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Before I begin, I know you would all want to join me in sending our thoughts and prayers to all those sadly affected by yesterday’s terrible attack in Westminster. We will be thinking of all the families..
—  HRH The Duchess of Cambridge sending her message of solidarity to the victims of the London Attacks during a speech at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist. 

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If you choose to stop talking because it's significantly more comfortable for you, would that still be going nonverbal? I sometimes just stop talking because it takes so much energy to talk and do it properly, and I know I shouldn't, but it's so much easier. I know I could probably speak if I tried to force myself, but I'd really rather not. Thoughts?

I think that still counts as going nonverbal. If it takes you too much energy to speak then it’s not worth it. If you have to force out every word, then it’s better not to speak verbally. It could also be considered going semiverbal which encompasses a wide range of experiences from having some difficulty talking to being almost nonverbal. 

If talking takes too much effort, then it is totally valid to not talk. It’s not worth wasting spoons on talking when you could use them for something else. 



Part of me still thinks this could be an elaborate hoax. It’s so over the top. Right-wing Christian organizations drive a bright orange bus down the east coast insisting that there are only two possible options for gender identity (and only two combinations for chromosomes)? Their writing their own parody! Are we supposed to take this seriously?

Well, yes. And I’ll tell you why. I know @buzzfeed isn’t always a destination for serious news (no offense, Buzz), but this quote is pretty serious:

“This is not about live-and-let-live,” he added, saying transgender people pose an threat to norms of sex and procreation. “This is about what is best for the common welfare of society.”

This, this heterosexual agenda, isn’t about live-and-let-live. Dreadful. But not a shocker. In fact, this echoes something my mom said to me over Thanksgiving , after calling my transness “delusion.”

“I think you and I have different ways of viewing the world,” she said.

I asked: “Do you think that gives you the right to call me delusional?”

“Yes,” she answered. “Because I believe my way is the right way.”

My mom is a devout Christian. She doesn’t support hate or murder. Still, her perspective and the #freespeechbus share the belief that trans people are wrong, and they can’t be allowed to “live-and-let-live.” Boil that down, and it sounds a lot like trans people can’t live.

On the one hand, this “free speech” bus is just a publicity stunt. They want to provoke a reaction. Unfortunately, my mom already did that a few months ago. So did my dad, and my brother and my coworkers and my friends on Facebook. The belief that trans people are under a delusion is not radical or new or unheard-of. I’ve heard this all before, and I’m already pissed about it.

I just hope that having to see the free speech bus does for the majority of Americans what my mother’s comments did for me.

Take this seriously.

Let trans people live.

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Itaat to struggle more with language when tired/overwhelmed/brain too full? Like spelling getting worse, leaving out words, dropping complicated grammar, forgetting how to communicate like a neurotypical person basically because it's too complicated

Yup! For many autistic people, language difficulties become more pronounced when tired/overwhelmed/stressed/etc. This can present in all sorts of ways from the things you’ve described to going nonverbal. 


arial: finally enrolls in the university
arial: accidentally becomes a revolutionary

brage: decides to become a god-like figure

“what we need, is more spark, more… yes! more good old fanatic belief!”

“you don’t see anything morally problematic by constructing a religion just to further your political goals?”

I am never solo queuing in Competitive again.

I just had THE WORST experience with a fuckin elitist man baby who could do nothing but whine and tell me I was doing terribly when actually I had gold across the fucking board.

Oh. My. God. I am beyond livid I wish there was a fucking report feature for Overwatch. So badly.

Just. There was so much bullshit and even the other teammates until one left was like ‘DUDE you need to hop off the Pharahs Dick’. LIKE OH MY GOD.

right but now im imagining Dualscar hearing that Eridan has gone missing and starts researching other missing kids (bc they all went into hiding) (when i say kids i mean like…late teens i guess??) and he tries to track them down only to come across Bro also tracking them down and they decide to work together but just get in each other’s ways and bicker and accuse each other the whole time