over-by-me, video on my YT channel!(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeiiAyuTd-PRwHePQIplHSg)


What type of advice do you need, what would you watch a video of?

On my list I already have “Ver Meulen’s Spaghetti Machine” (aka, kinda what type of air speed/ligature is needed for high/low notes) and “How Do I Know If This Is The Right (Music) Professor For Me?”

What do you guys need/want to know about the horn or music major life? Let me know and I might just make a video for it <3