Don’t get into fish and bettas in particular because you will fall in love and get hooked on them and then pretty soon you’ll want ten fluval spec tanks and your floor will be littered with teeny tiny dropped pellets, you’ll be up to your elbow in duckweed, you’ll have swallowed unknown amounts of aquarium water, your socks will be wet, you’ll have more snails than you know what to do with, you’ll obsess over thermometers, and you will tell yourself that it’s all worth it because holy fuck it really is.

Are you there, God?

I cannot get this gifset created by the lovely crossroadscastiel out of my head.

The shattering of the angel tablet, the most powerful instrument in the history of the Universe, is being directly paralleled to the literal Fall of Dean Winchester.

Dean Winchester - the brother, the hunter, the rebellious vessel of an archangel, the Champion of Humanity - arguably the most powerful human in the history of the Universe.

Dean Winchester, daddy’s blunt little instrument, paralleled against the instrument that holds the power of God. 

Dean Winchester, who is no longer on the side of the angels, whose soul is being dragged back to Hell. 

Castiel: I just know that I have to protect this tablet now.

Dean: From Naomi?

Castiel: Yes. And from you.

Everything Metatron did was to ensure the death of Dean Winchester.
Metatron succeeded, but the tablet was destroyed, stripping him of his borrowed power.

The Righteous Man has fallen in every way imaginable. But can the Righteous Man truly fall? Or, like a phoenix from the ashes, can he be reborn from the strains of his virtue with a power greater than the Universe has ever known?

The angel tablet was used to create a storyteller with a God-like vision.

Perhaps the man truly meant to yield the power of the tablet would have emerged as the true Creator. 

The story isn’t over yet.


Playing Both Sides - Road Trip 9x10

When I talk about the fact that I believe that Crowley’s Endgame may ultimately be to twist the hands of Fate back to fit the original stories inscribed across the destiny of Winchester bloodline, I’m really looking at the evidence of what Crowley has proven he is capable of.

He is a propagandist and a manipulator. He takes what he wants, but he has bloody patience about where and when he gets exactly what it is that he wants. 

Never forget that the King of Hell took a leisurely stroll through Sam Winchester’s head for an indeterminate amount of time.

Now, Crowley knows everything. He knows how Dean thinks and feels and acts through Sam’s eyes. He knows exactly what Sam knows about Dean and how far Dean will go for his obligation to his little brother. Now, Crowley knows how Sam thinks. He knows how Sam’s feels. What Sam wants, what he dreams, what he despises, what he is afraid of. Now, Crowley knows exactly how far Sam will go to give his big brother that light at the end of the tunnel. 

No one knows more about playing both sides than Crowley. It is the ultimate way to pit two enemies against one another and be the last one standing in the end. Perhaps Crowley is simply hoping that the boys will just tear each other apart. But why eradicate them when you can use them? Why sacrifice the veritable key to kingdom?

Sure, Dean’s soul is the one trapped in Hell now - but it’s his own soul trapped in his own personal Hell. He’s not a player can be controlled. But the Boy King? The one who was bred under mark of Hell, the one who can never wash his hands clean of the touch of the Devil? That is power. And his is a soul that can be called to Hell by the siren song of the salvation of a brother. I think it’s a pretty damn good strategy for a demon who wants everything and has waited for thousands of years to obtain it. 

No army on Earth or in Heaven would be a match Crowley’s soldiers, led by the chosen boy with the demon blood at last.

Theoretically, of course.