speed agility

on the topic of humans being the intergalactic “hold my beer” species: imagine an alien stepping onto a human starship and seeing a space roomba™ with a knife duct taped onto it, just wandering around the ship

it doesn’t have any special intelligence. it’s just a normal space roomba. there are other space roombas on the ship and they don’t have knives. it’s just this one. knife space roomba has full clearance to every room in the ship. occasionally crew members will be talking and then suddenly swear and clutch their ankle. knife space roomba putters off, leaving them to their mild stab wounds.

“what is the point?” asks the alien as another crew member casually steps over the knife-wielding robot. “is it to test your speed and agility?”

“no it doesn’t really go that fast,” replies the captain.

“does it teach you to stay ever-vigilant?”

“I mean I guess so but that’s more of a side effect.”

“does it weed out the weak? does it protect you from invaders? do repeated stabbings let your species heal more quickly in the future?”

“it doesn’t stab very hard, it gets us more than it gets our enemies, and no, but that sounds cool — someone write that down.”

“but then what is its purpose?”

“I don’t know,” the captain says, leaning down to give the space roomba an affectionate pat. “it just seemed cool”

Sometimes I think about the fact that Shockwave was physically capable of wrecking the Wreckers and I wonder what else he can do. It’s my personal theory that “conservation of energy” actually plays into this scene… typically he is very slow-moving, but here we saw his speed and agility both massively ramp up. I think he deliberately expends the least energy possible in day-to-day tasks just so he can kick in that extra bit of effort when something like, say, his creation being bridged to the arctic happens.

Superhero AU, quick Sketch drawn during the stream

So this is a superhero AU where they have powers but they’re not THAT strong. Like, Bitty is FAST, but doesn’t have super speed. The agility comes from his ballet/figure skating training

Jack has ice powers, he can freeze the floor under his feet and thinks it’s neat that he can skate wherever he wants. The hockey suit and stick is just because he’s a dork. 

Bitty is a thief in this one. Why? no idea. Maybe he steals Kitcheaids from assholish peoples. No one really cares about that thief but Jack is focused and WILL get him. If he only got close enough to freeze the floor under his feet…

Anyway forgive the poor quality of the sketch I’ve been drawing for hours at this point :P

You can write and draw whatever you want in this AU if you want, just link to the original image plz

Accident Prone

Spencer Reid x Reader one shot

Word Count: 2530

Prompt: Can you write something where maybe the reader is super clumsy and trips often, and one day she trips into Morgans arms and Reid gets super jealous??

A/N: Haha, this request was so cute! Thank you anon (: Here’s a little something to tide y’all over if you’re waiting for part 2 of my Harry Potter AU! I am Stressed™ about midterms (college sucks) so it won’t be up until a little later in the week but I shall do my best to have it up soon. I also hit 100 followers! Thank you to everyone who has followed, liked, reblogged, or even just read any of my fics. I love you all!

Summary: Sometimes, being accident prone is just what you need to get things moving in the right direction.

You’ve been a part of the BAU for almost 5 years and in those 5 years, you never failed to impress your team members with your agility, speed, and flawless movement out in the field. You were quick on your feet, good with a gun, and knew just how to grapple with the rowdier unsubs.

Garcia often referred to you as her ‘Little Lioness’ when you were out on a mission, a nickname that had caught on with the rest of the team as well.

However, the moment you stepped off the field, you transformed from an agile lioness into a spindly baby deer. You couldn’t for the life of you figure out why. You were pretty sure that if it weren’t for your exceptional skills in the field, you would’ve been asked to leave the FBI many years ago.

Gravity had made an enemy out of you whenever you weren’t chasing after an unsub and you constantly found yourself stumbling over your own two feet. And stumbling usually lead to knocking over whatever was in close vicinity.

You teammates quickly learned how to adapt to your clumsiness. It was almost as if they could tell exactly when you were going to trip and possibly break something. This saved them from a lot of broken coffee mugs and saved you from any tripping-related injury.

