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Does any abilities come with being a monster?

yep yep

  • vampires have speed and strength and extremely rapid healing
  • werewolfs/werebears are stronger than most humans and have the ability to shift at will
  • i don’t think i will be introducing to many other monsters to the AU other than hilda but she is gonna be a witch 
Patronuses/Spirit Animals for the signs according to what each gives you
  • Aries: Cheetah// Energy, speed and focus.
  • Taurus: Bear// Strength, truthfulness and protection.
  • Gemini: Dolphin// Intelligence, liveliness and curiosity.
  • Cancer: Rabbit// Humility, devotion and intuition.
  • Leo: Dragon// Nobility, courage and power.
  • Virgo: Fox// Adaptability, intelligence and mental agility.
  • Libra: Swan// Elegance, gentleness and understanding.
  • Scorpio: Phoenix// Growth, Strength and renewal.
  • Sagittarius: Wild Cat// Independence, curiosity and freedom.
  • Capricorn: Alligator// Wisdom, assertiveness and patience.
  • Aquarius: Lynx// Aloofness, individualism and observance.
  • Pisces: Deer// Compassion, sensitivity and openness.

At age 15 Jack Morrison was the youngest person on his high school wrestling team.

At age 16 he set new records in both track and swimming.

At age 18 he entered ROTC and left home to attend college.

At age 22 he graduated with honors and became an officer of the US Army.

At age 25 he volunteered for the experimental Super Soldier program and recieved biotic enhancement to his strength, speed, and reflexes.

At age 30 he served with distinction in the Omnic Crisis.

At age 32 he was tapped to become leader of Overwatch, a multinational peacekeeping task force.

At age 50 he survived an attempted coup of Overwatch instigated by the mysterious Talon Organization, led by his close compatriot Gabriel Reyes.  Having escaped the destruction of Overwatch’s HQ, he faked his death and went into hiding.

At age 51 he began acting as a rogue agent, identified only as ‘Soldier 76′ as he began attacking key points held by the Talon Organization and their affiliates in a one-man campaign to uncover the truth behind the fall of Overwatch.

At age 55 during a firefight in Greece, he was pushed off a cliff by a 19-year-old pro gamer who’d been given an advanced combat mech by the Korean government.

“Winky faaaaaaaaaace!” she called out as he fell to his death.

Overwatch Asks ♡

Offense ♡

  • Genji: Any body modifications you want but are too scared to get?
  • McCree: What’s your #1 guilty pleasure?
  • Pharah: How closely do you think one should follow the rules?
  • Reaper: Tell us about an embarrassing middle school/high school phase.
  • Soldier: 76: What do you think you’ll be like at 60?
  • Tracer: Super speed or super strength?
  • Sombra: Favorite way to tease/annoy your friends.

Defense ♡

  • Bastion: Which animal can you see becoming your lifelong partner?
  • Hanzo: What advice would you give to your younger self?
  • Junkrat: Name your favorite pastime/hobby.
  • Mei: Favorite flavor of ice cream.
  • Torbjörn: Name three first three things that pop into your head.
  • Widowmaker: Last instance that really tested your patience.

Tank ♡

  • Reinhardt: What is the thing you love most about yourself?
  • Zarya: How do you bounce back from difficult situations?
  • Roadhog: Bacon, sausage, or neither?
  • D.Va: Of which accomplishment are you most proud?
  • Winston: What is your dream job?

Support ♡

  • Lúcio: The last song you listened to.
  • Ana: One thing that keeps you motivated.
  • Mercy: Do you prefer to give or receive?
  • Zenyatta: One thing that brings you peace.
  • Symmetra: Describe your aesthetic.

When Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he gained the proportional speed, strength, and agility of a spider. After learning that with great power there must also come great responsibility, he became the crime-fighting superhero called… THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!

the signs superpowers

♈️ARIES♈️- super strength, heat vision, self-combustion, super speed, firebending.

♉️TAURUS♉️- super strength, super endurance, eating certain foods makes them more powerful in one aspect, for example maybe eating carrots would give them superhuman vision, earthbending.

♊️GEMINI♊️- soundbending, full power and control over vocals, sonic scream, mimicry, doppelgangers, airbending.

♋️CANCER♋️- empathy, forcefields, night vision, invisibility, telepathy, powers are based on what the moon is going through, waterbending.

♌️LEO♌️- energy manipulation, super strength, light manipulation, faunal communication, powers are based on what the sun is going through, firebending.

♍️VIRGO♍️- faunal communication, flight, knowledge replication, floral communication/manipulation, earthbending.

♎️LIBRA♎️- photographic memory, flight, enhanced senses/reflexes/dexterity, avian communication/manipulation, airbending.

