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EoWells X Reader

Word count - 997

Ugh, today was bad. Usual days just zipped by anymore. This was not a usual day. It seemed that Meta after Meta were just coming out of the wood work today, causing trouble. You just helped the team and hoped the day would be over with soon, as you hated lying to your friends. You had recently found out that Harrison Wells was the reverse flash. At first you were going to tell Barry and the rest of the team, but then decided that it wasn’t really your problem. I mean, you were only going to be here for about another week, of course that was about three weeks ago. You convinced the self-absorbed Eobard Thawne that you were’t going to spill his little-Or actually, his HUGE-secret to anyone, and he gave you the benefit of the doubt. As the day finally came to a close, you realized that while dealing with the days Meta’s you forgot about the stupid speech test thing you were supposed to do with a friend who has ‘decent speech patterns’.
Great, you thought to yourself.
Caitlin and Cisco were already gone, both looking really exhausted. You couldn’t blame them, today had been a long one for everyone. Barry was still here, you think to yourself, now wanting to encounter the 'Dr. not so Harrison Wells’. You race around S.T.A.R Labs trying to locate him. Outside the Cortex, in the hallway, a whoosh of air hit you as Barry stopped in front of you.
Yes! you think to yourself.
“Hey, Y/N, I’ve gotta run, Joe needs me back at home. Can you, um, lock up, for me?” He asks.
You give a heavy sigh, and a small smile, “Sure Barry, catch you later.”
“Okay, thank you, Y/N.” He put on his coat as he sped away.
“Aaahhh, why me!?” you say out loud, really to yourself more than anybody else. So, you would have to ask 'Dr. not so Harrison Wells’ after all. Almost running, you head up to his office, not wanting him to run off too. When you reach it, you give a little knock to alert him of your presence. He was positioned behind his desk, examining some papers.
“Hey, I need your help with something, Dr. not so Harrison-”
“Would you stop calling me that?” He grumbles cutting you off.
“Um, not unless you have something else for me to call you. And, as a matter fact, I like calling you that.” You mock walking over to his desk.
He glares at you for a second before looking back at his papers “What is it that you wanted?”
“Okay, so as you well know, I have 'speech problems’” You put air quotes around the words “And I recently let myself get talked into -By Caitlin- getting help with it.”
He glanced at you for a second, placing his papers down on the desk “So? Why are you here?”
“I have this test, that I need to do with a friend, or really anyone who has decent speech. Caitlin and Cisco are gone, and Barry just ran out on me.”
“Don’t you have a sister?” He asked annoyed
“Yes, but she was here for the same amount of time that I was supposed to be here, I,” You pointed to yourself “am the only jackass who decided to stay. She’s probably living a normal life.”
“So you don’t have anyone to help you.”
“Well,” You walked around the desk, sitting on the edge near Dr. Wells “You, could always help me…”
“No.” He said plainly going back to the stack of papers on his desk.
“Come, on.” You say frustrated by his refusal to help you.
“I have work to do.”
“So?” you say glaring at him.
“So, go away.”
“No.” You crossed your arms over your chest.
He looked over at you “Y/N, leave, now.”
“No.” You tilted your head to the side, meeting his gaze.
“Stop saying, no.” He gave you a warning glare.
A teasing smile crept onto your face, and in a low voice you reply with one word “No.”
That seemed to tick him off more than it should have. He moved the wheelchair back, and stood, towering over you.
“Y/N, I am not it the mood for your obstinate behavior, leave me to my work.” He stepped closer to you, attempting to intimidate you.
Insistent on annoying him, you met his threatening gaze “No.” You see him clench his jaw. It looked like he was trying to kill you with his gaze. Then, without any warning, his lips were on yours. It took a second for you to register his movements. He was kissing you? His hands were cupping your face, the kiss almost desperate against your mouth. Hesitating, you kissed him back, not really sure where this had come from. Of course you’d thought of him that way, but not since you had found out that he wasn’t really Harrison Wells, that he was a murderer. Your gut tightened, heart racing and your hands went to his chest, gripping his shirt and pulling him closer. One of his hands found your hip, lightly gripping it as his other hand tangled into your hair. You moaned a bit, reaching up and wrapping your arms around his neck. He sucked you lower lip into his mouth before pulling back, dragging it between his teeth. His forehead rested against yours. You opened your eyes, staring into his now beautiful blue gaze. He was looking strait into your eyes, thoughtfully, as if he was contemplating something.
He lifted his head away from yours.
“I just kissed you.” he said, sounding perplexed.
“Hello, I’m Y/N, you must be Captain Obvious.” You say softly.
He chuckled. “Its nice to meet you Y/N.” He held out his hand, and you shook it. “Any chance you’ll let it happen again?” He asked still gripping your hand.
You smile for a second, and whispered “No.” before closing the distance between you.

