On the “What would be humans’ weird thing” topic

What if it’s this insane need to over optimize? I mean, look at our competitions.  You can run fast enough for any practical purpose with, like, a few months’ training. And most species stop there, like sane people. 

But not humans. Humans are like, “Oh, well, you can cover a mile in 4 minutes and 3 seconds? Well I can do it in 4 minutes and two seconds!”  

Most species figure that, if you don’t drown when you’re thrown in a liquid, that’s what we call a “good swimmer”.  But humans are like “No, you have to swim in this specific way.  And then we’re gonna see who can do it fastest!”

How many millions of dollars have been spent on technology, nutrition, equipment, not to mention hours upon hours of practice, just to shave 1/10 of one second off of a race time?? 

Or they make up rules, and then compete to see who can adhere to them better. “Strap blades on your feet and move across a slippery surface – but do it in this way, in this amount of time: no more, no less!”

We have competitions wherein the top two competitors differ only in their ability to make a single muscle twitch 2% faster than their opponent, or to make this muscle twitch instead of that one.  There is no practical difference between an Olympic weightlifter and any random US Marine… but we keep holding the Olympics anyway. 

And I just think it’s possible the aliens are going to look at that and go… “You do what, now?”

Hey solarpunk community! In light of several posts that have been going around, I was thinking it would be worthwhile to talk about the real, physical things we can do to make this world a more solarpunk place. Because speculation and aesthetics and thinkpieces are awesome, but a movement isn’t a movement without real action behind it. So what are things we can all do to make the present closer to our solarpunk future?

Here are my World Book Day picks in no specific order. Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five should be in here but I think it’s waddled off into the sunset without me:

  • Catherynne M. Valente - The Orphan’s Tales Vol 1: In The Night Garden
  • Robert Heinlein - Stranger In A Strange Land
  • Rainer Maria Rilke - The Sonnets To Orpheus
  • Arundhati Roy - The God of Small Things
  • Karel Čapek - War With the Newts
  • Frank Herbert - Dune
  • George Orwell  - 1984
  • Margaret Atwood - Oryx & Crake
  • Jack London - White Fang
  • Jane Lindskold - Changer

[animated version here]

Next time it counts.

A/N:  Speculative for the Arrowverse crossover and a potential spoiler given by Stephen Amell at Salt Lake City Comic Con (the title).  The remainder below the cut.

Disclaimer:  This is not a spoiler, this is fanfiction.

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Diverse Reading Resources: Goodreads (POC Speculative Fiction)

I love Goodreads. It’s a great way to see what my friends are reading and to keep track of my own reading. It’s also a great way to connect with more diverse fiction.

I’ve collected a few shelves created by Goodreads users to highlight books about POC. This round is focused on speculative fiction because I love speculative fiction.

writing commissions!

Hello! I’m Jordan, 17 (soon to be 18) year old writer. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, always loved to create stories and make things just using my imagination. I have big (slightly unrealistic) dreams of becoming a famous author. For now, I’ll just sell my talents for the coins.

There are a ton of personal and family reasons why I need this money, but mostly I just want some independence and a chance to improve my already (awesome )skills. Even if you can’t afford anything, please spread this around. Let the good people know I’m handing out my writing talent and time for a price!

I Can Do:

Original writing including short and novella length stories. You can either leave the plot and characters up to me or give me your own ideas to run with. Like a ghost-writer who’s getting paid to do the fun stuff.

Poetry/Prose. It can either be your run of the mill, beautiful poetry to ogle at or I can write poems/prose for your muse. I know a lot of roleplayers like to have something that reflects their muse well. A specially made poem or line of prose would do just the trick.

Fanfiction for a wide variety of fandoms extending from the BBC Sherlock universe to the Hunger Games universe. I’m comfortable doing everything from multichapter to one-shots. Just specify what you want!

Editing! Which I know is a big deal for a lot of writers. It can be very hard to critique our own writing, so I’m offering to become your beta reader. I’ll look it over, edit any mistakes and help you fix any character issues/plot holes!


$15 for every 1k. So fifteen bucks will get you a thousands words and thirty will get you 2k and so on with the pricing. I will not charge an extra free if I write over what you paid me for. ( So if I fall in love with your character and lose my mind with the writing and word vomit something up, I won’t make you pay for it. )

For poetry I’m going to be charging $30 per poem as this is one of my strongest areas.

I’m going to have to ask to have the money upfront and you’ll get your product afterwards!

Do not ask me to lower my prices. Writing takes a long time and as much as I love it, it takes a lot out of me. Not only are you paying for my art, but you’re paying for my time too.

FOR EDITING, I charge based on the whole work. $10 for ten pages or less and $25 for anything after that.


I reserve the write to turn down a request. Keep your money if you want to write smut, pedophilia or rape. I will not do it for any price.

