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Well, that’s the end of the poll!
By collating both results, it’s clear that the white ring is the most popular symbol, so it’s pretty safe to say that that will be the official aromantic spectrum symbol!
Now, to combat some issues, I think that rather than on the right middle finger like the ace black ring (since people lump us together anyway, it’s clunky to wear etc), a good idea would be to wear it either on the left middle finger, or the right ring finger; the choice is yours.
Also, just because it’s white doesn’t mean it’s ONLY for those who identify as aromantic; the symbol is open to the entire spectrum. I gave options for other coloured rings, but white is already most common and most popular, but also probably easiest to find. Someone brought to my attention white rings may be hard to find, so I’d like to clarify that it doesn’t have to be entirely white! It can be light silver, or even white gold, or be mainly white with a few other colours. As long as it’s close to white, or more than half white in colour, it should be clear enough as the arospec ring and not some other ring. Of course, there will be non arospec people who wear white/close to white rings, just like there are non acespec people who wear black rings.
I will make a post in a second answering some other asks I got about this, but here you go!
Happy Aro Day!

Impasto | Chapter Two

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The moment the lecture was over you made a beeline for the exit, not wasting any time in disappearing as quickly as possible. He didn’t notice you leave amidst the crowd of students, and you preferred it that way; the last thing you needed was for him to address you now that he knew who you were.

From now on, you were going to hide in the middle and back rows, out of sight, out of mind.

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anonymous asked:

Given Testament's death motif and the fact that he as well as Axl practice the same martial art and wield sickles, could you say that Testament is also evoking the power of Benten Gari?

Possibly, though he’s more reverent on the other ends of her symbolic spectrum: flowing Time, Death, Eloquence, and Knowledge.

Being a Goddess transferred from Hindu Lore as Sarasvatî Devî, she is also associated with Rivers and Dragons, as she is the Daughter of the Dragon King “Munetsuchi” or Anavatapta.

Testament just so happens to be the stepson of a certain “Dragon Killer” to boot, so they share something in common.

The ‘transfer’ of Hindu to Shinto Buddhist belief systems was a cultural exchange from India to Japan, so you might say that “Ancient Martial Arts” are cross-cultural in nature (much like how the Romans inherited Greek Mythology).

That might explain why a Swiss-American man and a British-Easterner could learn Asian Martial Arts that has absorbed Indian and Middle-Eastern techniques.

It might also explain why Chinese Kenpou and Zeppian Grappling are just as powerful as one another.

The term “Ancient Martial Arts” is a catch-all description in GG jargon, but not without purpose it seems… as these fighting styles make up a remarkable “family tree” of culture and religion.