Photobook Details:
A4 size / ~200 Pages / All color / pictures date from 2012 showcase until 2013 XOXO

no previews yet

DVD Details:
running time TBA

Free Gifts:
Slogan Towel / A1 size poster / A2 size poster / Mouse pad / Post card set

Photobook + DVD set = $41

**Shipping will be calculated after i take all the orders but shipping will be around 22-30 dollars depending on how many people join this group order**

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July 8th, 2013 (may be subject to change but please not rely on this) will be the last day to put in your order and either the next day or two days later I will be sending out emails with your total + shipping. ALL PAYMENTS THEN MUST BE SENT TO ME BY July 17, 2013 (I will only be accepting payments through paypal, I’m sorry to those that cannot but I do not want to risk doing concealed cash orders)

**If you have any other questions my ask box is always open or you can send me an email at krystalenn@gmail.com**