Of course Tavros would be the one to show up with what looks like a tremendous army hanging at his back. I mean, it’s in his blood… or ancestral slime. Whose Ancestor of all the Alternian trolls whipped up and led the most fearsome army of mixed trolls and beasts in Alternian history? A rebel army which managed to force the Condesce to enact policy to send all adult trolls off-world?

It wasn’t Kankri “Troll Jegus” Vantas. It wasn’t Aranea “Mindfang” Serket, though her band of pirates does pose a threat.

No we’re talking the Summoner, who led the cavalreapers in open rebellion, commanding an army of beasts to his side. That’s what kind of legacy Tavros is (possibly) about to live up to by showing up with an army of ghosts at his back. That’s just my thoughts, though.


So last week I did a little plot digging about Liam and the way he had been acting in the premiere. This week, I want to focus on Hayden. For anyone who might not know who she is, Hayden Romero (played by Victoria Moroles) is Liam’s potential love interest this season.

So in Dreamcatchers, Hayden is talking to Tracy at one point, trying to get her to leave the classroom since the fire alarm has been pulled. Tracy grabs Hayden’s arm and digs her claws in, drawing blood and possibly even fracturing Hayden’s wrist with her grip.

After the situation is in a way taken care of, Hayden assures Liam that she can make it to the nurse. Only, she instead goes to the bathroom and starts washing off the blood. When the blood is gone, so is the wound and her wrist seems fully functional.

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so used to random people just healing at this point. In the words of Danny, “Dude, it’s Beacon Hills.” However, what I can’t get past is the fact that she wasn’t paralyzed. At all.

Later in the episode it’s revealed that Tracy was a kanima, *cough* Jackson and throughout the episode we see her using her venom literally every time she strikes a victim. So the question is, why wasn’t Hayden affected by Tracy’s claws?

If I remember correctly, the claws of a kanima will always paralyze the victim, whether or not it is intended. It’s something that can’t be turned off or avoided. So I’m wondering if it had something to do with the Doctors affect on Tracy, or is Hayden something we haven’t seen yet? And if so, what exactly is she and why did she seem confused about her ability to heal?

I’m cautiously excited to see where this goes because you know continuity sucks in this show so yeah.

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i feel like people wanting past issues (eg @louis' tweets) to be addressed or 'fixed' is part of wanting a complete cohesive narrative; they want everything to be played out and resolved, for the catharsis and the appeal of a finished story arc. but the people in charge of the CO process could not care less about your neat little plotline. they will do exactly as much or as little as they need to to get the job done and protect the people and the business that it's their job to take care of.

One thing that I have absolutely learned from being here is that if you work in pr and you want to sell the public something, narrative cohesiveness is far down the list of priorities. Some people will notice, sure, but what matters is what most buy.

“but the people in charge of the CO process could not care less about your neat little plotline. they will do exactly as much or as little as they need to to get the job done and protect the people and the business that it’s their job to take care of.”

^^^^^ Yes, completely yes.

rogueziam asked:

[1/2]Hey! So no one can argue that Liam & Zayn both have been rather busy on social media lately. (for the record: In the past 5 days Liam has posted 13 times on instagram, 15 on twitter. Most posts have been on both Twitter & IG, but that only serves to grab more attention, I'd say.) It started as Universal/No Homo Promo. fyeahanon said that Liam's activity is probably due to his falling Starmeter status, & it's known that Management ups the hetero levels just before touring, so it was expected

[2/2] But even still, Liam has been putting himself out there a LOT. Zayn’s Twitter has been consistently odd. There was a month break from 3/18-4/17, excess tweeting on 5 occasions that averaged 5 days apart EACH occasion & ended on 5/6 when the Z/L/NB stunt went down. A month break occurred between 5/6-6/10. We’ve gotten pretty regular activity for almost a month now. It’s all rather predictable when you look into it. What IS odd is Z’s recent Ziam activity along with Liam’s heavy Shade. [3/3] All I’m saying is that OTRA starts back up July 9, and July 10 is Perrie’s birthday. Cannes-anon pointed out the heavy Ziam media coverage as of yet. Will we get a shitstorm of Zerrie for Perrie’s birthday only for ANOTHER month of quiet Twitter!Zayn? Will we get a wave of Discontent!Zerrie with the start of OTRA NA just in time for Zayn to miss 1D? When will this Wattpad fic update? lmao. (sorry for that bit of rambling, I just had to lay it out organize my thoughts). Thoughts? (:

Hi there babe.  No need to apologize.  I like that you hit the blogs and did your research before you came to me with this ask.  Especially the Twitter/Insta activity—damn impressive.  I feel that I have nothing to add and I am the one being schooled.  LOL.  I love it.

