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Just friends (2)

Hi loves! This is second part to “just friends” hope you like it! __rowena


Many things were happening.

“I hope you realize what you did. I can’t believe you- I thought that- I’m just speechless,” he tells you in the room of requirement. “You know what Draco? Don’t you think all of these years that I have dealt with you- dealt with the stuff you throw at me.” (Y/N) says as she starts breaking down. “I have always been in your shadow, I’m just another “crab” to you. You have used me and abused me.“ Tears star forming in her eyes as she looks straight into his grey ones.

All of this scene was heart wrenching. It was broken on both sides, and at this point no one knew how to fix it.

He’s shocked, he doesn’t know how to react. ”(Y/N) you have never been a part of my shadow, your my girlfriend.“ He pleads as he takes forward.

He tried to win her back. He could admit that there were sometimes that he just- couldn’t hold himself back. Yes, he was kissing Pansy. And he liked it because it was different- but he truly did love her.

She takes steps back. "No! Draco I’m done- don’t you realize what you’ve done! I support you on every single think you fucking do! I even let it slide that I found out about you being a DEATH EATER.” His breath takes a hike.

No one ever dared to talk to him like that. No one has ever done that. There’s a new feeling rioting in his stomach.

(Y/N) knew and she let it all slide. She didn’t complain. She didn’t even budge slightly. “I thought that you didn’t know..” he trails off looking now at the dirty floor.

He was frozen, except he wasn’t jinxed at all. What has gotten into him?

“Yeah, well now I know. And, to think you actually loved me.” His heart shatters, he didn’t become a death eater because he wanted to. He know wants to tell her how much he cares for her.

Some part of him wants to thinks it’s a dream, and he just wants to wake up. Some part of him wants to kiss her and hold her and tell her everything going to be fine. Some part of him wants to just die on the spot.

“I didn’t become a death eater because I wanted to.” He defends himself. “That’s one lousy choice Malfoy! And your thinking that I let you snogging Pansy during lunch earlier slide too?” She chuckles sadly. She faces her (E/C) to his grey ones and gives her best monotone face.

“I was under a love potion!” He tried to defend himself but can’t. “Thank you for your honesty, Draco. But- if I’m going to be used again like this we need to stop seeing each other. Completely.” The color in his eyes fade.

He knew the love potion part was fake. He just thought that possibly, maybe it could fix things and make it fine again.

To where he could hold her again. Hold her hands while walking to class.

But that’s not right now.

You see him break in front of your eyes. “Tell me three words and we’ll put this al to the side.” You say. He just looks, he doesn’t know what to do. You smile weakly at him. “Thank you for your honesty, goodbye Draco.” Your eyes well up with tears as you leave.

You didn’t want to leave, but you had to- it was destined to be this way. And you weren’t going to fight it.

The tears fall but not the way you stand, not the way you’ll ever look at Draco. Furthermost, the way you’ll see the world again.

Only a miracle could change the way you see Draco.

He stands there looking at his hands. And remembers what you say. “That’s one lousy choice, Malfoy” he repeats as he puts all of his emotions in one and he smiles sadly just like her.

He doesn’t cry. Because he didn’t wish to. Draco Malfoy, never cried.

Like a mirror. He saw himself in (Y/N)’s shoes. How much she felt in that argument.

(Y/N) walked out and saw that Hermione was walking to dinner. “Is it okay if I sit with you during dinner?” You smile at her. She doesn’t fail to notice that she’s crying. “What happened?” ‘Mione asks. “I’ll tell you while we eat.” Hermione smiles as she wipes her tears of her face. “Don’t worry everything will be fine.” As they’re walking to the mess hall.

Nothing will be fine now.

There’s no noise except for their shoes hitting the floor. In rhythm they walk.


While eating (Y/N) explains everything choking out a few tears here and there. “That Malfoy.” Harry sneers. They look over at Malfoy who’s just touching his food. “I don’t know what to do.” You say. “Don’t worry, everything will come out okay.” Ron assures you as he air pats you. Smiling you chuckle. “What will I do with out you guys.”

