Note that the first five are the highest points on Earth, while the remaining five are the lowest points on Earth. The lowest points on this list only include areas that are on land - for example, the Marianas Trench would not be included on this list because it is underwater.

Name: location: height/depth

1. Everest: Nepal/Tibet: 29,035 ft

2. Godwin-Austen: Pakistan/China: 28,250 ft

3. Kanchenjunga: India/Nepal: 28,169 ft

4. Lhotse: Nepal/Tibet: 27,940 ft

5. Makalu: Nepal/Tibet: 27,766 ft

6. Dead Sea: Israel/Jordan/Syria: -1400 ft

7. Lake Assal: Djibouti: -508 ft

8. Turpan Depression: China: -505 ft

9. Qattara Depression: Egypt: -436 ft

10. Karagiye Depression: Kazakhstan: -433 ft

anonymous asked:

Wouldn't it be bad for Clarke to return to Arkadia? I feel like Pike would arrest her or something since she is opposed to what happened in episode 4.

That’s what I think Abby is telling her in the promo photos that it’s not safe. Abby is probably worried that Pike will lock Clarke up for being a ‘grounder sympathizer’. He might say “look at her, she is one of them.” I think that Abby hides Clarke in the medical bay and then gets Bellamy. I think she hopes that Clarke will be able to reach Bellamy and reason with him. Kane tried, Abby tried…maybe Clarke can reach him. She might be able to. But, the damage has already been done. Clarke will then slip back out of Arkadia and rendezvous back with Lexa. This might be Abby saying ‘goodbye’ to Clarke as she slips back out of Arkadia:

I think that Lexa will try to renegotiate peace and realize that it wasn’t the entirety of Skaikru that supported this. Lexa knows that there are good people inside Arkadia – like Kane and Abby. Lexa is a peacemaker first and will only choose war as a last option. She sent Anya to negotiate with the Skaikru in season 1 and they attacked first, so she then proceeded to attack them. Lexa has lost so many warriors to the Skaikru, the ones killed in season 3 were not justified:  

Season 1: Lexa sent 300 warriors to kill the Skaikru invaders
Outcome: 300 warriors dead
Season 3: Lexa sent 300 warriors to protect the Skaikru clan
Outcome: 300 warriors dead

The 300 warriors killed in season 1 was justified….”You’re the one who sent them there to kill us”. 

The 300 warriors killed in season 3 were not… “I’ve sent Indra to raise an army from the villages near Arkadia. Your people are protected, as I vowed they would be.” 

However, even though Lexa’s warriors were slaughtered in the middle of the night, I think that Lexa will try to negotiate peace so that no more lives will be lost by going to war. However, if Skaikru wages war, they will no longer be her subjects and she will protect her people. Will this tear Clarke and Lexa apart? I don’t think so. I think Clarke will be like Lincoln in season 1 and realize that what her people did was wrong. But, she will try to persuade Bellamy and the others to not go to war. Clarke loves her people, but she won’t let that love blind her from what is right. That is who Clarke is. I would not be ooc for her to protect the people that are being mistreated or killed for revenge. “Revenge isn’t justice.” She will side with her people that are against Pike and with the Grounders. 

arrakris asked:

Did you see the posts recently that clarke will kiss Bellamy and that she kisses Lexa too but is gone? What are your thoughts

How would people know this for one. There aren’t idiots with screeners anymore to leak stuff. Now if this is ‘true’ are we sure that Clarke doesn’t kiss Bellamy on the cheek like she did in season 2. A very platonic, farewell kiss? But, if there is ‘mouth to mouth’ connection between Bellamy and Clarke…I think….

That the only reason why Clarke will put her mouth on Bellamy’s is if she is performing CPR. But, if it IS a kiss I think that there might be a CoL reasoning. I highly doubt there is any romantic reasonings (at least on Clarke’s end) for why she would be kissing Bellamy. Bellamy might kiss her and she might push him away. She might kiss Bellamy to see if it IS Bellamy or if he is being controlled by ALIE. Idk how this would work though…. maybe Lexa tells Clarke that human connection and contact is needed to ‘draw someone out’ of the City of Light and this was Clarke’s last ditch move to ‘connected’ with him. But, it doesn’t work. Their connection isn’t real. Their connection is like Emori and Otan’s … it is of ‘familial love’ and not ‘romantic love’

However, Lexa and Clarke’s connection IS of romantic love…they have a REAL human connection.

Therefore, if there is a kiss there won’t be any romantic meaning behind it in my opinion. Hell! It might be Bellamy’s dream inside the City of Light to be with Clarke, and they are kissing in Bellamy’s ‘dream’ inside the CoL….but it isn’t actually Clarke. This would be giving ‘bel|larkers’ what they want…but not really. If Clarke kisses him to try to ‘save him’ from the City of Light and it doesn’t, it will just prove that their connection isn’t strong enough.    

I think we all KNOW that Clarke will kiss Lexa and that there is no doubt that the reasoning for that kiss is romantic.