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Ok like I understand that John “mooing” is a very real and raw form of emotional expression but please consider

When faced with literally any other emotional turmoil in the past, John clams up. His body tightens up, he squeezes his fist, he loses all speech capabilities until he can calm down. 

Sherlock dying…. Sherlock coming back….. thinking he was going to die in the subway……. 

The reason so many people are making fun of this is because even though it may be a reasonable way to show grief, that’s not how John does it at all…this reaction was not normal for John… something is up


NFL player Joe Haden is taking a powerful stand against the “R-word” 

Joe is an NFL cornerback for the Cleveland Browns. Jacob, his younger brother, is Joe’s biggest fan. Jacob also happens to have a cognitive disorder that limits his speech and language capabilities. Via the Special Olympics and activism, the two are inspiring people everywhere — and the story of how Joe saved Jacob’s life is just the beginning.

Unbelievable. Call your Senators about Jeff Sessions, who, having been rejected for a judgeship thirty years ago due to hate speech, will not be capable of enforcing U.S. law as Attorney General.


(Inspired by this incredible drawing by @godforget.)

It was a tulruk-ivory comb that his mother had given him decades ago, when he had reached the second duan in zama-shiwo training. An ornate little thing, delicately carved, but sturdy enough to have lasted so long without so much as the faintest crack or creak of complaint. A feature which many a tulruk would attest to, were they capable of speech. Thoughts of his mother drifted faintly through Chirrut’s mind - the smell of her cooking, the color of her hair, the sound of her broom scratching at the dusty floor. She adored Baze. Chirrut liked to think she would have approved of the love they felt for one another. They were fast friends from the start, and whenever Chirrut came home from the monastery to visit, his gentle companion was always invited.

The drowsy bantha was resting in his lap, arms draped over Chirrut’s thighs, limp against his stomach. Slowly, again and again the comb raked through Baze’s thick hair. He had fallen asleep while his husband groomed him, but Chirrut had long since worked out the stubborn knots brought on by Jedha’s sandy winds. All that was left was the reliable motion.

Chirrut found endless pleasure in the simple act. Here, there was peace and safety. His fingers drew brief lines in his love’s long locks as Baze sighed deep, slow breaths in his lap. Even in sleep, Baze’s hand was loosely gripping Chirrut’s leg, guarding him. Chirrut smiled. He couldn’t help but trail his finger along the outer edge of one of Baze’s ears. Did he grow out his hair to hide them? His husband found them admirable, much to his irritation, for he never liked attention drawn to them.

“That song…” Baze mumbled, stirring. “I know it. Somewhere.” Chirrut didn’t realize he had been humming.

“My mother used to hum it. When she swept the floors. You remember her?”

“Of course, shǎ háizi. Even if I was a thousand years old.” Baze’s head turned and he rubbed his cheek against Chirrut’s robe. He made a humming sound, eyes still closed, sighing in his husband’s scent. “She made the best dumplings.”

Chirrut smiled wide and nodded. “She always called you her hungry son.”

“You eat like a little bird.” Baze teased. He knew Chirrut would feel his grin.

“And you eat like a lumbering tulruk.” Mouth closed, Baze laughed, nuzzling against Chirrut fiercely enough to make his husband feel ticklish. “And you have the ears to match!”

“Hēi!” Baze protested, his tone as grumpy as it was playful.. He turned around in Chirrut’s lap, kneeling between his legs, and used his hands to pin his shoulders to the wall. Chirrut was laughing, his eyes locked in a gleeful squint, wrinkling at the corners. Baze scooped him up in his arms, lowering him roughly to the ground and pelted his face with kisses.

Chirrut swatted at him helplessly, his chest shaking with laughter. He threw his arms around Baze, squeezing him tight, trying to worm his way out of the aggressive affection. “Baze!” He wailed, sputtering and giggling.

Eventually, his husband relented, chuckling softly and rolling off to the side. He let his arm wrap lazily across Chirrut’s chest as the two caught their breath, lazily tangled together.

theory: ash ketchum is an immortal, unaging god that has been forcibly trapped in a 10 year old’s body with his memory wiped. this is why he has never aged. ash strives to return to his former glory subconsciously by striving to be “the very best like no one ever was”, which is what he used to be. the reason ash has somehow encountered every legendary is because they know who he is and are drawn to him - the ones capable of speech cannot tell him, because they fear the wrath of whoever imprisoned him. pikachu may have been an angel or servant to his godly form and incarnated as a pokemon to help guide him, as evidenced by their extremely close bond. pikachu’s power seems to “reset” every series because pikachu is constantly under spiritual attacks from the negative entity working against god ash.

please add to this groundbreaking theory

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Zorn enters Ahris forest, and looks around as he walks through it. Blinking, he could smell another beings scent there, and paused to look around in case said person wasn't nearby to attack him, before he went to go on his way further into the forest.