My best guess mostly piggybacks on cannes-anon​’s argument that the new team (I assume Azoff MSGE) has begun to show more of their hand now that the boys are in the US, which entails that 1) they are emphasizing the 1D brand instead of the 1/5 vs. 4/5 narrative that M!M has run; and that 2) they have reclaimed the sad!Liam narrative.  See her arguments here, here, herehere and here.

I still argue that Ziam will play a major role in the next few weeks.  My original argument that the stunt’s basic narrative runs two parallel subplots remains the same:

Zouis/Zaughty: In this version, Naughty Boy steals Zayn away from the boys and fights ensue.  This subplot is defined primarily by antagonism.  Notice that all three Twitter smackdowns (Naughty vs. Louis, Zaughty vs. Louis, and Naughty Boy vs. MIC Righteous) came from this storyline.  Notice also that after The Late Late Show, when Louis said he and Zayn “worked it out” and were fine, Louis’ role in the stunt diminished.

Ziam/Zerrie: In this version, Perrie steals Zayn away from the boys and sadness ensues.  This subplot is defined primarily by affection.  Notice that although both Gutted!Liam and HotMess!Louis were seeded heavily for a major role in the stunt very early on, Liam did not play a prominent role until after the BBMAs: when Little Mix’s, and therefore Zerrie’s, promo season with “Black Magic” began.

The Zouis/Zaughty narrative sets up the drama by establishing Zayn’s distance from the boys personally (Twitter fights) and professionally (song leaks).  The Ziam/Zerrie narrative will likely wrap up the stunt: who better than Liam, the band spokesman, to reaffirm the 1D brand?  Who better than Liam, who was the most hurt by Zayn’s “departure,” to bring Zayn back into the fold?  Who better than Zayn’s boyfriend true fiancé best friend to repair the broken bonds of friendship?

That being said, I think the signs are there that Liam will play a major role soon, much of which you have already detailed:

  • Heavy social media activity from Zayn and Liam, indicating they are supposed to be looked at
  • Zayn’s shady tweets, which some believe are low-key expressions of regret and others a possible reference to the Zaughty collaboration
  • M!M media aggressively pushing the “OT4 is not cool enough for Glastonbury” stories; read: trying to keep the boys in the headlines + OTRA promo
  • M!M media aggressively pushing no homo promo, especially for Zayn and Liam, indicating that they might be linked soon and M!M is still trying to pray away the gay + more OTRA promo
  • Azoff media aggressively pushing the sad!Liam and “we miss Zayn” narratives, e.g. the “100 days since Zayn left” timeline, indicating Zayn and Liam might stunt soon
  • Zayn and Liam hardcore shading the closet while they are on their social media rounds, indicating they might be up for more stunts and beard bullshit soon
  • Little Mix’s single formally dropping on July 10, Perrie’s birthday and one day after OTRA North America starts; read: Zerrie bullshit ahead

I do expect bullshit stunts and drama to unfold soon.  In my ideal world it will involve a triumphant Zerrie breakup and Ziam will make everything better.  But we have to see.  Sigh.

And since we are all waiting on this Wattpad fanfic to update, I still think the reunion should be Vegas 2.0.  I know you astroturf our shit so get on that, Azoff.  LOL

Misha and Mark will return for S11!

I keep seeing this debate go back and forth on my dash so I did some digging:

“Co-executive producer Jim Michaels informed fans that the CW drama will not announce series regulars ahead of the premiere, but that should not throw up warning signs for viewers.

“No such thing as that type of announcement,” Michaels tweeted on Sunday. “I can assure you that @mishacollins & @Mark_Sheppard will be in S11!”



Until this moment, Kirsten Clark had never truly realized how wonderful fireworks could be. She looked to her right at the man sitting on the blanket beside her. He smiled faintly up at the shower of sparks overhead, dark hair tousled in the late evening breeze, eyes bright with child-like excitement. The grass was thick with dew under their toes, tickling them lightly as one after another, bursts of light gave way to gentle streams of stardust. Together they gazed up at the sky as explosions of color and light punctured the smokey sky.

