spectrum of symbols

Dinshah Ghadiali - Spectro-Chrome System - Suppressed Color Healing, “Spectro-Chrome Metry Encyclopedia”, 1933.

The Double Interlaced Triangle is a sacred symbol of the highest character. It is used by the Jews on their Synagogues, is promiscuously seen in the literature of the High Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Theosophists and all Occultists. It is called Mogen David, the Seal or Shield of David and was extensively used in ancient times in what are ordinarily called ‘Magic Rituals’. Ghadiali uses the Mogen David Triangles as a foundation of his colour therapy forming themselves into a complete circle.

Spectro-Chrome is built around the Three Primary Colors exclusively, to produce its well-recognised Precision. In Spectro-Chrome Equipments, Red, Green and Violet form the main slides; two Secondaries, Yellow and Blue, are also supplied to make ALL the necessary combinations, to produce the physiological effects of all the Elements of which the World is composed.

This chart of the Color Waves Of The Elements is accurate along Chemical, Mathematical, Physiological, Spectroscopical, Psychological, Pathological, Clinical and Chromical Lines. Eighteen years of actual test in the work of hundreds of practitioners and thousands of sufferers did not indicate a flaw.


Well, that’s the end of the poll!
By collating both results, it’s clear that the white ring is the most popular symbol, so it’s pretty safe to say that that will be the official aromantic spectrum symbol!
Now, to combat some issues, I think that rather than on the right middle finger like the ace black ring (since people lump us together anyway, it’s clunky to wear etc), a good idea would be to wear it either on the left middle finger, or the right ring finger; the choice is yours.
Also, just because it’s white doesn’t mean it’s ONLY for those who identify as aromantic; the symbol is open to the entire spectrum. I gave options for other coloured rings, but white is already most common and most popular, but also probably easiest to find. Someone brought to my attention white rings may be hard to find, so I’d like to clarify that it doesn’t have to be entirely white! It can be light silver, or even white gold, or be mainly white with a few other colours. As long as it’s close to white, or more than half white in colour, it should be clear enough as the arospec ring and not some other ring. Of course, there will be non arospec people who wear white/close to white rings, just like there are non acespec people who wear black rings.
I will make a post in a second answering some other asks I got about this, but here you go!
Happy Aro Day!