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All I want in this world is for b/e to break up next season. Any predictions on it could go? I like to imagine things that make me happy. 😂 It’s my feeling that season 6 will be about diving more excruciatingly into how b/c can’t help but long for each other. Bellamy will try to act normal while internally screaming any time Clarke is around her new love interest. Clarke will try to move on but will still feel hurt when she’s around b/e and will distance herself from Bellamy as best she can.

Bellamy and Clarke are the King and Queen of “Bury My Feelings At All Costs And Don’t Deal With Them Until I’m Forced To.” 

They also have a metric shit-ton of unresolved plot strings that directly relate to each other. It also so happens that each and every one of those plot strings has one or more other characters that is more than capable of pulling on it to cause the Maximum Amount of Drama possible. For example, here’s a list of Major Shoes That Have Yet To Drop™ along with the People Who Can Drop Them™:

Bellamy’s poisoning / attempted murder of Octavia (to save Clarke, specifically): Octavia, Bellamy

Echo’s attempted murder of Clarke (in front of her 12-year-old daughter): Madi, Raven, Shaw, Echo, Clarke

The radio calls (yeah, Bellamy knows about them, but that’s not really the most dramatic thing that could come out of this, now is it?): Madi, Bellamy, Clarke

The one thing that all of these elements have in common is that not a single one is common knowledge to all three of the people involved in the love triangle they impact. Essentially, I don’t think Bellamy or Clarke are going to have to actively do a goddamn thing to break B/E up. The damage to that particular relationship is already done. It’s only a matter of time before one or more of these things come to light, and when they do… ooh boy.

Maya/Emiko Queen

What if Kate’s character “Maya” was her undercover name and her real name was Emiko.

Just like with Juliana.. her undercover casting name was Tina and she was really Dinah.

Would it not make more sense for Arrow episode 7x10 to be named “My name is Emiko Queen” after Oliver’s daughter just like Flash episode 5x01 was named “Nora” after Barry’s daughter.

Beth does not give easy reveals months in advance. The assumption with Emiko is that she must be Oliver’s comic half sister from Robert and Shado.

Obviously Shado can’t be her mother now, and there is no necessity for her to be of mixed race. They have already diverted from that story. But what if she is not? When have Arrow writers abided by comic lore?

I say Emiko is Maya - Kate’s character and she is Oliver’s daughter in future 2038. She is the city’s protector and the future Emerald Archer.

The character played by Sea has to be the law enforcement/ARGUS agent hunting vigilantes.. hunting Emiko in the future and that is why William seeks Roy’s help. They need him to help them just like he helped their father.

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I would like to note that I agree with 'aj', but I think Mary may end up choosing to go back to that au world if they're ever able to open another portal. At this point that's a big if, with only one archangel left.

I assume Michael is going to die since they’ve established the vessel can live if the archangel blade is used, which is a way they can kill Michael and Dean lives (although why we’ve forgotten that angels can be excised a la that time Alastair tried to excise Cas is beyond me) so if he dies that will be that. Also, I kind of doubt they brought back fake Charlie and fake Bobby just to send them back to the AU world so I’m not sure why they would open the rift again. I think Mary is here to stay, unfortunately. As much as it pains me to say it. 

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Pink took Pearl’s hands, crossed them one over the other, and said, “Let’s never speak of this again.” After this, Pearl was literally incapable of talking about what she did.

In The Answer, Rose took Garnet’s hands, crossed them one over the other, and told her, “No more questions.”

And now Garnet “can’t” ask questions.


Avengers 4 Theory: Tony Stark Will Wield the Infinity Gauntlet

The power required to use all of the stones at once is so significant that it sends Thanos into this dream state. You’ll notice his arm is damaged post the snap, the gauntlet is damaged post the snap, it’s the incredible energy required from it and only because of his strength is he able to survive actually using the gauntlet in that capacity.” - Joe Russo, Director of Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, & Avengers 4

There’s been two quotes – one from screenwriter Christopher Markus and one from director Joe Russo – emphasizing Thanos required energy and suffered damage to his left arm to use the Infinity Gauntlet. What’s odd is these are two things associated with Tony, which makes me think there’s a likelihood we’ve been getting hints all along Tony will use the gauntlet to reverse what Thanos has done. 