Their sixth sense, though it helped, couldn’t save you from everything though.

“Ouch!” You glared down Emily’s desk, rubbing the spot on your leg where it had collided with the sharp corner of the desk. She made a sympathetic tutting noise.

“That’s definitely gonna bruise. Want some ice?” she asked, already halfway out of her chair.

“It’s fine, it’s fine… Not worth getting an ice pack just for this little thing.” You waved a hand dismissively, nearly sending her mug tumbling to the ground. Thankfully, her quick reflexes prevented any major spillage. You grinned sheepishly at the brunette, turning to go back to the safety of your own desk.

But before you could make it, you - surprise, surprise - tripped over your own feet, bumping into into the desk closest to you. You almost knocked a stack of files onto the ground, but the desk’s inhabitant reached out just in time, steadying the stack with one hand and clamping onto your wrist with the other.

“Whoops, sorry ‘bout that. Thanks, Spencer.” You smiled gratefully at the brown-haired man, patting the hand over your wrist in thanks. He blushed slightly at the contact and you felt the butterflies in your stomach flutter a little extra as you continued your walk to your desk.

Yes, the entire team helped you out whenever your clumsiness got the best of you, but something about Spencer Reid made it a little more special every time he was the one to do so.

You found it very hard not to develop a crush on the young genius over the years.

His messy hair practically begged to be played with. His mannerisms and constant rambling were endlessly endearing. He was a very loyal team member. He was even great with kids. Plus, his aesthetically pleasing facial structure was quite easy on the eyes.

The two of you had always straddled the line between friendship and something more. You were very close friends, but sometimes when you were hanging out outside of work just the two of you, maybe bundled up on the couch watching movies or reading books at the park or out for coffee, you just wanted to grab his face and kiss him right then and there.

(And then maybe do a lot more than just kissing. The boy had long fingers and you had a wicked imagination.)

You thought - hoped - you had seen him giving you the same longing glances, but it just never really went beyond friendly cheek kisses and ‘just-as-friends’ dates.

You settled into your desk with a heavy sigh, attracting Penelope’s attention as she walked into the bullpen. All you saw was a pink and purple blur before you were wrapped up in the technical analyst’s arms.

“What ails you, my wobbly little Bambi? Did you get hurt again?” she asked in a teasing tone. You made a face at Spencer, who was watching the two of you with an amused smirk.

“I’m a lioness, Pen, a lioness. Here me roar,” you deadpanned, wriggling out of her embrace. She let out a laugh.

“Of course you are, Y/N… Now c’mon, help me find those papers you were looking for. We’re going to have to go old school and actually look through boxes in the file room.” She pouted at the fact her precious computers wouldn’t be able to help her for once. “We have to deal with… hard-copies,” she said dramatically.

You shook your head amusedly, following the blonde out of the BAU bullpen.

“Wait, Y/N!”

You turned back abruptly at Spencer’s call, nearly plowing down a passing intern.

“We still on for lunch?” he asked, laugh evident in his voice as he watched you apologize profusely to the poor intern. The young brunette woman waved off your apology and you switched your attention onto the young doctor.

“It’s a date,” you said casually. “I’ll come back to get you when I’m ready to go.”

You smiled at his excitement over the new cafe you were going to try out, absentmindedly watching as he turned back to his paperwork. You shook yourself out of your Spencer-induced stupor, hoping no one noticed your staring, and hurried to catch up with Garcia.

“Ooooh finally going on a date with our resident genius?” Penelope asked, waggling her eyebrows suggestively, earning her an eye roll.

“You know it’s not a date-date, Pen. It’s a… ‘Spencer and me’-date,” you found yourself explaining for the hundredth time.

“Riiiight.” She nodded, voice tinged with doubt. “Oh come on, Y/N! I know you two are in love!”

You pointedly ignored her as you rounded the corner into the file room. You immediately started sorting through the nearest box, blocking out Garcia’s little love monologue.

