Smack Down In The Trenches Of Petersburg- Banter From The Trenches. 

Rebels and Yankees were so close together they could often hurl insults at one another as in Vicksburg and Petersburg…

“Say, Rebs, We hear you got a new general” 

“You don’t know what your talking about, We havn’t got any new general!

“Oh, Yes you have!, General Starvation!”

A Yankee soldier made the mistake of remarking to an unusually bedraggled Reb:

“Say, Reb, hant you got any better clothes than them?

The Reb Immediately retorted, ” What do you think we are? a set of damn fools? 

“Do you think we would put on our good clothes to go out and kill damn dogs?”

This PHOTO: Fredericksburg:

In the early 1980s, researchers uncovered documentary evidence suggesting that this image of Union forces was taken by Andrew J. Russell just before the Second Battle of Fredericksburg in the spring of 1863, not at Petersburg Virginia, as the caption for the image among NARA’s holdings of Brady photographs notes.

The hand written caption on the WRHS copy of the photo (presumably by A. J. Russell the photographer) is “Line of Brooks’ Division at Fredericksburg, May 2, 1863. ..Rebels charged here 20 minutes after the picture was taken but were repulsed and driven back.”


‘You are not going nowhere just because you haven’t arrived at your final destination yet’ - Taylor’s speech before Clean


This time, thanks to his “DO IT!” motivational speech going viral, Hollywood superstar Shia LaBeouf is once again all over the place…

In our music videos…

In Gotham City…

In Berlin during World War II…

Absolutely everywhere you look is Shia Labeouf…

While many are applauding this mass media frenzy…

There are those among us who…

just wish Shia would magically…


Where do YOU stand?

Have you had enough of Shia LaBeouf?


They’re like “Oh Taylor Swift only writes songs about boys and breakups. Be careful dude, she’ll write a song about you…”

anonymous asked:

Any tips on writing characters who occationally speak a language you don't speak?

If you know the language they’re speaking (and your narrator knows) you could do something to the effect of:

Her English melted into German, a quiet muttering as she talked herself through the delicate process of rewiring the circuitry into something that would serve their purpose all the better.

It can be quite a different story when you’re writing a fictional language. It really depends how in-depth you want to go, and whether or not your languages have a name known to the narrator. For one of my works, there’s a period of time where the narrator doesn’t know what language certain characters are speaking in, so I tend to announce it in such ways as:

Whatever language he was using, it wasn’t English. | The sentence descended into something nonsensical… etc

When I’m writing from the perspective of one of my characters who speaks multiple non-human languages, I have gone that whole extra mile of nerdiness and created the languages for him to speak in. He’s pretty fluent in the languages he has a command over, but there is an instance where he’s in an area of his home world which he has never visited before, so his grasp of the language is extremely formal and unusual to the ones who live there.

So I tend to just have him say something in the language he knows best, and write it out. You can see a little example in this drabble-y thing I wrote a short while back if you have the inclination.

Otherwise, please see below for more resources to help you out!


I hope this helps.

- enlee