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Here are my World Book Day picks in no specific order. Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five should be in here but I think it’s waddled off into the sunset without me:

  • Catherynne M. Valente - The Orphan’s Tales Vol 1: In The Night Garden
  • Robert Heinlein - Stranger In A Strange Land
  • Rainer Maria Rilke - The Sonnets To Orpheus
  • Arundhati Roy - The God of Small Things
  • Karel Čapek - War With the Newts
  • Frank Herbert - Dune
  • George Orwell  - 1984
  • Margaret Atwood - Oryx & Crake
  • Jack London - White Fang
  • Jane Lindskold - Changer

[animated version here]

What truly captivated and inspired me as a then young artist was the unique, beautiful and otherworldly aesthetic that was established in the star wars universe. The costume and creature designs still to this day inspire me. Some of contributing artists being my absolute idols, so I was happy to see some of that being brought into the newest installment. Starting off with the cute little porgs.


“The question of whether power is bound to corrupt forms a central theme of Naomi Alderman’s fascinating new novel, The Power,” says our reviewer Michael Schaub. 

For the vast majority of recorded history, men have held power over women, treating them as lesser human beings, even objects that can be used or destroyed at will. Alderman’s book asks an intriguing question: What if that power structure were reversed?

Check out his full review here.

– Petra


Images I found online some time in the early 2000′s by an artist identified only as TATRO. These surreal 3D creations, described by the artist as Multireplicants, very closely approach my ideal of feral self-replicating nanotech organisms or other such forms of post-Singularity “synthetic wildlife.”

Please welcome... caffeinewitchcraft!

Short Profile:
Preferred Nickname: Caffeine, Catelyn
Country/Region: Chicago, IL, USA
Languages: English
Preferred Writing Type: Prose, short story and long fiction
Preferred Genre(s) to Write: Speculative Fiction, Horror, Fantasy
Preferred Genre(s) to Read: Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror
Favorite Book(s) and Author(s): George Saunders, Dorothy Allison, Neil Gaiman, Junot Diaz, Peter Straub, Patricia Briggs, and more!
Favorite Music Genre(s)/Artists(s): Alt/indie/elctro swing/anything fast
Favorite Fandom(s):
   Movies: Practical Magic, The Princess Bride, The Awakening
   TV Shows: Ghost Adventures, Master Chef, HGTV
   Anime: FairyTail
   Comics: Deadpool, Hawkeye (Matt Fraction and David Aja)
   Video Games: Archeage, Halo
Hobbies/interests other than writing: Reading, skiing, hiking, drinking

Extended Profile:
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
—Does it match your personality? I have four siblings that are also Aquarius. I’m not entirely sure who embodies it better.
—Does it match your personality well? For the most part. i tend to be more emotionally based with quick flashes on and off. I’m work focused and driven, often going for days without hanging out with friends so…idk.
Introvert or Extrovert? Both. I need a recharging period that is equivalent to the social period.

Writing Habits
Number/Names of WIPs: Many. Copious. Other writers and I should form a support group about the copulating WIPs.
Favorite book about writing: Writing with Power by Peter Elbow
Planner, Pantser or Plantser? Oh you kids and your new slang. What? I plan my professional life but writing is whenever and wherever I can.
Favorite Outlining Method: Write for two hours with no outline and try to stitch it together for the next six.
Do you write on a schedule or sporadically? I write two- three hours a day wherever I have space.
Any creativity rituals that you use: Caffeine, preferably coffee black. Maybe a little raw sugar if I’m not eating something with it.

Your Writing Community
Tumblr:  @caffeinewitchcraft
Current writing/creative communities you participate in: My blog Caffeine Challenges when I have time for them.
NaNoWriMo Community Name (if applicable):
Wattpad Community Name (if applicable):
fanfiction.net or AO3 Community Name (if applicable):
DeviantArt Community Name (if applicable):
Patreon Community Name (if applicable):

The longer the tail the more virile the male. The long dramatic tail of the male Emerald Prawn is a physiological marker to females of a males prowess, health and virility. Months prior to mating season, males will begin to seek out large expanses of feeding territory, to engorged, store fats and grow segments of their tails. The more dominant the male the larger the feeding territory, the larger the tail and chances of mating.

His long tail will be offered as a gift to his mate once copulation is complete. Females are entombed within tree hollows, where she will lay and rear her young. They will exclusively feed upon the tail offering.