“- always takes you out for dinner. You practically live at his apartment, for crying out loud! You know, JJ told me that Henry thinks the two of you are married ‘just like his mommy and daddy’… God, you two are so cute! I totally think -”

“Penelope. Please… Just help me look for this file, okay?”

“Fine,” Garcia said with a resigned sigh, “but this is going to be discussed on our next girls’ night, you hear me?”

Pushing a sleeping elephant up a hill was easier than trying to say no to a determined Penelope Garcia, so you simply conceded, shooing her away to do her own file digging.

After skimming through a couple of boxes, you decided to start looking at the boxes up on the shelves. You made your way towards the stepladder by the wall.

“Um Y/N, are you going to be using that?”

“Yeah, why?” You set up the ladder and just as you were about to climb Garcia called out your name. “What?” you asked, pausing your ascent. She bit her lip worriedly.

“Mmm, you plus heights plus shelves full of heavy boxes that can potentially fall and crush you… You do the math.”

“Seriously? Oh my god, it’s a stepladder, Garcia. It’s not even a real ladder. I’m not that accident-prone.”

“You trip on air, Y/N! That’s as accident-prone as it gets.” She held up her hand, silencing your protests. “Nuh-uh. I am going to get Morgan and he’s going to use those sexy muscles of his to do the heavy lifting for us, okay? No need to put yourself in harm’s way.”

You stayed in your spot until she left the room. Admittedly, you had a bit more accidents than the average human being, but you could definitely find a set of files by yourself without endangering your life. You caught bad guys for a living, using a mini-ladder to find a couple of papers was a piece of cake compared to that.

“Aha!” After a couple of minutes, your search was a success. You managed to find the papers and not get hurt. Well… except for two paper cuts, but no one had to know about those. Your inner celebration was cut off by a knock on the door.

“Hey mama, Garcia said something about heavy boxes, ladders, and the possibility of a broken neck so I came as fast as I could,” Derek said, coming into the file room. “Aaand I see what she means.”

You turned to stick your tongue out at him.

“Well, you can tell Garcia to suck it, ‘cause I found the files I was looking for and used this ladder without any acci- Woah!

You must’ve waved those file papers with a bit too much enthusiasm because you suddenly found yourself toppling off of the ladder. You felt a rush of relief at the feeling of landing in a pair of arms, bridal style, instead of head first on the ground. Derek’s chest rumbled with laughter.

“What was that you were saying?” he teased, earning himself a slap on the shoulder when he bounced you like one would do while holding an infant.

“Shut up, Morgan,” you said grumpily.

“Hey, you’re lucky I was here to catch you.”

You let out an exaggerated sigh of relief, resting your head on his shoulder and batting your eyelashes.

“Oh Derek, thank heavens you were here! My hero!” The two of you fell into a fit of laughter at your antics.

“What’s going on here?”

Derek and you froze at the sharp tone.

You turned your head towards the door, revealing a rigid Spencer, looking at the two of you with obvious displeasure. You knew this looked how this could be misconstrued - Derek holding you in his arms and you resting your head onto his shoulder, smiles from your previous laughter still on your faces.

Derek hastily set you on the ground, clearing his throat. All you could do was carefully watch Spencer’s reaction.

“Kid…” Morgan finally said, holding up a placating hand out to your brown-haired colleague. You felt your heart twinge a little when Reid took a tiny step back at the gesture.

Before you could even say anything, he was out the door, leaving with nothing but a mumbled “gotta go” thrown over his shoulder.

The silence he left behind was soon broken by the click-clack of Garcia’s high heels as she entered the file room once more.

“Um, what did I miss?”

Her question spurred you into action. You pushed your files into Morgan’s hands and wordlessly took off to follow Spencer. You just caught a flash of his purple cardigan disappearing around the corner.

“Spencer, wait!” you called out, speeding up your steps to catch up with him. Curse that man and his incredibly long legs. “Spencer!” You manage to grab onto the back of his cardigan, pulling him to a stop in the middle of the hallway.