♏️SCORPIO♏️- x-ray vision, regeneration, telekinesis, shadow manipulation, genjutsu, waterbending.

♐️SAGITTARIUS♐️- faunal communication, enhanced jumping and bones that can take it, omnilingualism, firebending.

♑️CAPRICORN♑️- bone protrusion at will, knowledge enhancement, density control, shadow manipulation, earthbending.

♒️AQUARIUS♒️- flight, telekinesis, electric manipulation, weather manipulation, time travel, airbending.

♓️PISCES♓️- telekinesis, telepathy, empathy, psychic shields, shape shifting, waterbending.


Favourite video games characters of all times:  

||  Geralt of Rivia  ||

↳  also known as Gwynbleidd, meaning “White Wolf” in Elder Speech, Geralt  is the son of the sorceress Visenna and, presumably, the warrior Korin. Shortly after his birth, Geralt was taken by his mother to the School of the Wolf at the stronghold of Kaer Morhen. There, Geralt was trained and made to be a witcher. He survived the many blistering mutations required to grant witchers their abilities, and passed the Trial of the Grasses. Geralt’s training and physical modifications provided him with superhuman physical and mental abilities, including heightened reflexes, increased speed, great strength, and enhanced hearing.

Color Magick

PINK: Represents love, compassion, nurturing, femininity, friendship, romance, partnership, self-improvement, peace, and spiritual & emotional healing. 

RED: Love, lust, passion, attraction, and fertility. Courage, willpower, independence, and determination. Also associated with speed, assertiveness, aggression, physical strength and sports/competition. Represents health, vitality, strength, survival, and war.

ORANGE: Creativity, celebration, vitality, self-expression, and joy. Intellectual matters, legal matters/justice, and overcoming addiction. Also associated with business success, ambition, prosperity, opportunity, and investments. 

YELLOW: Represents happiness, confidence, vitality, change/progress, and inspiration/imagination. Helps with contact, communication, and trade. Also associated with learning, knowledge, mental clarity, concentration, speaking, writing and visualization. 

GREEN: Prosperity, abundance, money, physical & emotional healing, growth, luck, marriage and fertility, and tree/plant magick. Rejuvenation, recovery, harvest and harmony, balance, peace, hope, and nature. 

TURQUOISE/LIGHT BLUE: Health, patience and understanding. Change, intellectual and intuitive insight, inventions and originality. Spirituality, tranquility, renewal, peace, and protection.

DARK BLUE: Communication, will power, focus, forgiveness, and good fortune. Also associated with truth, fidelity, patience, organization, and sincerity. Represents peace and tranquility, calmness, truth, wisdom, justice, counsel, guidance, understanding and patience, loyalty and honor, sincerity, devotion, healing, femininity. Also represents astral projection, prophetic dreams, removing negative energy/influences, and protection while sleeping.

PURPLE: Ambition, power, royalty. Connections with elemental spirits, angels, and deities of divination and prophecy. Associated with psychic abilities, divination, counter-acting negativity and black magick, reversing curses, psychic healing, psychic power, inspiration, meditation, spirituality, spiritual power, astral projection, and the third eye. 

BLACK: Grounding, banishment, learning, protection, safety, reversing, uncrossing, releasing, shapeshifting, defense, scrying, and protection. Repels and banishes evil, negativity, curses, and hexes. 

GRAY: Neutralizes and removes negative influences. Represents neutrality and contemplation.

WHITE: Purification and cleansing on all levels, contact with higher self and spiritual helpers. Aura-healing, truth seeking, consecration, spiritual enlightenment, protection against negativity, breaking curses, exorcism, meditation, divination, inspiration, and clairvoyance. Innocence, peace, balance, healing, and truth.

SILVER: Reflection, intuition, cycles, rebirth, reincarnation, healing, and emotional stability. Remove or neutralizes negativity. Represents dreams, psychic abilities and psychic workings. Associated with lunar magick, connections, and deities. 

GOLD: Fortune, abundance, and prosperity. Positivity, justice, health, attraction, and luxury. Sun deities and solar energies. 

BRONZE: Business success, passion, money, fertility, and career growth.

Sources: The Magickal Cat, Wejees, PaganWiccan About


more Leap things! clickity click for a bigger pic

These are The Teachers; Listen, Speed, Strength, Vision and Fall (main character here). Long waffling explanation of what the actual abilities are and encompass may appear soon but heck I’ve taken up enough of your dash already and I’m tired. Go me \o/

Gravitational Waves Discovered from Colliding Black Holes

About 1.3 billion years ago two black holes swirled closer and closer together until they crashed in a furious bang. Each black hole packed roughly 30 times the mass of our sun into a minute volume, and their head-on impact came as the two were approaching the speed of light. The staggering strength of the merger gave rise to a new black hole and created a gravitational field so strong that it distorted spacetime in waves that spread throughout space with a power about 50 times stronger than that of all the shining stars and galaxies in the observable universe. Such events are, incredibly, thought to be common in space, but this collision was the first of its kind ever detected and its waves the first ever seen. Scientists with the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) announced today at a much-anticipated press conference in Washington, D.C. (one of at least five simultaneous events held in the U.S. and Europe) that the more than half-century search for gravitational waves has finally succeeded.