You were lying to yourself, you could easily tell them that some of what you said was to cover him up. But right now you just need love and affection.

“Hey also don’t worry if Malfoy doesn’t love you- because we all do!” Harry said while blushing. Little did he know those words crushed you. Right. Is it didn’t matter if that whole world loved you. It mattered if Malfoy actually gave a damn about you. “I love you guys too” you reply slightly too quickly. And it almost sounded you emphasized the “I love you” too much.

Maybe you were imagining he was Draco for a moment, maybe that’s why you emphasized the i love you.

Ron and Hermione look at eachother and wiggle their eyebrows, they know something is going to go down between them. Something good. “Mind if I walk you to your common room, (Y/N)?” Asks Harry. “Sure why not.” You reply.

Walking with Harry wouldn’t kill anyone. But you sure missed Draco walking with you hand in hand.

As dinner goes quickly, you can feel more that one person starring daggers behind you. Paying it no attention you just guess that it’s Pansy and Draco. They are and will be Slytherins power couple. Behind Draco and you. But was that really love?

As you are walking with Harry you can’t seem to keep your eyes at him. “Harry why is it that you wanted to talk to me? Rather even walk me to my common room?” His eyes go down. “I just- felt the need to show you compassion that’s all.” Smiling you put your arm around him. “That’s so nice of you, maybe that’s why Cho loves you so much.” He looks down again.

Everyone needs love at some pint of their lives.

“I don’t like Cho. She never liked me.” You frown slightly. “Who wouldn’t liked the boy who lived!” You exclaims as you reach the common room. “A lot of people actually.” He says. “Harry look at me,” you start as he looks up. “Your wonderful and don’t let anyone decide who makes you. Because your you and Harry Potter, is a wonderful boy who will always have a place in my heart.” He smiles at you. While placing his arms around you, your head falls in the crook his neck. “I really needed that, (Y/N) thank you.” He whispers.

As you let go off the hug you smile. At least someone now is happy.

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Hey, so like, ik you've probably heard this many times but you're art is literally so BEAUTIFUL AND INSPIRATIONAL OMG I'M SPEECHLESS I LITERALLY JUST CAME ACROSS YOUR ACCOUNT JUST NOW(12:11AM) AND I'M BLOWN AWAY. I just don't know what else to say I just thought that you should know that. I'm never going to get over how talented you are I'm shook af.

Aaah thank you so much, this actually means a lot to me to hear omg 💕💕💕I’m honestly so grateful for all the encouraging words and support people have given me, I love u so much!!


Harry singing ‘From the dining table’ at The Garage | 13.05.2017


 NCT’s reaction to one of the hardest/fastest girlgroup choreography😂😂


tfc moodboards: 4/? — kevin day

“Let Riko be King,” Kevin said, with the exaggerated enunciation of the thoroughly sloshed. “Most coveted, most protected. He’ll sacrifice every piece he has to protect his throne. Whatever. Me?” Kevin gestured again, meaning to indicate himself but too drunk to get his hand higher than his waist. “I’m going to be the deadliest piece on the board.”


2015. & 2017.  

Just speechless ❤❤❤❤❤

i honestly get so frustrated seeing karamels being like “omg he made her breakfast in bed!!!! so abusive *sarcasm* lmaooo @ antis!!” 

because guess what? abusers aren’t abusive 24/7. my mum also cooks me really delicious meals and tells me she loves me every now an then, but that doesn’t change the fact that she hits me and acts like she owns me and guilt trips and manipulates and silences and yells at me basically every single day. not always all at once and sometimes really subtly, but she still does it. just like mon el. so can you please stop invalidating and making fun of abuse victims?

this is not intended to be hateful in any way, i’m literally just trying to get y’all to understand our point of view and stop treating this as some kind of joke.

I am so lucky to do a Breath of the Wild collab with the amazingly stupendous AndrenaRae !!! They look so good I’m just speechless.
_(:3 」∠)_ Thank you my friend for this and for all of your phenomenal support. ♡ ( I drew Link and she drew Sidon!)