Why I’ll never stop defending Gale Hawthorne

Gale Hawthorne just wanted to save everybody from the games and having to keep living like that.

And it cost him the one person he wanted to live that better life with.

In my opinion, Peeta only ever cared about saving Katniss, he was single minded in this. He never really thought about the bigger picture, about fighting back, not like Gale did. Not until he gave that motivation speech to Katniss while they were hiding out at Tigress’s. A speech that should have been Gales, since he was always the one to say they should fight back, that she should fight back, always putting that spark in her, even when she didn’t realize it at first, a spark that turned into a fire when she needed it. He loved her and wanted to protect her and keep her safe, but never tried to hold her back from the fight, was always right there beside her, knowing how strong she was, but still there if she needed him.

He was a real hero! The bomb thing was 100% Coin’s fault but he still blamed himself, just as he did for not getting more people out when 12 was bombed. And I cry cuz he knew walking into that room that she would blame him too, knew that she would would never be able to forgive him, he knew he had already lost her, and he didn’t even fight her on it, because he felt guilty for not keeping Prim safe like he promised. Even though he was not the one that put that bomb near her, not the one that put her in the middle of a war zone, but he will still carry that guilt, and the loss of Katniss, with him forever.



Magical Delusions

Disclaimer:  What you are about to read are my lecture notes summarized.  If you have any questions about the lecture you are about to read please ask, I would like to hear from you.   That being expressed, I have zero interest in exploring your opinion about semantics over what is and what is not a part of our shared experience as beings.  If you feel that anything expressed in this writing diminishes you, THAT CERTAINLY IS A PROBLEM, but not my problem.  I am advancing an idea, in the hopes of hearing from other people that would like to build on the topic, not deconstruct it.

Delusions Of Magic

Delusions are untested assumptions.

Delusions are maintained out of fear.

Sometimes there is fear that a delusion is real, sometimes there is fear that a delusion is not real, there is always fear.

Existence scientifically is termed a phenomena.

:)(  Any phenomenal entity of energy that insists that phenomena cannot exist is an ironic idiot.  Literally. )(:  ADF

Can you think all things at once and still understand yourself?

At a point individuals who strive for self awareness and empowerment of the entity of energy they are, will have to ask:

“Where are the limits of the mind, where does thought begin?”

This is where things get really fucking wild, fast, exhilarating, confusing, terrifying, delightful, real and most surreal at the speed of thought:  ……………………….   There you are!

IT is rational to be overwhelmed by the realization that we are all spiritual entities bonded to vessels of blood and bone made of stardust, capable of influencing seemingly infinite manifestations of reality as we travel through endless space on a rock moving around 800 000 km/hr.  Fear is the irrational part, why sweat the small stuff if you already got this far? ;)

MAGIC thinking is not Delusional sentiment. INDEED, actions are what you will be held accountable for.  

It is not delusional to explore any thought, especially if you are trying to solve unusual problems, it is often best to be as creative as possible without the limits of normative expectations of reality.

The real take away, from this speech is testing assumptions.  The solution is very simple, Ritual and SCIENCE.  The scientific method is literally a RITUAL for documenting experiments into the unknown.