“This was truly a scientific moonshot, and we did it, we landed on the moon,” LIGO executive director David Reitze said during the announcement.

“There are people who’ve put their entire life into this search, and there are people who died before having a chance to see anything,” says LIGO team member Szabolcs Márka, a physicist at Columbia University. “It’s really a wonderful feeling that you have validated the investment of the tremendous amount of work. And it’s not just that you found something, but you gave something to everybody, to the rest of the human race.”

Albert Einstein first predicted gravitational waves in 1916 based on his general theory of relativity, but even he waffled about whether or not they truly exist. Scientists began seeking these ripples in spacetime in the 1960s but none succeeded in measuring their effects on Earth until now. LIGO’s discovery, accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters, not only provides the first direct evidence for gravitational waves but also opens the door to using them to study the powerful cosmic events that create them. “It’s a huge deal,” says Luis Lehner, a physicist at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Ontario who is unaffiliated with the LIGO project. “It has pushed the fundamental theory of gravity forward in a very strong way and gives us an incredible tool to probe very deep questions of the universe.”

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Cruising around


bts x marvel → yoongi as spiderman

Bitten by a radioactive spider, Min Yoongi gained the speed, strength and powers of a spider. Adopting the name Spider-Man, Yoongi hoped to start a career using his new abilities. Taught that with great power comes great responsibility, Spidey has vowed to use his powers to help people.

should you fight this flashfamily member?
  • jay garrick: he fought the nazis. he's taught every single flash there is. do you want to hurt really really badly? if so, go ahead.
  • barry allen: aw why would you fight barry allen? he's just trying his best. sure he's a little mopey but he just wants to do his best. leave him alone.
  • wally west: fight this weasley reject pile of poop. do it. fight him. kick his nerd ass. he doesn't even have a job. god.
  • jesse quick: really? she has super speed, super strength, and runs her own company. go ahead and fight her if you want to know what a truck coming at you at like 90000 mph looks like.
  • max mercury: do you even know how old he is? the shit he's seen? he raised impulse. do you wanna mess with that?
  • bart allen: you soulless animal. you raging hell beast. he's actually like 5 years old. why would you fight this precious cinnamon bun? has he not been through enough? fight to protect him maybe. speaking of protecting him: remember inertia? remember what happened to him? he's also got like 2 kickass, age hardened dads. basically don't fight bart allen, you baby killer.
  • irey west: she's like 10. don't fight a 10 year old. don't you have morals?
  • jai west: he doesn't even have his powers anymore. are you really that empty and devoid of goodness?
  • joan garrick: you would hurt your own grandmother? you monster.
  • iris allen: no. do not.
  • linda park-west: it's like you want to find out if wally has a breaking point. first his kids, now this? and plus, why would you want to screw with her? you'd be better off fighting her husband because she will get a gun and she will shoot you.

Reasons why you should never underestimate Wendy Marvell:

  • She learned everything she knows about fighting from watching Natsu and Gajeel
  • She can give herself superhuman strength, speed, and defense with a few words
  • In less than a year, she went from having absolutely no combat ability to being on par with the rest of Team Natsu, who, aside from Lucy, had been fighting almost their whole lives
  • She has a borderline genius level intellect
    • She learned her Wing Attack move after seeing Natsu use it on Hades, within the same fight
    • She learned a Secret Art, and two other attacks, in three days, with only handwritten notes to go off of
    • Her strategy during her fight with Chelia
    • How she attained Dragon Force during her fight with Ezel
  • She doesn’t enjoy fighting, but can still be a holy fucking terror if pissed off
  • She demolished Face
  • She held her own against a Sky God Slayer, who, by the principles of their magic, should have defeated her
  • She faces an enormous responsibility as the guild’s only healer (remember, Porlyusica, being from Edolas, can’t use any actual magic) but she takes it in stride
  • She successfully mastered Dragon Force, something no other Dragon Slayer without a Dragon Lacrima had accomplished before
  • And finally, there’s the fact that she did all of the above at 12 years old. Think of all the things she’s been through. Not a very pleasant childhood, is it? But instead of letting all those experiences break her, Wendy chose to grow from them. She is a remarkable character, and I think that’s something we can all agree on.

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