His hand brushed hers, causing the hairs on the back of her hand to bristle. It had been a long time since she had felt like this, like she could fly. She turned her palm to meet his as a shower of golden sparks exploded into life. The fireworks singed the air with a humming electricity, a contagious electricity. Kirsten breathed it in as she stroked the lines of the palm pressed against hers.

“Doing alright, Firecracker?” He cooed in her ear, head lazily propped on her shoulder. She stiffened momentarily, recoiling at the nickname. It felt forced and unnatural coming from his mouth, and she briefly imagined—no. Thought immediately discarded, she relaxed again, rubbing warmth into his palm, watching the explosions in the sky.

“Yeah.” She paused, looking over at him. “I think I’m doing fine.” They watched the fireworks in silence, fingers intertwined and heads leaning on each other. The sky lit up with dozens of fireworks at once, blotting out the night. People began cheering, gathering their belongings and rushing towards the parking lot to beat the rush. “Over already?” Kiersten watched him stand and playfully tug at the blanket she was still seated on.

“Looks like.” He teased, swooping down to steal a quick kiss. Kirsten looked surprised. She stood up and swatted him with her end of the picnic blanket. They dissolved into a fit of laughter, chasing each other around the cool grass with a dew-dampened blanket.

Cameron watched her with a wistful smile, before turning and walking back to his car, leaving her with Liam to continue their playful chase.

Until this moment, Cameron Goodkin had never truly realized how painful fireworks could be.

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Hey Irina, how do you think Harry and Louis are going to co? I don't think they will do it during an interview or something like that. Sorry if this is a dumb question

Hi, nonnie. It’s not a dumb question, it’s just difficult to say because there’re too many options and we don’t know which one they’re going to go for. My fave headcanon has always been a subtle thing via social media (uploading a cute pic to IG would be lovely) followed by an official announcement/interview in an important magazine (probably People).

They just got done writing “Girl Meets Forgiveness”, which besides “Girl Meets Normal” and “Yearbook”, is the episode I am most looking forward too. Not just to see Sabrina Carpenter and Cheryl (Katy) kill those scenes, but to hopefully see Maya get the closure she truly deserves? How will her friends support her? Will we see a confrontation between Kermit  and Cory/Shawn? And, who will they have to play Maya’s father?

So many scenarios, speculation….I can not wait!

Like to hear from you, what do you want out of “girl meets forgiveness”?

Pls: I hope one day, we get a glimpse into Lucas home life. I feel like and speculated for a while that he is coming from a broken home ala Maya. But, he puts up this façade and plays it off in front of everyone.

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People got such a bad image from Louis because of the homophobic tweets that everyone feels threatened by him now. Everyone accept Harry with EVERYONE but Louis. Haven't they fucked up a little too much with their image? Doesn't it make their CO a lot more difficult to be accepted? Wouldn't it be time for them to make Louis look less "party-lad-bro-hetero" and more "I-support-gay-rights-because-I-am-one"?

‘Has your management fucked you over?’ The old team left quite the mess for the new team to clean up. But from what I’ve seen the new team is doing an outstanding job changing the temperature of the water.

Yes, we’ve been talking about how complicated and delicate this process is all year, anon. We are now very far away from ‘Harry and Louis couldn’t come out until years and years after 1D is over because they’ve been closeted so harshly’. And they have since then done a lot of incremental steps–Louis and Harry interacting more in public, spending more time together in cities instead of being placed far apart from each other, interacting with people associated with the other person. Rainbow and larry signs becoming more prevalent at concerts, the other indirect of Liam awwing over the AIMH tweet. And a shit ton of other stuff that I’m sure I’m forgetting.

It’s really all right there if you look.

I just watched The Sword in the Stone (Disney’s animated flirtation with Arthurian legend) to see if it would have any connection to Season 5 of OUaT. Even though I would happily judge this movie THE WORST Disney animation ever made, I still managed to get a couple of things out of it:

  • Merlin acts as young Arthur’s guide. I wonder if we will see him act as Emma’s guide
  • In SitS, Merlin can see the future – He regularly travels into the 20th century and knows of all sorts of things that are going to happen. Will OUaT’s Merlin have this ability? Has he been interested in Emma all along? I’m wondering if Emma’s destiny is somehow ‘bigger’ than we’ve been led to believe.
  • Don’t think for a moment that magic will solve all your problems
  •  “Knowledge and wisdom are the real power”
  • “Use your head – outsmart a more powerful foe”
  • M: “Love is a powerful thing.” A:“Greater than Gravity?”
  • Merlin is referred to as “the world’s most powerful wizard”.
  • In SitS, Merlin never touches black magic and only uses his own magic for education purposes
  •  Animal transformations (WTF - don’t go there Once. except for dragons)
  • Madam Mim is Merlin’s mortal enemy. Madam Mim = Rumple perhaps?