… Maybe it’s been in front of us the whole time:

Tony: “[Howard] was cold, he was calculating. He never told me he loved me. He never even told me he liked me, so it’s a little tough for me to digest when you’re telling me he said the whole future was riding on me and he’s passing it down. I don’t get that.

Howard [to Tony]: “[The New Element] is the key to the future. I’m limited by the technology of my time, but one day you’ll figure this out. And when you do, you will change the world. What is and always will be my greatest creation is you.

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I have this running theory / hope that Mary is gonna bite it this season, specifically because she was so present in 14x01. Feels like the writers are gearing up for a surprise loss arc. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking. (It's not that I hate her, I just really can't get into her character.)

I don’t think Mary is going to die. Mostly because they sort of already had the loss arc last season although she wasn’t dead. Sam and Dean, especially Dean, thought she was dead and we already saw his grief as he worked through that. In fact, I would be surprised if anyone died this season because s13 started out with everyone dead so they’ve kind of already done the grieving, we are alone again arc. It’s too early for me to think about where they are going but right now, I don’t think it’s toward a loss. I used to wonder if they might have Michael kill her while wearing Dean’s face because that would be something so painful for Dean to have to deal with once Michael was gone, but I don’t think that’s very likely anymore. 

I honestly skimmed over this really really clever moment when I first read the manga, but the recent anime episode drew my attention to it. At first glance the first four panels seem like their purpose is to show that it’s late, that Deku and Bakugou are breaking the rules, and that the rest of the class is sound asleep. But that could have easily been achieved with just the bottom panel, when Deku explicitly states that they shouldn’t be outside at this time. Horikoshi didn’t need to draw their classmates sleeping, so why did he? That’s when I realized that the top four panels are showing the people (sans Deku) who went to rescue Bakugou from the League of Villains.

What’s the significance of this?

There is a clear juxtaposition here. Kirishima, Yaoyorozu, Todoroki, and Iida are all shown in their rooms, sleeping unbothered. The scene immediately cuts to Deku following Bakugou to Ground Beta. Bakugou then a.) shares that he knows how Deku received his quirk, b.) challenges him to a fight, and c.) confesses his feelings of guilt and inadequacy regarding All Might’s retirement.

Ground Beta is an important setting for this arc, because it is where Bakugou fought and lost to Deku, subsequently realizing that he is no longer the figurative big fish in a small pond. He brought Deku to a place of insecurity in order to express those insecurities, and there is a reason that he ended up communicating them to Deku and not anyone else. Even those who had a large role in his rescue. 

This visual contrast between Deku (in action, following Bakugou) and the rest of the Bakugou Rescue Squad (inactive, asleep) emphasizes that it does have to be Deku that Bakugou vents his feelings to, at least in that moment. Deku (narrating) says as much:

“Because right now, the only person who can receive Kacchan’s feelings is me.”

White Diamond not using first person pronouns

I know White’s only had a few lines so far, but there’s a detail that feels kind of unsettling.

“You certainly gave everyone a scare. They’re all thrilled to see you safe and sound.”
(Not “You certainly gave us a scare. We’re all thrilled to see you safe and sound.”)

Thank the stars it’s over.” (Not I’m glad it’s over.”)

Everyone is so relieved.” (Not I’m so relieved” or We’re so relieved.”)

She expresses personal feelings and opinions as if they’re not even connected to her in any way, but are simply the collective sentiment and will of “everyone.” It’s like some weird form of royal “we” that completely refuses to acknowledge herself as a discrete entity, even as part of the collective.

There’s a strong “White Diamond, mother of gemkind’ vibe from White’s reveal. While not as big as it has been speculated, she’s definitely bigger than the other Diamonds and more… raw? Primordial? All gems are made of light, but she literally glows. 

I’m definitely leaning towards the idea that the other Diamonds are her personal creations/children, made in her image, with Pink Diamond cast as the wayward youngest babied by WD because of her “condition”. That Pink was ‘defective’ or overcooked like Amethyst is looking more and more like canon :) 

Because when Steven comes into the throne room, White Diamond is almost… doting?

She doesn’t let Steven get a word in edgewise, but she also doesn’t seem to be upset or to place any immediate blame on ‘Pink’ for her actions. Meanwhile YD and BD seem convinced she will be angry with them for believing Pink was dead, as if she considers Pink too young or otherwise unable to to be held accountable for herself. 

And then she sends Steven to what I think was Pink’s room on Homeworld - possibly where Pink stayed when she was newly emerged.  Somewhere safe, and close to White’s side.

If those bubbles/sparkles turn out to be interactive like the clouds in Rose/Pink’s room in the Temple are, I’d be confident in announcing this to be the gem equivalent of a nursery. 

Voltron Speculation- Why Klance is still K.I.C.K-ing

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So if there’s one thing I love to do when watching shows or games or anything in between- it’s finding parallels or things that don’t quite add up. The sudden relationship arc that seems to be developing between Lance and Allura is one of those things. So I started thinking back on previous seasons and interviews.

Let me share what I’ve thought of~

The forced feeling behind Allurance was planned. Hear me out here.

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I don't think Gabriel is really dead- call it wishful thinking, but I see too many opportunities for him to come back and too many easter eggs left for me to think otherwise. For example, every sing angel/archangel who has died so far dies with their eyes closed. This isn't just a coincidence, it's a symbolic artistic gesture to show that when they die, they go into eternal sleep, or the empty- Gabriel died with his eyes open, suggesting to me that he's still awake. Thoughts on this?

You could be on to something, and the reality is that dead is the opposite of dead on this show with almost no exceptions. The only exception so far, in fact, seems to be the one person I want back the most and that’s John. So I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Gabriel came back. 

Chapter 36 Dream Theory

In the first panels of Chapter 36 we see what appears to be a flashback, or at the very least, a manifestation of emotions or events from Sangwoo’s past. A young Sangwoo is shown kicking a soccer ball, before briefly pausing and turning to his mother. The demeanor of his mother is unquestionably odd. Throughout the panels she maintains a consistent posture, slumped downward and in some form of distress.

As Sangwoo witnesses this however, he does not stop to comfort her or come to her aid, instead he continues playing with the soccer ball. This can tell us one of two things. First off, it can show that Sangwoo’s famous apathy (or general uncaring) towards others has been an aspect of his personality since a very young age. Even towards his mother, whom we are shown is very important to him.

Secondly, it can show that his mother being in this state was not uncommon, and that as a child, this distance was his way of coping with it. Learning to turn a blind eye to misery could be one of the aspects responsible for his current attitude towards others and especially Bum.

In his dream, he revisits the sight of his distressed mother as a young adult (or teen?), and this time does the expected thing: he comforts her. He is even shown kissing her hand as he lays in her lap. Now in his later years he yearns for his mother’s presence. This scene could be referencing his possible regret for not doing more to comfort her. It is almost as if, he is expressing his love (or yearning) for what he has lost, and not turning away from it this time.

While comforting his mother, he turns to see her face. To us, it is completely obscured by black. But based on Sangwoo’s reaction, it struck quite a bit of unease as he is shown to be dripping sweat shortly after.

Suddenly an alley forms, trapping Sangwoo and his mother inside of it. It gives off the impression that Sangwoo feels trapped. His mother is blocking the only opening to the alley, so it is assumed that he is trapped by memories of his mother. He will be forced to face them, or else he will never get out.

Upon looking down, Sangwoo finds a knife at his feet, and clenches it in his hand. He then turns to find his mother has morphed into Bum, wearing his original “country whore” clothing, that initially reminded Sangwoo of his mother.

Oddly, Bum is seemingly aroused, stroking Sangwoo and panting. Sangwoo looks saddened, uncomfortable, and uncharacteristically submissive throughout the ordeal. Finally, Bum, who is holding Sangwoo to his abdomen asks, “Sangwoo, is mom disgusting?”

This hints strongly of some sort of possible sexual encounter that happened between Sangwoo and his mother. The fact that Bum, his current sexual partner, morphed into his mother, acting as a clear parallel between the two, asked a question that still hinted he was in his mother’s persona, says a lot. It suggests that an encounter did happen, and the mother knew it was wrong, Hence asking, “Is mom disgusting?”

Furthermore, Sangwoo lowering the knife as he sees Bum juxtaposed with his mother can speak to the idea of Sangwoo’s resistance to kill Bum because of their similarities. He feels not only trapped by his mother, but also by Bum alike. They are almost one in the same in this sense. Although his relationship with Bum is new completely territory, it is frighteningly familiar to him and his past.