“Aren’t we going to lunch together?” you asked, trying to break through his sudden icy demeanor.

“What? You aren’t too busy laying in Morgan’s stupid biceps of steel and laughing at one of his stupid jokes and resting your head on his stupid muscular shoulder? If I had known you and Morgan were…”

You tuned out his rambling, pushing him into the nearest empty office. If he thought there was something going on between you and Derek, then what the hell did he think was going on between himself and you?

You stare incredulously at your colleague, who hadn’t even stopped to take a breath in the midst of his ramble, hands flailing about. You knew just how worked up he was when he used hand gestures to emphasis his often lengthy rants.

“Spencer Reid, are you jealous?” you managed to squeeze in between his own words. “Are you seriously jealous of Morgan?”  He turned to you with disbelief written all over his face.

“Of course I’m jealous of Morgan! He’s - he’s Derek Morgan!” he spluttered. You rolled your eyes.

“I don’t want a Derek Morgan, you walnut! I want you!” You sighed, cheeks burning at your blatant confession. “All I want is you, Spence. I thought you - I thought we were, you know, like a thing? Did I interpret everything wrong? Aren’t we -”


You immediately recoiled, thinking that this was the moment he was rejecting you. He must’ve sensed the hurt in your eyes, because he immediately started backpedalling.

“Wait! Not ‘no’ like to us! ‘No’ to the - I - we’re - I… I like you, Y/N. As much as that makes me sound like some fifth grader confessing a crush, I really, really like you.”

It had finally happened. All the ambiguity had been wiped away. Here you were, emotions laid on the table. There was only one way you could think of replying.

“Y/N? Aren’t you going to say anythi-”

Grabbing onto the front of his sweater, you pressed your lips against his, pouring your emotions out into this one kiss. You jumped when Spencer’s hands brushed against the curve of your ass. He jolted away from you, fearing he had gone too far.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your… I-it was an accident!”

He was caught off guard by the smirk on your face. You used this to your advantage, pushing him into the desk chair and promptly settling yourself into his lap. His hands hovered hesitantly over you sides before you pushed them to press against where they had brushed earlier.

You connected your lips once again, tugging at his hair to spur him into action. He caught the hint, guiding your hips against his. As you trailed your kisses down to his neck, he groaned out your name like a prayer.

“Dr. Reid,” you whispered, biting down on his sensitive pulse point and eliciting another groan from his lips, “this is one accident I don’t mind.”

Back in the file room…

“Told you it would work. Didn’t I say a little jealousy was all they needed?”

“Yeah, yeah but what if she had fallen before I got there? Your plan wasn’t completely foolproof, baby girl.”

“You don’t have to undermine my matchmaking skills, you know.”


“It all worked out didn’t it? I bet you $10 they’re making out in a conference room right now.”


“Oh come on, Chocolate Thunder, indulge me a little.”

“… I bet you $20 they’re in an old office.”

“Now that’s more like it.”

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy!



When Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he gained the proportional speed, strength, and agility of a spider. After learning that with great power there must also come great responsibility, he became the crime-fighting superhero called… THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!

Send me |¬| and my muse will rate your Muses combat stats!

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Strength
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Defense
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Speed
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Intelligence
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Accuracy
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Agility
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Stamina
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Teamwork


and here she is!! finally!! 
cherokee’s mom, Cercirei, in all her glory :>

she was a sky dragon, and her feathers were mostly for showing off, but she could also fly with amazing speed and agility. 

She did not have a breath weapon, but she could control clouds as much as she wanted, which is also why cher can influence the weather  

Thoughts on Breakdown and Bulkhead

I dunno, sometimes I just think about these guys and I felt like chattering. In the later half of the Aligned continuity, and practically only in the later half of the Aligned continuity (until IDW needed him, anyway) Breakdown is this great big huge guy that swings a massive hammer and smashes stuff up. In TFP he wrecks some ruins, he crashes through some vehicles, he fires a missile at a museum… big, powerful guy. But sometimes I sit and think about the fact that according to Aligned canon, he actually wasn’t always a big brute. In fact, he started out just as small and physically less capable as he was in G1. His size and strength came at a sacrifice of speed and agility, by personal choice… why?