You will not claim my writing as your own. If you use my writing in your roleplay or on your page, you must credit it to me.

I will publish the fanfiction/original works onto my writing blog, @monstergiirls when the work is completely done.

If you don’t like the finished product or would like a revision, please send me an IM or an ask. If any revisions can’t be made, you’ll get your money back!


“The question of whether power is bound to corrupt forms a central theme of Naomi Alderman’s fascinating new novel, The Power,” says our reviewer Michael Schaub. 

For the vast majority of recorded history, men have held power over women, treating them as lesser human beings, even objects that can be used or destroyed at will. Alderman’s book asks an intriguing question: What if that power structure were reversed?

Check out his full review here.

– Petra

Solarpunk is just as much a utopic fantasy dependent on invisible Macguffin as the Gleaming Atomic future of the 50′s and 60′s.  It’s fantasy is of 100% efficient, clean solar energy that cures all social ills.  This is as much a fantasy as a matter replicator on star trek or the clean and safe nuclear power of the Jetsons

.  Solarpunk’s defined by what’s missing from it’s sunny, stained glass worlds.   Namely, the means of production, the problems of energy storage, ignorance of class inequalities in access to technology, and the miraculous resolution of all social conflict.

Solarpunk is a ridiculous dream as it is now conceived..  If you’re attached to the aesthetic and don’t want to be disillusioned about your nice sun themed fashion lines don’t read on.  Or you don’t want to listen to a cranky person.

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There’s a reason the house came so cheap. There’s a reason no one’s lived in it for years, that people avoid it like the plague. Do you think nursery rhymes come from nowhere? Do you think children have just thought these songs up, that there is no reasoning behind their chants? Do you still believe the noises you hear is just the house settling?

Ha! Like houses settle! No, houses are breathing creatures, expecting only the best. They wait patiently for curious, little people like you to come and move in, eager for an adventure and never expecting that something dead lies resting. Because, as you know, every house has experienced a death. No house has stood for years and not had a last shuddering breath, a silent exhalation of life. Especially not yours. Especially not after what happened to them, how they were holed up the walls and left to die. 

Oh? You haven’t heard that story. Well, I wouldn’t want to scare you off… Are you sure? It’s kind of gruesome. But, I must admit,  you seem like you’re made of stronger stuff and that silly ghost stories will not shake you. Wait. Did you hear that? Oh, I don’t think it likes when we talk about it. You wouldn’t liked being talked about either, not after you went through the experience of suffocating in between plaster and insulation, breath captured on wallpaper. You wouldn’t be very friendly if you could barely just hear people, see them through the drywall, but knowing you could never get out. 

That room? Oh, yes. That’s where they say it happened. Yeah, they probably took the peeled back the wallpaper, took the paneling right off and stuffed them in. Can you imagine how claustrophobic that would be? Just you and the wall, you and the bugs crawling through you. Hey! Maybe you can try to get in that space! No, no, it’s safe I’m sure. Here, let me help you. Cozy? Good.



below, manila chants; (undergraduate thesis for ba creative writing)

“I know what I meant the first time,” she insists, except—she can’t explain it, not yet, not in words that would clearly articulate the tugging in her gut, the feeling snapping vaguely at her feet. Not in words that won’t signify “crazy”—a kindergarten narrative of imaginary friends that had been adorable until it lasted years too long. She wants it to be unlike her, the grasping, but it is familiar, like the silent grind of gears beneath her humdrum life has once again started. Guia is cast and recast as the girl for whom the ground beneath has opened, and twigs have not yet reached down to help her out.

Where lies the strangling fruit that came from the hand of the sinner I shall bring forth the seeds of the dead to share with the worms that gather in the darkness and surround the world with the power of their lives while from the dimlit halls of other places forms that never were and never could be writhe for the impatience of the few who never saw what could have been. In the black water with the sun shining at midnight, those fruit shall come ripe and in the darkness of that which is golden shall split open to reveal the revelation of the fatal softness in the earth. The shadows of the abyss are like the petals of a monstrous flower that shall blossom within the skull and expand the mind beyond what any man can bear, but whether it decays under the earth or above on green fields, or out to sea or in the very air, all shall come to revelation, and to revel, in the knowledge of the strangling fruit—and the hand of the sinner shall rejoice, for there is no sin in shadow or in light that the seeds of the dead cannot forgive. And there shall be in the planting in the shadows a grace and a mercy from which shall blossom dark flowers, and their teeth shall devour and sustain and herald the passing of an age. That which dies shall still know life in death for all that decays is not forgotten and reanimated it shall walk the world in the bliss of not-knowing.
And then there shall be a fire that knows the naming of you, and in the presence of the strangling fruit, its dark flame shall acquire every part of you that remains.
—  from Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer