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Drabbles #9

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“If you don’t know your birthday, why don’t you just pick a day to celebrate?”

“How about the day I met you? That’s when my life really began.”

vampire!baekhyun; fluff

You’re laying on your stomach on the bed, flipping through a magazine when Baekhyun came back from his night gathering with his clan. He pecked you on the lips before you see him at the wardrobe, all actions in a blur due to the inhumane speed, taking off his blazer slowly, teasingly all the while smiling fondly at you. You crawled off the bed to him to help him unbutton his shirt, knowing how much he like it. His eye contact never breaking, his smile never faltering. You’re too shy to hold it anymore so you just looked down and focused on helping him with the buttons. Last week, he had celebrated your birthday in the most romantic ever with roses, candlelit dinner and more not to mention the rounds of lovemaking. Since then, it striked you that you’ve never really get to know his birthday. You’ve been wanting to ask him but never found a good timing. 

“What’s swimming in that pretty head of yours?” he asked, finger poking in between your brows, easing the frown that you’ve unknowingly formed while being deep in thought. Taking this chance, you finally manage to blurt out your question.

“Baek, when is your birthday?”


“I-its okay if you’re not comfortable of saying it, I understand, I was just curious.” you added, thinking that you’ve touched a sensitive issue.

“No, not that, it’s just that…. I don’t really remember anymore… I’ve spent so many centuries alone… when you’re immortal, it’s not really something that’s worth celebrating anymore… and I guess I kind of forgot about it somewhere along the times… I’m sorry.” he sighed.

“If you don’t know your birthday, why don’t you just pick a day to celebrate?” you suggested, eyes lighting up with hope. You wanted to do something for him too after all the happiness that he gave you.

“How about the day I met you? That’s when my life really began.” 


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