(from Latin: spectrum, “ghost”) - a kind of specific phobia involving a morbid fear of mirrors and one’s own reflections. Catoptrophobia (from the word catoptric meaning using a mirror to focus light; from Greek word katoptrikos) is the fear of mirrors. This phobia is distinct from Eisoptrophobia, which is the fear of your own reflection.

Generally, an individual that possesses spectrophobia has been traumatised in an event where they believe they have seen or heard apparitions or ghosts. The individual could also become traumatised by horror films, television shows, or by nightmares. This fear could be the result of a trauma involving mirrors. It could also be the result of the person’s superstitious fear of being watched through the mirror. Movies relating the supernatural world with mirrors could be the cause of this fear in younger children especially.

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my IDEAL narrative atm is the typical “lonely kid & their family move into a house that turns out to be haunted and all the ghosts are quirky & weird and they befriend the kid and help them through their struggles with the living” is that a thing? that sounds really stereotypical and i’m sure there’s countless stuff like that but i have a VERY specific idea of what i want right now

There are enough others that there’s a name for it.

That makes me feel better.

I used to do mirror gazing for spiritual reasons and because I have always been fascinated by them. Not in my reflection, but the way other things look in a reflection.

Then I accidentally saw too much.

Now, like I said before, I won’t linger.

I don’t want to see that again.

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wait you're afraid of mirrors?

Not to the point where I’m covering them up and stuff. Like, I’ll use a mirror to do my makeup, but I get really uncomfortable looking at them unless absolutely necessary, and I refuse to look into them at night/in the dark. To the point where I open the door to the bathroom just enough to switch the light on before I go in there at night.

Sounds dumb, right? I think I explained this already, but I’ll go through it again and tag sixpenceee since she might get a kick out of it.

When I was a kid (I’m talking 11, 12) I not only slept with really fucking creepy dolls in my room that were like watching me (hence my doll phobia), but I also slept with a massive mirror at the end of my bed. So like, my feet were right by the mirror. I would always feel like there was something watching me from the mirror. I’d be too scared to look, but when I did, I would genuinely see something there, but I couldn’t make out what it was in the dark and moving might make something jump out at me and I was freaking 11-12. No way was I moving. There were often times when I would hide my face under my blankets, too scared to move and trying desperately to fall asleep. I would have dreams about things coming out of the mirror and dragging me in by my legs. I honestly stopped sleeping for a really long time because of this mirror. I’m a semi believer of the paranormal. Like, I believe it, but I’m still going to be skeptical until you can prove your point. I genuinely think there was something up with that mirror, but I think it’s less the specific mirror, and more that all mirrors are extremely fucked up particularly at night. 

Long story short, I begged my parents to get that mirror out of my room, they did, and I started getting regular nights sleep again, and the watching me feelings went away. I don’t know where that mirror is now, we moved out of that house five or six years ago, but the mirror in my bathroom in this house really creeps me out, too. I think that childhood stuff just made me want to avoid mirrors at all costs.


I could’ve put links but I don’t know how people do that other than just pasting the url, but in case you guys were wondering what I’m talking about when I say I’m spectrophobic, here’s some sources I identify with. I marked out a line that says that spectrophobic people are afraid of themselves in the mirror. For me at least, this is not the case and I kind of resent that being in an official source because I feel like that’s a misconception about what spectrophobia is. I’m afraid of mirrors because they could be haunted or be portals to the spirit realm, it has nothing to do with me being in the reflection and it also has nothing to do with my body image. That’s a different phobia entirely. I just thought I’d share that because this phobia seems under-defined and because of that it has conflicting definitions online. This is spectro to me. Please add anything that you feel would contribute.

I’m not sure if you remember, but you did that for me too.

I posted once about two years ago about gazing, and how confused I was that letters appear backwards, but our faces do not. You gave me a very stern warning to stay away from mirrors, especially if I had taken anything (although I hadn’t at that time).

You give good advice. I wish I had listened.


This bathroom at the Waffle House was surprisingly and by default in complete accommodation with my spectrophobia. For those who don’t know, spectrophobia is a fear of mirrors, particularly relative to the belief that mirrors can be portals to the spirit realm. I walk into this bathroom and instead put there being this huge mirror that is completely unavoidable, this mirror was tucked aside on the far wall in the corner so while I saw it, I never actually had too look into it. I think that’s pretty neat.

i have this rly bad problem where like, i need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but that requires going into the very dark hallway (WHICH, BY THE WAY: HAS NO LIGHT, EVER), but once i manage to get through there without having a mini panic attack, i end up in the bathroom with a huge mirror. ah yes. perfect for spectrophobics !!