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Binders - Where and How to Get Them

Binders give the impression of a flat chest and are used mainly by people assigned female at birth who identify as male, non binary, agender, and more.

There are many different kinds of binders that are available in different places, so how do you know what one to get?

I don’t have much experience but there is a small group who is FtM trans who shared their experience with binding.

Here we go!

How Do I Know Which One to Get?

With binding, there are always going to be some risks no matter how careful you are. It’s always good to remember that your health is important here and that if something seems wrong, it’s best to stop.

1. Never Bind For More Than 8 Hours at a Time

Binding for long periods of time can restrict breathing and in some cases can damage tissue and bones.

2. If It Hurts, Stop

Chest binding shouldn’t hurt if done correctly. Binding too tightly can damage ribs.

3. Never Go a Size Down

Binders use chest and shoulder measurements to determine your size, sizing down for a tighter compression isn’t advisable.

How Do I Measure For My Binder?

-When measuring for a binder, it’s best to ask for help from a supportive friend or family member.

-Chest measurements are taken from just below the armpits where the breast tissue starts.

-Shoulder measurements are taken from where the shoulder begins to dip on both sides.

-Relax, it makes it easier to measure when your muscles aren’t fixed.

Measure twice to make sure it’s accurate.

Where Do I Get One?

It’s good to have a look around for binders on sites like amazon. There’s a wide range of binders there that are cheap if you’re on a budget.

If you’re looking for a high quality binder and you don’t mind spending decent money, GC2B and Underworks are two great brands. Their binders are made of high quality fabric and are comfortable to wear when sized correctly, although, they will set you back at least $30-$40. They both ship from the US so you’ll have to pay shipping cost on top of that if you’re outside America.

In the UK, there’s an LGBT+ online store called Spectrum Outfitters who are bringing out their brand of binders in September;

How Can I Get My Binder?

If your family is transphobic or you haven’t come out yet, getting a binder will be difficult. But it isn’t impossible.

-Ask a supportive friend if you can have it shipped to their house.

-Some schools allow trans students in desperate need of a binder to have it shipped to the school address.

-If you attend a support group, you could have your binder sent to the address of the meeting place.

-Buy a binder that is sent in discreet, unmarked packaging.

-In the UK, Amazon has a delivery service called ‘Amazon Lockers’ where the parcel is locked in a locker where you need a code to open it. These are at some major supermarkets.

(This post originally came from Matthew [He/Him] on the Transgender Amino blog.)

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