Spec Rain Update

ackkkkk working on a Spec Rain update for Nightmare Night and … oh dear lord… It’s obvious I drew each piece on different days… and I’m too lazy to go back and fix it.

But to make up for it, I made a cheaply-done gif!  Woot.

[No, I didn’t make that gif above.  … Just thought it fit here for some reason. :P]

glassesfaceperson star-bright-unicorn You two may freak out when you read what’s below this…

So, Spectrum Rain watchers and fans… if you were with the original blog, you might remember how the last nightmare night went.  … But did you ever wonder what happened during the time Rain blacked out and what caused her to end up in the hospital the next day?


Medical bills, suspicion that my job is never going to call me back in, new room, exactly $0.95 in my checking account… and ANOTHER doctor appointment Wednesday.  I’m a stressed-out mess.  #phuckmailife

I’ll have to put off the grand reopening of Spectrum Rain for obvious reasons but I promise I WILL post art eventually.

Preview of things to come:

And for those wanting a link to something more concrete, here’s a link to where the blog will be.  LINK. CLICK ME.

Send messages, have fun…

I’m still open for commission stuff so if you are interested in funding me to continue living, PLEASE commission me… You choose the price for the art I give!  You are in complete control!



Negative or positive feedback is welcome as long as it is constructive~ :D  I don’t learn anything from the blunt negative comments like ‘don’t like it’ but if you don’t like it and just want me to know for some reason, that’s fine. xD

Yeah, I’m rambling nonsense… kinda random mood today.  ANYWAY, hope you like!

Commissioned for:  starr-bright

This blog is mainly reblog stuff so...

I’m getting a bit more organized and made a few separate blogs to help out those who only came here to ask me art blog related stuff… so here.

ASK THE MOD RANDOM STUFFhttp://askkatterbox.tumblr.com/

(will act like a regular ask blog with lazy pictures but it is strictly me being silly or doing mod stuff)

FAN FICTION (A LOT OF READING)http://kattersfanfic.tumblr.com/

And if you don’t already know about the other ones…

My little pony OC (spectrumrain) bloghttp://spectrumrain.tumblr.com/

Sketch bloghttp://kattersworld.tumblr.com/

You may ask ‘why is she separating blogs like that’

Well, on a personal level, I HATE seeing reblogged stuff on blogs that are meant for interaction between mod and follower.  … and as for the other blogs… it’s mainly a clutter factor.  

…And with the fan fiction blog, I have that sectioned off because

  1. Long text stuff…
  2. NSFW because of gore/blood/possible triggers

That’s all for this update.  Hopefully this will help someone who was wanting to weed out my random spam posts.  Bye for now!


Still no working tablet that I have at my disposal… but here’s the thing…

I can borrow one for about a day.  So that means I’d be able to update once at least… but possibly not again for a while.  (might do this tomorrow if I don’t go to work)

I haven’t made enough money this month to buy myself a tablet… so everyone will have to wait just a bit longer… ;w; -crai-

But I swear I’ll try to think of something… ;w;

… thinking about my options… when I do get a tablet running… What do you think about a pokemon adventure blog?  … like a mystery dungeon type of ask blog with my art style?

Hey, you followers of Spectrum Rain~ :D

Just posting to let everyone know that I was called in to work both tomorrow and the following day.  … I had planned on drawing the update for Spectrum Rain on those days but… lo'n'behol’ my self-claimed deadline has been pushed to today.

Or at least… I need to finish the majority of it today and then finish it on one of the nights I work.  Either is fine.

So, who wants to watch an actual art update livestream today? :3