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Bradley said Rita is in the last 4 episodes so I think Rita is the one who gets sick and Callie will be sad and I hope she goes to the moms for comfort !

Yep, Rita’s getting sick. For 4 eps, it better have a really tragic ending. I think lots of things will be happening in that finale.


speculation is, once again, far and wide about shinee’s comeback concept, especially with the release of their first set of teaser images. one particular (interesting) bit of speculation was put together by onewlove_89 which speculates that each teaser image “represents” something that most consider to be odd or unique. onew = peter pan syndrome (which is a pop psychology concept of an adult male who is immature / the moon in the background could be symbolizing the full moon that peter pan often meets while flying from the human world back to neverland in the story), key = clown (he’s obviously holding a clown mask in his hand in his teaser and you can also see him covering his face with “said” mask), jonghyun = odd eye (which is a term used to describe cats with a feline form of heterocronia; you can read jonghyun flat out mentioning “odd eye” in a translation from a blue night broadcast a few months back here), minho = wolf boy / werewolf (the lunar effect plays a great deal in a werewolf’s change from their human to wolf form in popular culture, especially the full moon and there’s obviously a moon at minho’s side in his teaser), taemin = merman (his “mermaid” hair and his tidbits in the first “odd” odd teaser focus on him swimming.) as said: this is purely speculation but it’s fun and shawols are doing it once again (and will continue to do so over the next few days surely) so there’s no harm in sharing! (source: sullaem)(source: bysagyehan)

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Just to add to the discussion, I'm a relatively new fan and wasn't interested in 1d when the bs tweets happened and I don't think I ever even heard about them. The general public doesn't remember those tweets and most likely never even knew they happened.

Yeah, several things going on here: coming out aimed at the general public and coming out based on the existing fanbase. Different things going on for both populations. Some of the general public is going to become new fans, some of the existing fanbase will cease to be fans. But I think the existing fanbase has a short memory span as well (hell I’ve seen it).

Very excited about The Darkness, because this is my theory:

It’s Chaos.

In Paradise Lost (which the writers seem to base a lot of their biblical characters off of i.e. Lucifer, God, Uriel, Gabriel, Abdiel = Cas?, Michael), Lucifer has to essentially swim through this non-space space that is Chaos’s realm and therefore referred to as Chaos. It’s essentially this evil, dark-matter-esque aether, and it kind of cushions the proverbial space between Hell and Earth. Even the Morningstar is really hesitant about having to swim through it.

I think that that is what Carver is getting at with The Darkness. Which, to me, is really exciting… In Paradise Lost, Chaos is personified as the King of his Realm, so maybe we’re going to see a really big player in the Fall? Someone to whom MOTW and witches like Rowena are literally nothing. 

Among the myriad other things that went wrong in the fight against Sharkface was that Epsilon didn’t seem to realize how bad off he was. “That’s a lot for me to handle” does not exactly express “I’m actually going to crash if I try to do that, so I can’t,” and Epsilon seems genuinely confused and concerned when Delta and Theta glitch out.

It appears that Epsilon really thought he could do it if he worked hard enough. And while this is the story of the Churches again and again, this time around it also seemed like Epsilon wasn’t even getting warning signals that he was falling apart at the seams.

I think the problem is that, in essence, Epsilon wasn’t being himself.

The way Epsilon compartmentalizes his personalities, he puts so much processor power or conscious thought (or however you want to conceptualize it) into being “Church” that all of the other personality emulations basically get grunt calculation tasks: Theta does physics stuff, Delta does prioritizing and probabilities, Gamma keeps track of time, Eta and Iota do…hacky things?…and Sigma and Omega stay out of sight.

Furthermore, he only brings up these other personalities when he needs them…even when they might have important things to say, like “It’s too much!”

It wasn’t always this way. When we first met Epsilon outside of flashes and hums, he appeared as Delta to Caboose. He thought Caboose would be most comfortable that way. He also referred to himself as “we.” It wasn’t until Caboose put Epsilon into the Monitor that Epsilon decided to unify under the “Alpha Church” personality. And once he did that…maybe he only did it more and more, until he forgot what it was like to be Epsilon.