According to official sources that for the life of me I cannot remember, and if anyone could refresh my memory I would love them forever, it’s because Bulkhead beat his aft so hard that he went and upgraded himself just to be able to compete.

Now I know this says a lot about Breakdown, but I also like to think about what this says about Bulkhead, too. Look at Breakdown’s personality. He’s honestly the sweetest Decepticon in the whole series, okay? He encourages the vehicons, he helps his boyfriend with personal maintenance, if another ‘con asks him for a favor he lends a servo… slag it, Dreadwing… he’s actually a pretty great guy. For frag’s sake, he’s the medic’s assistant. He’s the Decepticon’s fragging nurse. So usually he’s actually fairly calm and non-destructive unless, of course, one of two things is happening; either he’s teamed up with Knock Out and getting caught up with things that way because they just play off of each other like that, or he’s caught sight of Bulkhead. Bulkhead is just amazing at bringing out the jerk in Breakdown. His very presence makes the blue bruiser talk more trash and take more pot shots than he does on his own, or even at Knock Out’s encouragement.

And frankly, I’m starting to get really curious about just how Bulkhead managed to earn the undying ire of the (respectively, amongst his own) gentle giant of the Decepticons.

Bulkhead, as we know, is a Wrecker. Big tough guy, he was part of an elite special forces group that got the job done or died trying… and if they died, you probably went down with them. The Wreckers took on scrap that nobody else wanted or was capable of handling. They were tough guys, and they meant bad news for the Decepticons. And Bulkhead is a formidable force even after he strikes away from the team to follow Optimus Prime. At one point in the early part of the series he rips a Vehicon’s internal wiring and possibly his very spark out. He crushes through those little guys like they’re nothing… and to him, I think they are nothing. Remember, this is the same Autobot that wanted to leave not one, but two humans to the Decepticons… Agent Fowler, and Vince, the bully from the human ally’s school. Oh well, he said. Sucks to be them, he shrugged. Bulkhead is often portrayed as this gentle giant by his own right, but honestly, I don’t think he’s that gentle. He’s careful, specifically, with Miko, because he loves her. But if Fowler, Vince, and every tool Ratchet owns is any indication, said courtesies don’t extend very far elsewhere.

Which honestly tells me that it should have been pretty easy for him to just eliminate tiny Breakdown in whatever fight they had if he had had the chance. So either he didn’t have the chance to finish him, or something else was going on in Bulkhead’s head that he just didn’t care to do the job. Honestly, I lean towards the second… I think that whatever job Bulkhead was doing, whatever mission he was on, he had other priorities and just didn't bother finishing off the enemy lying in his path. I think he just looked down at this little battered-down Decepticon, shrugged, and moved on. He had other orders, he didn’t need to spend his time killing this kid. That’s what I imagine happened. And I think it’s the indignity of this… that he wasn't worth taking the time to kill, he was too insignificant for Bulkhead to think hey, maybe this guy will be a threat later and I should do something about that now… that lead Breakdown to hold a grudge. He decided that the next time he saw this Wrecker, things were going to be different. He wasn’t going to be spared just because his opponent decided he had better things to do. He was going to make an impression next time.

And a few massive upgrades later, we ended up with the big brute we all know and love.

Anyone else have any ideas they’d like to share?

On the subject of Gency being problematic

So a lot of people are basing their hatred for Gency over it being a “problematic” relationship because Genji should Hate Mercy for turning him into a killing machine.  

Here is what we actually know about him.

“ Hanzo believed that he had killed his brother, but Genji was rescued by Overwatch and the intervention of Dr. Angela Ziegler. The global security force saw Genji as a potential asset in its ongoing operations to combat the Shimada clan. As Genji’s injuries left him clinging to life, Overwatch offered to rebuild his body in exchange for his help. He was put through an extensive process of cyberization, which enhanced his natural speed and agility and augmented his superlative ninja skills. Transformed into a living weapon, Genji single-mindedly set about the task of dismantling his family’s criminal empire. At some point he was stationed at Watchpoint: Gibraltar.”

So from the small summary it was Overwatch’s decision. Mercy had saved him before they knew he could be an asset and was doing what she could to keep him alive. It never says that he resents her for this and every voiceline we’ve had thus far points that he would be thankful for it. We also know that Mercy is not a fan of violence from several voicelines. She doesn’t want Overwatch to be remade, she doesn’t want her technology to be used for harm (the rifle she made for Ana was supposed to only be for healing not for killing), and this is all evident even through her playstyle of being a healer with little damage output. She’s a pacifist, so likely it was not her idea to turn him into a weapon and she was doing everything she could to keep him alive!

Genji left because he hated Overwatch and he hated what he became. He meets Zenyatta who helps him find peace with what he is. If he hated Mercy at all for what she did he would have lost that hatred when he met Zenyatta. From everything that Blizzard has given us there is no reason for us to assume that Mercy is some evil witch who basically put a gun to Genji’s head saying “Join us or die.” There are many more people in power than just Mercy. Also, keep in mind, Genji was a criminal! He was part of the Yakuza, whether he was active in it or not he was still a part of it in the eyes of the public. He was basically given the same sentence that McCree was of “Join us or else” 

The Doctor Patient thing could be weird. That is literally the only problem with this ship. But the thing is, Mercy is everyone’s doctor. If Mercy and Pharah are both on overwatch, then Mercy will be her medic. You cannot use that excuse without discounting every possible ship Mercy could have within Overwatch. Which is fine if you believe she’s dating someone outside of Overwatch similar to Tracer and Emily, but do not be a hypocrite when it comes to that stance because in that scenario Gency is just as problematic as Pharmercy.

Until we get more information on the past of Overwatch, the history of the falling out between Genji and Overwatch, and more information on both of these characters it is not up to us to claim a ship is problematic with only Fanon Interpretations to back up your claim.


Titans Appreciation Month: Under Appreciated Characters

Name: Rose Wilson

 First Appearance: Deathstroke the Terminator #15 (October, 1992)

 Power Set:

  • Enhanced Mental Capacities, Agility, Reflexes, Speed, Stamina, and Strength
  • Limited Precognitive Visions 
    • The ability to perceive information about future places or events before they happen but only for a short time


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
  • Martial Arts
  • Swordsmanship

Recommended/Favorite Reads: 

The New Teen Titans (officially joined the team)

Teen Titans Vol 3

Nightwing Vol 2 #112-117

Superboy: The Ravager Awakens

Deathstroke #15 (first appearance)

Once Year Later #34

Fresh Hell

Teen Titans #88-100

Teen Titans: Deathtrap


Rose Wilson is the daughter of Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke and Lillian Worth. She was kept a secret from her father until her mid-teens. When Slade learned of her, he had already lost two sons and didn’t find himself fit to be her father so he left her in the care of the Titans. During a training session, Rose was badly injured and taken to a hospital. There her powers first began to emerge when she had a lengthy vision of Deathstroke’s future.

After leaving the Titans, Slade captured Rose and made her his apprentice, under the alias of Ravager. There he began injecting Rose with the same serum that gave him his abilities. However, the serum caused her to fall into psychosis, a mental disorder that causes a detachment from reality. Despite this, Slade still had doubts about Rose being a good apprentice. So, to prove her loyalty to her father, Rose gouged her own eye out.

Later, after Rose was defeated by Cassandra Cain, Nightwing began to train her and taught her about being a hero. Through Dick Grayson, Rose learned that Slade betrayed her by putting kryptonite in her missing eye, which would slowly kill her. Enraged, Rose broke her ties with Slade and disappeared for a long time.

