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And here’s the first half of the first batch of finished commissions! Thanks once again for your patience and understanding, it’s not often I get to work on so many things at once, so this’ll hopefully help me get back in the groove of things.

Hope you guys like them!


The_Migrator_08 by Shadowgear6335
Via Flickr:
“The Sleeper Awakes” The Migrator, born from the stars, carrier of all emotions, and harbors the dreams of all. Check out my YouTube for more MOCs like this! goo.gl/1axFRH

My color code for the Signs

Since there is a massive wait for my aesthetic posts to come out, I thought I could share with you my color code, that is obviously what colors I associate with each sign, so that you can get at least a vague idea of what’s going to come out when I’m done, even if I could make slight adaptations from time to time.

Aries: Red (Scarlet, Crimson), Orange (Vermillion, Tawny), Yellow (Amber, Saffron)

Taurus: Brown (Maroon, Taupe, Chocolate, Coyote, Sand), Gray

Gemini: Purple, Fuchsia, Pink, Lime, Gray, Black, White

Cancer: Pink (Coral, Salmon,Lavender), Cyan, Blue-gray, Mantis Green, White

Leo: Orange, Red (Rosewood, Carmine), Yellow (Gold, Maize)

Virgo: Green (Olive, Avocado, Forest, Dark Green), Pink, Magenta, Brown

Libra: Gray, Silver, Beige, White, Black

Scorpio: Black, Gray, White, Red (Burgundy, Oxblood, Lava), Navy Blue

Sagittarius: Orange shades, Cerulean, Mixed

Capricorn: All the shades of Gold, Brown (Umber, Khaki), Green (Mint, Artichoke)

Aquarius: Psychedelic spectrums of Silver, Pink, Magenta, Purple, Sky blue, Gray.

Pisces: Blue (Sapphire, Midnight, Ultramarine, Iris), Yellow, Flesh Pink



*NOTE: I haven’t read “Firewing” yet, nor have I finished “Sunwing”; I know about certain events and characters from both books, but I don’t know how they come about or unfold, so please don’t message/send me spoilers!!

Anyway, can’t sleep; must doodle bats designs so I have basic refs for later!!

First & second pics: my take on Shade Silverwing and Marina Brightwing, as runts and teens/young adults.  For some reason I found it really hard to come up with older designs for them, especially Shade, and I still lean them towards being very young adults, so there’s potential for me to make one more aged picture with them as mature adults…
Marina (especially older Marina) looks a bit like a cat, so I’ll try to work on her design more.

Third pic: messed up and suuuper-quick doodle of (*spoilers*) Shade and Marina’s son, Griffin.  No, I haven’t read “Firewing” yet, but I know about a few events/characters from the series prior to reading it (even so: no spoilers, please!)

Fourth pic: Goth and Phoenix (and, yes, I will come up with a design for book-Throbb as well).
I actually think these two might have been my favorites to come up with.