The male will act as guard, protecting the tree from predators. Once matured, His large jaws will break the sealed tree hole, releasing his captive family. They will separate from that point.

Picking a suitable male is a serious matter. Juvenile males have been known to abandon their mates, resulting in the death of his mate and young.

The REAL story of “I am Legend”

This video is The Last Man on Earth starring Vincent Price.  This is the only faithful film adaptation of Richard Matheson’s I am legend.

 Most people don’t know it but “I am legend” was not about zombies or mutants.   The Creatures were old school, traditional vampires.  Warded by symbols of faith and garlic.  And killed via stake through the heart.   The hero learns (at the end) that he had been killing the intelligent race that had replaced humans.  Killing them when they are most vulnerable (in their daytime sleep).  He had become their boogie man. 

That’s where the line “I am legend” comes from, the moment he realized he was the monster in a world of vampires… 

The twist, the meaning, these things have been so distorted that no one would recognize a faithful adaptation of “I am Legend” today, they’d think it’s a stupid vampire knock off version or something ot that effect.  I wish someone was brave enough to try a faithful version again…

anonymous asked:

You think what clarke's said about young women to have children is foreshadowing Bellarke babies?

I think having children is of utmost importance in keeping humanity alive. Therefore, it is an issue in the apocalypse. And they are acknowledging that. This is not shipping. This is necessity.

I think we’re focused on fighting and surviving, so think that’s not something for this show, but one of the major themes is about how life should be about more than just survival. 

Parenting is a HUGE thing on this show. The generations. Raising kids. You just don’t get this many parental relationships on most shows, certainly not action shows where it’s all about fighting and survival.

I think trigedasleng gives us some hints about intention for this world and one of those hints is the word “fyucha” –FUTURE– for babies. 

I think that both Bellamy and Clarke have shown parental instincts with kids and their people. 

I think it’s less about foreshadowing of bellarke babies and more about a reminder of what their intentions are. Survival of humanity. Not just fighting, but procreating. Also, living. Having something to fight for. 

I said it before about the symbolic possibility of Clarke or Octavia, particularly, becoming pregnant and having a child. It fits with the symbolism and it also fits with the genre. Think Children of Men. Post apocalyptic science fiction absolutely addresses having children. It is PART of the genre. Maybe it’s not what most of the fandom is used to, as fans of teen CW soaps, which no. We don’t want to see teens having babies in those worlds. But it is part of this genre.

People got really angry at me the past few times I mentioned the possibility of Clarke or Octavia getting pregnant. They probably didn’t even realize how insulting their ideas about motherhood, pregnancy, single mothers and struggle were to a struggling single mother (that would be me) but they were. I apparently offended them with the concept that their badass feminist faves could possibly be lowered to the dehumanizing depths of having to have a child.

Which frankly, I found offensive myself. Mothers aren’t lesser beings and becoming a mother is not some horror that is inflicted upon our heroes to take their power away and make them suffer. That’s not a feminist perspective, kids. That’s misogyny. 

Diverse Reading Resources: Goodreads (POC Speculative Fiction)

I love Goodreads. It’s a great way to see what my friends are reading and to keep track of my own reading. It’s also a great way to connect with more diverse fiction.

I’ve collected a few shelves created by Goodreads users to highlight books about POC. This round is focused on speculative fiction because I love speculative fiction.

Long Theory: The “Evolution” of Gems

Alright, folks. I know I haven’t been as active as I’ve promised. Truth is, especially since Steven Universe has become so monstrously popular, it’s hard to hold up a blog devoted to pushing theories that I haven’t seen anywhere else, since I tend to see most decent theories everywhere at this point. Perhaps it’s time for a rethinking of that premise, but I still don’t think my work would be anything other than redundant if all I ever did was parrot and repost already-popular theories. That, and tumblr’s frequent technical errors and hurtles on my end, can be very disheartening.

That said, today I have something a little out of the ordinary for you all. Rather than a “theory” in the strictest sense– taking an educated guess at the intentions of the showrunners– this is going to be a bit of a diversion into self-indulgent territory, to inspire me to at least contribute something after all these months.

I’ve always been very fond of science fiction, especially the creative field of speculative biology– the hypothesizing of organisms as they might exist in ecosystems alternate to our own. As such, I’ve decided to write a speculative look at the Gem Homeworld, and a sort of hypothetical natural history of how a group of entities like Gems could arise in our own universe.

If that’s not what you’re here for, then keep on scrolling. If that sounds interesting to you, though, please enjoy.

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