One year after Infinity Crisis, Tim Drake allowed Rose to join the Teen Titans as a favor to Dick. There she was no longer under the serum’s influence.

Her latest appearance was in Teen Titans Vol 3.

Fun Facts: 

  • She and Eddie Bloomberg (Kid Devil) were good friends in The New Teen Titans
  • Her older brother is Joseph Wilson AKA Jericho
  • She was Lian Harper’s nanny for a few runs of Teen Titans
  • She is the fourth Ravager
  • Her favorite fairytale is Cinderella
Zodiac Advent Calendar Day 9: Winter Sports for the Signs
  • Aries: alpine skiing
  • gliding down a mountain, gravity and balance, incredible speed, strength and agility, fine motor skills, demanding and unforgiving, constantly changing conditions
  • Taurus: ice hockey
  • maintaining balance, moving quickly, lower- and upper-body strength, sacrificing for a team, resiliency, generosity and optimism, pushing each other to the limits
  • Gemini: ice speedskating
  • falling and getting back up again, body control and stamina, improving muscle strength, balance and coordination, finding your pace, fast but elegant race
  • Cancer: bobsledding
  • feeling like a speeding bullet, trusting your teammates and own abilities, great strength required, the wildest roller-coaster ride, driving solely by feel, precision
  • Leo: freestyle skiing
  • perfect balance of body and mind, variety of flips and twists, an open and creative sport, speed, height, excitement, putting on a show for the judges
  • Virgo: cross country skiing
  • pushing yourself, hard work, stamina required, scenic views, balanced tempo, varied track (flat,curved, uphill, downhill), great workout, physically demanding
  • Libra: figure skating
  • elegance and beauty, hard work and body tension, swirling over the ice, unity of body and music, flexibility, the feeling of hovering in the air
  • Scorpio: snowboarding
  • flying down a hill, fast speed, cold air on your face, confidence, taking risks, using all your senses, riding your heart out, falling down and getting up
  • Sagittarius: ski jumping
  • being aware of what every fiber in your body is doing, the risk of falling, the feeling of wind flowing around you, the absence of worries, incredible body tension, perfect timing
  • Capricorn: biathlon
  • the collaboration of body and mind, acurracy, concentration and stamina, strain and relief, the perfect balance of speed and precision, final sprint
  • Aquarius: luging
  • incredible speed, feeling even the tiniest bump in the ice, body tension and concentration, the sleigh responds to every move of your body, danger, trust in your mind and body
  • Pisces: nordic combined
  • air and earth, flying and running, all-round cardio workout, strong balance and flexibility, use of two opposite muscle types, explosiveness and strength vs. swiftness and endurance
Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 57: Teachings

Tokyo Senbatsu? Is that the one where they gather the representatives from all school in Tokyo to play against American representatives? (Daiya no Ace Chapter 417)  

Or is it something else? If it is the one mentioned in Act I, then… we’re gonna see Miyuki-Narumiya battery??!! Whoa, that sounds awesome! o_O 

Oops, shouldn’t get my hopes up now… Back to the inter-squad match, the first-years are showing off their offense.

Yay, another excellent base runner! Seidou will not lose their trigger/start of their offense after Kuramochi. I’m getting excited to see Kuramochi and Seto face off with their speed and agility, more so Kuramochi and Seto learning from each other. The latter seems pretty likely, because Kuramochi is the only one who doesn’t seem surprised, he even compliments Seto. He could be seeing or expecting that coming, or he could be confident in his abilities not to feel threatened by Seto. But then again, Kuramochi is one of the few players in the first-string that has the skill and experience to be certain of his place in the team (I might be biased though).

I am cracking out loud at the burn from Kuramochi to Eijun. Never one to pull his punches, aren’t you Mochi? Pointing out Eijun’s lackluster baseball knowledge without mercy.

