speed art


Pokemon GO Misty Speed art!

prints soon! 


Phoenix Wright SPEED ART + BONUS (A simulated scene from the original games): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6qdR0Zsd3I

Seriously guys, go watch it just for the laughs.

Creating all of this gave me life.

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well here is Undyne,
that really strong fish lady that suplexes boulders for no reason,
plays the piano,
is the leader of the Royal Guard,
eats rocks,
is teaching THE GREAT PAPYRUS how to cook,
can apparently bench-press 7 kids at the same time,
and thinks anime is real!
all while saving Alphys from committing seppuku!

(anime is not real)

in this pic Undyne instead of jumping off the mountain to fight you, is running down the mountain because that’s way cooler
and being cool is cool

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UNDERTALE - Royal Spear Undyne