speechless otp

Friendly reminder that Percy and Annabeth made out in Blood of Olympus and after the kiss Annabeth ended up speechless.

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I too think they finished their pancakes because of how cheerful and relaxed they were for the rest of the wedding planning.

Oh totally. They couldn’t stop touching and smiling at each other. There were heart eyes.

Those were some good pancakes they had. Only the best kind ;))

Ships in Seventeen pt 2

Meanie - PET SHOP
They’d be the couple to love puppies and even adopt one for their relationship. Wonwoo would be emo at first but will soon warm up to the puppy. Mingyu will be mingyu.

They’d be composing lots of songs together, not caring if the world outside was having a war with North Korea.

JunHao - PARK
They’d be taking pictures of themselves doing weird poses with the trees because that’s just how they roll.

They’d be the couple that wants to make children laugh and maybe (like meanie) adopt one of their own. Maybe give him some weird name and role play of their old couple in front of the kid. Weird couple. Hah

JeongCheol - BEDROOM
Seungcheol just wants to smell Jeonghan’s hair all day and we all know where that will lead 🌚

They’d likely pay a visit because of Jisoo’s constant whining if they wouldn’t come. Jeonghan would likely be compared with the angel statues but he’ll accept it. He just loves the adoration.

VerKwan - BEACH
They’d be the type of couple who’d want to be free from the city. Or Seungkwan just wants to practice his English and maybe teach Vernon some high notes without getting criticized. They just love teaching each other.

They’re the type of couple who takes comedy seriously. They write down and study comedy. And also maybe having a little fun together was just what they needed.

They’re are called the power couple for a reason. They’d be practicing dances and songs until they collapse. But they won’t because with each other they are stronger.