Damn… That is a sound teaching and solid advice, no wonder the expression Okumura makes is so conflicted. He must have wanted so badly to cut off all ties with that shitty coach and discard everything he taught him, but he has been their coach for the most important years, teaching the basics and building his and Seto’s foundation, and his teachings did bring them victory (as seen in the previous flashback). In this game alone, they manage to get a run off the second-third years, which is quite a feat. 

This might become an issue later more in Okumura than in Seto as it seems Okumura can hold quite a grudge and it might hinder his development if he doesn’t come to terms with it. Especially this unique style of playing by players actively thinking and making decisions on their own set them apart from others. In the current team, there aren’t many players who are capable of that, they tend to wait for the coach’s instruction. Okumura’s style of thinking the pitches coming during his turn in batting reminds me of Miyuki (again) when he was sixth batter. He seems to think less (or shown thinking less?) since he becomes the fourth batter. Is it just me or is it really that difficult not to see Miyuki in Okumura? ^^;

These two definitely catches the coaches’ attention. Seto, welcome to the second string! Next, is it Kagami? It looks like he is up to bat.

As the old boys pointed out, the parallel is there. Terujima-sensei even intentionally made Haruichi show up and in the panel next to Eijun. Both Okumura and Seto work together the way Eijun and Haruichi did with one doing all the getting on base and base running and the other getting the other home, though what Okumura and Seto are more complicated with more thinking on their part. Still, considering Eijun and Haruichi barely knew each other back then, what they did was no less amazing (and complicated plays will get way over Eijun’s head, Haruichi did make the attempt, if we recall). I wonder whether the same thing happen between Miyuki and Kuramochi, and whether it is that play that gets them to second-string too. (I’m a sucker for kuramiyu, sue me)

Best expression in this chapter:

Kuramochi’s burn, Eijun’s cat’s eyes, and Okumura’s pout. They are all adorable.


Marco presenting the new PUMA evoSPEED 17 SL-S Boots

The evoSPEED 17 SL-S shares the philosophy of increased speed and improved agility. The upper material made of Japanese microfibre provides a pleasantly soft feel and increases the ball control at the same time. The revised SPEEDFRAME structure optimizes the shape of the shoe and allows faster direction changes and better acceleration. An external heel cap ensures an optimal fit and secure hold. Further innovative technologies of the SL-S are found in the sole. The SPEEDTRACK struts used there ensure a perfect balance of stability in the metatarsus and flexibility in the forefoot. This improves both speed and maneuverability.

Five Nights at Wammy’s

I just really want someone to make a playable version of Five Nights at Wammy’s

Where you’re Roger Ruvie sitting in the office listening to instructions from Quillsh Wammy over the phone

And these FUCKING KIDS keep running down the hall screaming “ROGER ROGER”

And you keep checking the cameras to lock the little bastards out, but they’re SO QUICK and they’ve got their special sneaking talents (stealth/hiding for Near, agility/speed for Mello, crawling through the fucking vents and rewiring your cameras randomly for Matt)

And if you don’t make sure Beyond Birthday is sitting in his room the whole night, he’ll charge at super speeds into your office and just start setting your plants on fire and cackling

If you make it to 6 AM, you get a shot of bourbon

hellyeahtitans67  asked:

RobStar: "You've Lost but you're still my winner"


“So, you get what you have to do, right?” He asked, stepping back and shaking his hands out at his sides.

She nodded to him, a determined look on her face.

“The first to pin the other shall be victorious.” She repeated after hearing him say it to her multiple times now.


A smirk found its way onto her lips and she lifted an eyebrow, “And… this is for the training purposes, yes?”

The corners of Robin’s lips briefly turned upwards, “Of course. As if I’d have an ulterior motive.”

She eyed him with a spark of playfulness in her emerald eyes, “Mm… as if.”

He grinned slowly before lifting a hand to her and with a mere flex of his fingers, challenged her to come at him.

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