Here, look like Spectrette. … with eyes.

At any rate- HEY look! It’s ponies! :D

Here’s the frigg'in awesome blogs I used.













How awesome.

Yes. Re-Made it.

WOO! And in one day- you see ponies/people/dogs/cats/frogs/bananas/lamps… this is what happens when I get a hold of something a actually want to do. I’ll start and won’t stop ‘till I’m done. And it’s awesome.

So, this is a comic originally made by someone else and the creepy pastas were humans, but I decided to ponify them and.. well that’s just what I did. 

Original Comic here: http://semicirclesin.tumblr.com/post/72771920675/i-laugh-everytime-xd

Hope you Enjoy! :D


From how long it took to make this, it should’ve been like… a million slides.


It’s done now, how frigg'in awesome! And thank you Vitti for asking that question. I was trying to fit in a way to explain his new hair-cut but I couldn’t find any so right in the middle of doing a different story board that kind of looked really bad, I changed it to this. None the frigg'in less, thankz yeez.

Let me explain the picture. So, ever since I made Disturbed, I purposely made his mane a little odd cut, messy, tangled, and weird. (that was the point). But most recently, it been getting harder to draw his unruly mane as my art style is changing quite quickly, advancing so to say. 

So what’s my method to solve this problem? SEND HIM TO THE DAMN BARBER’S SHOP! Yeah, I cleaned him up. Alas, like him, he hates change. It makes him feel like a piece of him is gone. (in this case quite literally). So he needed a hug from two pretty mares. And so he did.

This is the first reference, the llama (Jay) will be coming soon enough.

Excuse my bad(ish) hand-writing, hope you can read it.

Well, at any rate Disturbed is his uncle, and Jeremy is Disturbed’s worst and only nephew being that Disturbed’s brother only had one child before Jeremy’s parents died in a freak accident. And since Disturbed didn’t have any kids or even marry, this is as close to a son as he’s ever going to get; Because guess who’s moving in? Yes, that’s right. Jeremy can say, “Good morning uncle, hows parenting me going? >:)" 

But he’s 21, can’t he take care of himself? apparently not. He lost his house recently, and he can’t live with his own parents because they died when he was 8. So… yeah. Pretty much fucked. And with that, him and his friend who used to live with him decided to stop by Uncle Disturbed’s house, but got distracted by something in the yard. After that, and with much contemplation, Spectrette convinced Disturbed to let them stay. And because of Spectrette’s soft heart. Disturbed’s only abode in which kept him in peace will turn into a hellhouse.

Disturbed: Yippy-kai-motherfucking-yay. ._.