When we see Epsilon now, he’s trying to be the Church personality over and above giving conscious consideration to his other personalities as parts of himself. They’re just tools, apps he pulls out when he needs calculations done and ignores when he “doesn’t need” them. But he does need them. They’re him.

It’s like he didn’t realize he was hurting because he blocked off the part of himself that feels pain.

I think that part of the healing process for Epsilon will involve becoming more “Epsilon” and less “Church”–perhaps reforming himself into more of a collective in which all parts communicate and are used to their fullest potential, and less an unaware “Church” with apps.

It might be that the “story of how Church died” this season will be the metaphorical “death” of Epsilon’s dedicated presentation as Church. A healthier, less-failing Epsilon in the future might appear most of the time as Church, but other times as Delta, or Theta, or even Sigma or Omega, depending on what is most efficient and necessary.

That is, in order to heal, Epsilon may need to remember who he really is, and what it means to be that AI.

Memory may be the key.

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Why do you like looking at how much they are earning? I never understood why or if you liked looking at numbers lol

It never did interest me at first, to be honest. I figured they used $20 bills to sneeze into. I assumed, with their market presence and their global recognition, they were raking in tons of cash. So, I never looked into it. Then I came across their financials when I was looking into 78P, and that was like practically Christmas in April to me. But, I was really surprised at the numbers I saw, because like I said, I thought they were making a lot more. Their 2014 numbers are really interesting, too, because they’re making twice what they made in 2013, largely due to the stadium tour. For me, someone who has been back and forth with the idea of a 5th tour, to see those numbers and how much they’d be missing out on if the didn’t go forward with it really put it into perspective. In 2014, touring accounted for 88.48% of their paychecks, according to Billboard. Their 2016 return, without a tour, then would be 11.52% of what they’re used to bringing in. If they have the option for the tour (which they do), up against those kind of numbers, it’s hard to turn away from. I got caught up in the non-fiscal elements when I was debating the alternatives, but we really can’t just push money to the side and ignore it.

I’m trying to figure out the bigger picture here. If you don’t factor money into it, you’re missing potentially the biggest part of the entire equation. One Direction is a business at the end of the day, and money is what matters most. There’s a lot more, of course, but a lot of it boils down to dollars and cents. It’s boring to most people, but it really is a vital part to understand what’s going on behind the scenes. And this in my line of work, so it is interesting to me.

Also, it’s another really obvious element to how much the boys have been screwed over. As we’ve seen, low cuts for musicians are pretty standard industry practice. But, I personally can’t help but think that - especially for the first couple of albums - the boys were cheated out of a lot of money just because they were so young when they signed up. During negotiations now, with industry experience and perhaps a real power player now (read: Azoff) in their corner, hopefully they’ll be able to carve out a bigger cut because, yes, they earn a lot, but the band as a brand earns a hell of a lot more and they deserve a larger chunk of that. Also, bonus.

Interviewer: You’re now being called the first billionaire boyband for what you’ve earned in 12 months.
(All start talking at once and looking offscreen.)
Louis: We wish.
Liam: We wish that was true. I need to speak with my bank manager just in case.
Harry: If that’s true, we need to have a word with our management.
Louis: Get in! Get in!
Niall: Someone’s telling us lies if that’s true.
Louis: Tell you what. We need a word with our record label if that’s the case.
Liam: And bank managers. Someone’s not telling us something.
Louis: (to interviewer) Is that what it says, yeah?
Niall: (to someone offscreen) You’ve got hidden money belonging to us.
Interviewer: Are you all looking over at your manager or something right now?
Louis: Yeah, who’s ran out of the door with a couple of briefcases. 
Liam: You could be owed tens of thousands of pounds, like one of those adverts. If you’re a boyband and you lost your money -
Louis: Has your management fucked you over?

so i don’t know if anyone is familiar with “the gift of the magi” story but basically it’s about a poor couple deeply in love. the wife treasures her long beautiful hair and the husband’s prized possession is a pocket watch given to him by his father. the wife sells her hair for a pocket watch chain and the husband sells his pocket watch for a set of hair brushes. they both gave up what is most important to them for each other.

if you are wondering where this is going…my friend pointed out that she thinks the season is going to end with a similar situation for dean and cas. dean accepts death’s offer and becomes immortal. meanwhile, cas gives up his grace (his immortality) to save dean and becomes human.

i think it it’s important that cas brought up the fact “everyone you love will be gone…except me”. i truly think that dean will take this into consideration when accepting death’s offer. how truly tragic would it be when dean finds out cas has already given his immortality up for dean.