Ahri picked up the scent also; her ears turned in the direction of the being before her head did trying to pick up some noise. When she only heard faint movement she set off. Quickly dashing through the forest of her home towards the being, silently sliding in to a bush nearby to him. Her body lowered as she slowly moved it’s branches to the side as she peered out observing the other being.

The first thing she noticed was the fact it wasn’t human; the scent had told her this but seeing it made her lips purse in tension. Her entire body was on the defensive ready to attack at a moments notice. She wasn’t sure if the being was capable of speech so deciding to stake her claim the good old fashioned way she slunk from the bush with a low growl her tails flicking.

Her body kept low to the ground almost animalistic as she moved around to face him still growling. 


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I'm fascinated by the fact that humans and monsters in your AU have different spoken languages. I'm curious how come some know the others language? Not sure if it was mentioned somewhere. Thaaaaanks :)

Ahhhh well that kind of just happened lol. Wove itself through the story I guess.

It sort of came from the idea that Chara is the translator for Frisk. It’s a pretty popular headcanon in the UT fandom. But it got me thinking that yeah, it would make sense that monsters and humans spoke different languages! I mean, humans already speak 8000 different languages on their own. Pair that with monsters that have different jaw types (or no mouths at all) with probably varying capabilities of speech – it made sense to me so I kind of just threw it in with no plan for it ahaha.

Honestly if I rewrote this story, I would probably encorporate more monsters/humans that can speak each others’ language. People who live in the same area tend to pick up what the others are saying. And in some ways the different languages might mirror each other, or pick up and reuse each others’ words.

Anyway! It makes sense for Grillby not to know human language because he was never taught. One of them things no elemental made only for killing humans needs to know. Don’t overcomplicate. We don’t need any elevated levels of compassion here do we?

For Gaster I figured his family always lived near humans. Maybe did trade with nearby towns or something - which was how he learned the language and probably also got a contact for the doctor who taught him later. It also makes it wayyyy easier for him to empathize with humans. He’s seen their good and their bad. He knows they weren’t born cruel.

Thistle I figure learned monster language in her quest for power/knowledge. Anything that’ll give a girl a one-up in a society that says she’s not allowed to fight. So learn how to understand your enemies and use their own stuff against them. Also makes her a bit more intimidating to the humans around her probably. She seems a bit more monstrous and feral, which honestly she would use to her advantage.

Aside from those three, I figure Asgore knows a lot of the language. Amathea probably had bits and pieces she picked up. Thetis probably has limited knowledge in several languages (and still learning). Gravin could probably speak the language but never would, and Umber probably only knew a few phrases.

I dunno, I guess it probably boils down to “who needed to learn?” Ahaha. Like Brigg and Gerson? They probably don’t know diddly-squat about the human language, and probably never care to learn. Humans are just a problem as far as they’re concerned.

A Year Every Minute Pt. 9

A story centered around the lives of Gaster, Sans, and Papyrus from beginning to end. Themes will be both happy and tragic.

Now that the child was capable of speech and some understanding of commands, Dr. Gaster felt it was time to finally teach it bone magic. It had already showed great proficiency with its telekinetic powers, each time after their experiments getting stronger and stronger lifting objects up and tossing them certain distances or using them to perform delicate tasks. The only thing that didn’t seem to change was after extended use it became tired, more tired than you average monster. As of now Gaster was unsure if this was because it was still a young child or something else, but all he could do until it grew older was to make a mental note of it and pay attention to any change.

“Today is a special day, kid.” He said, approaching the toddler as it scrawled on a piece of paper with crayon. “I’m going to take you outside and we’re going to do some new tests, alright?”

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How did Yagarai learn to scout, fight and talk the faraden language? Did she have a teacher?

“Much of all three were inherent to the energy used for my generation.

Negative energy mostly comes from people.  Some other corruptions are capable of speech, but are unthinking.”


Prompt: Bumblebee.

Harry’s never been much of a talker, his slow drawl preventing him from getting much out before he gets distracted anyway but it’s like the very first time he sees her, any words he’d dreamt of saying had been snatched from his throat.

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  • The scorch trials makers: hey lets make the crank into som big time zombies
  • The book: A crank develops numerous tell-tale symptoms soon after being infected by the virus. These can include (but are not limited to): irrational behaviour, mental instability, mood-swings, temperamental anger and irritation, paranoia, aggression and animalistic behaviours (such as becoming cannibalistic). The first symptoms are usually painful headaches and moments of madness, nonsense, and insanity. A Crank is known to be past the "Gone" when he or she loses all sense of rational behaviour and no longer responds to reasoning. Often before this stage, they are still capable of speech and can wield weapons quite managebly, although to some extent of hysteria.The rate at which the virus worsens is dependable upon how much activity is taking place in the victim's brain. An extremely active brain, often triggered by stress, will quicken the rate at which the virus grows.
  • The scorch trials movie makers: hmmm... neeeeh our version is better