Science will always prove MAGIC.  Science stands on the shoulders of experimental magics as proven by anthropologists. When you become knowledgeable in one, it is very hard to see a distinction between scientific and magical truth, because the difference is a delusion. :)

Peace Love Understand Respect


SEMI HIATUS NOTICE ( until May 15 )

I have to write one 10 page screenplay, one 10 stage play, and one 30 page screen/stage play all in the next 3 weeks along with 2 bio tests, one psych test, and speech on an unknown topic.  Plus, I need to go and do 2000 other things along with that for school.  This means I need to take a short break from my blogs so my ass doesn’t fail.  This doesn’t mean I won’t be on mobile or be willing to do shit on there, but physically doing shit on my blog right now does not sound realistic.  Sorry peeps.


Liam’s face = “Yes bitch we all know you have a secret which is why I’m busting my ass trying to cover for you and Louis. You think this is game, don’t you? I’m not playing. I don’t understand why you gotta be all rebellious Horton. "I got a secret.” Hoe plz. I heard you and Louis last night. That ain’t no secret. Boy stop playing with me, one day I’m just gonna stop covering for ya’ll. I’m losing my chill larrie rn.“


anonymous asked:

me: i'm having trouble understanding speech and hearing separate sounds in busy environments, but i can hear alright when it's quiet. audiologist: well your hearing test (which was taken in a completely silent room) came back fine, so maybe you just need to concentrate more when you're in a busy environment :)

“I do not have the exact same experience as you, but I will expect you to follow up with what I said easily as it can be done.”

-Mod Reptonic
(I got this exact same message, and little do they realize that my cochlear implant does not receive the sound as same as their ears. Some professional are unreliable, I’m telling you this. I’m sorry. :/ )

muse | yoonmin au ;

1881 words ; inspired from x

“you’re not a camera," yoongi doesn’t even have to take his eyes off the portfolios on his desk to know that it was that kid again. well, park jimin shouldn’t even be a kid to yoongi considering how he’s just 2 years younger. but because he’s a teacher and jimin’s a student, jimin will always be a kid.

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SEMI HIATUS NOTICE ( until May 15 )

I have to write one 10 page screenplay, one 10 stage play, and one 30 page screen/stage play all in the next 3 weeks along with 2 bio tests, one psych test, and speech on an unknown topic.  Plus, I need to go and do 2000 other things along with that for school.  This means I need to take a short break from my blogs so my ass doesn’t fail.  This doesn’t mean I won’t be on mobile or be willing to do shit on there, but physicallydoing shit on my blog right now does not sound realistic.  Sorry peeps.

The Most Bizarre Lighting Problem I’ve Ever Encountered

Buckle up, folks, this is gonna be a ride.

Before the show begins, we have a person come on stage to do a few announcements and stuff. We put a key light on them against the preshow look.

The first nights of previews, the spot would always flicker when it came up. I checked the unit (Altman leko, for the curious; old as balls) after this issue first occurred. It seemed perfectly fine, and it behaved in all the other cues it was used in.

It kept flickering. So I replaced the unit. This didn’t help.

We switched the spot to a different unit for the cue. Different instrument, different cable, different dimmer, different channel. The motherfucker still flickered.

We deleted and rewrote the cue. Bastard still flickered.

(Keep in mind that this problem only arose during the curtain speech. Every time we tested it, we couldn’t replicate the problem. The unit works fine for the rest of the show).

We ended up rewriting the cue so that instead of one unit at full, we have two units at 50 doing the spot duty. Tonight, they flickered in unison.

I’ve been watching the channels, and nothing is shown to be changing when the flicker happens. So it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the console (ETC Element).

Only possibilities left:

  • There is something wrong with my finger, because I run the board every night; that variable has not changed.
  • There is something about the person doing the curtain speech that our rig hates (it’s been several people; we tried narrowing it down by gender but that didn’t hold up).
  • All the bad vibes from the last show coalesced into a poltergeist who is fucking with us.

Everybody is stumped. It’d be nice to get this fixed, bc the artistic director isn’t happy with it, but we’re not sure what more we could do.

@perpetuallight @lxventures @ any lxblr people - Thoughts? Halp?