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Yerin,idk if this is too personal,so if it is please ignore me TT but you said you had speech problems when you were younger... what kind of problems and how did you solve them? because my brother has some speech problems too and he's getting better but i just want to know as much and ways to help him more :)

Don’t worry, it’s not too personal! I don’t know if I had a specific condition, but basically I had trouble pronouncing a lot of sounds like a hard “r”, “s”, “th”, and many (many) other sounds, and a bit of a lisp, but that part might’ve been from my bad teeth. Once I got them fixed up and got my braces off, it got a bit better thankfully. I did speech therapy at my elementary school starting when I was in kindergarten till 5th grade. Originally they weren’t going to let me enroll until around 3rd grade since my kindergarten teacher said when asked about my speech “I don’t know if she has issues since she doesn’t talk much.” (like why do you think I don’t talk much? I can’t talk properly! Anyways…)

Since my parents didn’t want me to wait that long, I went to a private speech therapy place to get some tests done (which is very helpful btw) and we gave the results to the school and they let me take speech therapy. I did both school and out of school therapy for a year or two then just did the school one. It helped a lot, although sometimes I slip up when I talk and the slight lisp and mispronunciation comes up again. To talk clearly I mostly try to exaggerate the shape of my mouth for different sounds (round for “o”, etc) and talk a bit louder. Also, you know when you get happy or excited and you talk with a higher register? I try not to do that unless I’m so happy it doesn’t matter haha, that way people can hear me better.

Basically a lot of focus helps, and eventually it becomes more of a habit than something to really concentrate on. Also good teeth, if he needs his teeth fixed up don’t hesitate if your financial situation is good :) It might take a while for his speech problems to mostly fade away, but hey, Ed Sheeran had a stutter, my dad’s friend is a successful, bilingual business man with a severe stutter, and Winston Churchill had a lisp AND a stutter!

I hope I helped! It’s inevitable that sometimes people might be rude and tease him even if he’s talking fine, so help him keep his confidence too. Speech problems don’t have to be a serious and frustrating thing, sometimes it’s fun to make light of it too and it’s important to stay positive about improvement. You’re really sweet to care about your brother like this, it’ll really help him to have more support!

-Yerin (snsdn)

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Double Agent Vader fic: Decryption Codes

This one is technically the prequel to the previous two: Leia’s first meeting with Vader…and her first meeting with Ekkreth.

Leia is 16 in this fic, and sometimes it shows. (Teenage Rebel princess, fighting the man with encrypted information and embarrassing doodles of the Emperor.)

Decryption Codes

Leia Organa, newly appointed Imperial Senator for Alderaan, had been quite thoroughly briefed before her arrival on Coruscant.

There’d been the private meeting with the Queen (which was really just a chat over breakfast – it was hard to maintain formality when the Queen was also your mother). There’d been the official briefing with the Queen’s Council, and the extensive reading she’d been given on the history of her position, her role and responsibilities as a representative of Alderaan, and a good deal of background material on the history of the Imperial Senate and its various members. There’d been the official welcome packet from Coruscant (which she found much less useful, but which she read through anyway).

And there had been the other briefing. This one was conducted secretly, in a room swept three times for bugs, and no records of the meeting were ever made. She left it with codes, names, and numbers committed to memory, and the knowledge that she held a world’s fate in her hands.

None of those briefings had prepared her for meeting Darth Vader.

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Symptoms of Insecure Attachment


low self-esteem, needy, clingy or pseudo-independent behavior, inability to deal with stress and adversity, depressed, unresponsive, resists comforting


Susceptibility to chronic illness, obsession with food - may horde food, gorge, refuse to eat, eat strange things, may developmental delayed


lack of self-control, inability to develop and maintain friendships, alienation from parents, caregivers, and other authority figures, overly friendly and treating strangers like the primary caregiver, aggression and violence, difficultly with genuine trust, intimacy, and affection, lack of empathy, compassion and remorse, negative hopeless, pessimistic view of self, family and social. 


behavioral problems at school; speech and language problems; incessant chatter and questions, difficulty learning


Although the signs of insecure attachment are many, they are really the girl’s attempt to make sense out of an unpredictable world.  Some symptoms of attachment disruption can be tracked back to what the parent did not provide.


Get your debate team together at a pool. Tell them you can’t decide on buying cake or ice cream for your birthday treat. Get four people in the pool- two who like ice cream better and two who prefer cake. They will argue reasons why they think each dessert is better while you judge from the lifeguard’s chair. This will be the ultimate pool parli.

I have a mild issue with reading things out of order or backwards or seeing different words where there are not.

When I went shopping one day I saw this flavor and read it out loud as “Extreme Denial Moose Tracks.” which made my room mate laugh till he cried and to this day this flavor is known as “extreme denial” because of it.

Denial is delicious and comforting.