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The Board Game

So – preface: today Dan did a liveshow. In said liveshow, he very quickly showed off a display of board games him and Phil owned. Alright, now that we have that out of the way, here is a post about what I’m about to discuss: x 

I’m here to share my thoughts on this whole ordeal.
So the game rules pretty clearly state that completely platonic bros (such as Dan and Phil) can play. HOWEVER, what kind of platonic bros would play this? The questions delve pretty deep into sex lives, family lives, etc. It’s more realistic for lovers (such as Dan and Phil) to play this. I did some extra research on the game (aka googling pretty basic things), and found this: “ Once every couples has answered a ‘Starter’ card, they move onto the even more awkward questions in the ‘Main Course’ deck, before finishing on the painfully-awkward questions in the ‘Dessert’ deck.

This means that after they complete the basic questions, they move onto intimate things. It’s like Round 2. Again, what kind of platonic bros would play this? Sure, they could play this and play as if they were dating (as the rules state is an option), but it’s still????? just???? It’s unrealistic they play this as bros. (sorry for constantly saying platonic bros i just find it hilarious) There’s questions about kissing, arousal, orgasms, etc. It’s awkward. I know I’d feel weird playing this with my best friend. 

ALL of the headlines about this game on Google are about the “awkwardness of reliving these God-awful memories as partners” – I mean this is saying something, right?

My personal (and a little biased bc im a demon) opinion is: this is valid phan proof. Also: if you have things to support my opinion/counter arguments you can leave me an ask and we can all formally discuss this occurance!

i’ve got this suspicion that oingo and boingo don’t really understand stands at all

i mean, bad guys rarely show their stands to other people. and oingo and boingo both have bound stands, which aren’t super common

like. what if they just assumed all stands took the form of everyday objects or body parts bc there’s no evidence to the contrary

neither of them ever see a punchghost in canon. never. imagine how you would react to seeing a punchghost in real life and then multiply that by oingo’s general overdramaticness. imagine

Dekuuna, the Elcor and the Rocket Equation

Dekuuna, the elcor homeworld, is notable among other things for its high surface gravity. At 4g and a radius of 10,387 Km, this implies a mass of around 10.5 Earth masses.

This is interesting for several reasons…

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LIGO’s black holes probably did not come from one star

“The best thing I can say about this idea is that it falls into the category of “not automatically impossible.” The tough thing about it is that even for the most rapid rotators, the stars themselves are still highly non-relativistic, meaning they spin at velocities well below (significantly less than 10%) the speed of light, while the inspiraling black holes were moving at speeds very close to (about 60%) the speed of light.”

Ever since LIGO first announced the direct detection of gravitational waves from two merging black holes, the physics and astronomy community has been struggling to understand an unexpected phenomenon that appears to have come along with it: a short-period gamma ray burst. Arriving just 0.4 seconds after the gravitational waves did, the Fermi satellite’s detection doesn’t line up with models of black hole mergers. It’s thought that short-period GRBs originate from neutron star-neutron star mergers, and so seeing this has led to speculation of new physics, including from Avi Loeb at Harvard that perhaps LIGO’s twin black holes came from inside the same star. However, this explanation is exceedingly unlikely, and there are a number of astrophysical explanations that don’t require new physics like Loeb’s explanation would. Go get the whole — mostly critical — story of why LIGO’s black holes probably didn’t come from the same star!

darling, you know

“There’s one thing I need to know,” he says. “If you could go back to Camelot, back to where all of this started–” He swallows hard, and looks at her, brows drawn together and eyes soft. “Would you have let me go?”

She opens her mouth, and closes it again. She thinks of the blood pooling under her knees in the field of Middlemist flowers, and how the blood at his throat bubbled with each of his gasping breaths. How he’d begged her to let him go. She thinks of the fight in the middle of the same field, with the dagger held between them, and the air full of tension and betrayal and apologies. Thinks of the way the dagger sank into his chest as he collapsed into her arms, and she fell to the ground, and the ache in her chest because they’d had so little time.

“I don’t know,” she whispers.

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So, I just realized–

  • Shishio’s eyes are green,
  • Suzume’s eyes are cyan, and
  • Mamura’s eyes are red.

Y'know, like the colors of light. Meaning that–

  • Shizume is green + cyan, which just equals cyan, or Suzume by herself, while
  • Mazume is cyan + red, which equals white, as in a pure and whole love. 

I don’t know, I just think that’s really kinda interesting. 



What would it look like if the moon were replaced with other planets in our solar system?


How to Time Travel by Minute Physics