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Shepard had been going to check in with Joker when he stepped out of the lift and heard a crash. “EDI?” He followed the noise to where the AI would normally be stationed and rose a brow at what - or whom he found.

A moment goes by, and EDI feels the cool breeze of the door opening – she can feel that! She grins for a moment, but then realizes she’s in the predicament a human woman would deem embarrassing. “Yes, Commander, down here. It seems.. someone stole my body, Commander.”


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You Owe Me Alcohol [Shepard + Sparks]

Sparks sat aimlessly swininging her legs on the railings just by the Normandy exit in Docking bay D24, impatience drowning her mind while she waited for Shepard to join her. Her eyes flicked over the messages on her omni-tool, stopping by one set.

{MSG} You owe me alcohol

[RE] Of course I do Shep!

A smile graced her lips as she found herself  subconsiously fixing the dress she wore, it had taken a while for her to finally perk up the courage to change from her usual tomboy alliance casuals but Shepard meant a lot to her… not in that way… but he was the closest thing she had to family now and hell, if that meant she was going to look nice for him. So be it.

“C'mon ShepShep…Don’t leave me hanging…”

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She can’t find her lighter – dammit. And she’s not in the mood to go back inside to get it; maybe he has one. Glancing up, the brunette noticed the well-shouldered man – not a customer, but maybe a smoker. Calling out in lush tones of velvet Southern to him.

“Hey, stud muffin. Y'ain’t got a lighter by chance, do you?”

That’s twice now that he’s been around her son – she’s heard Damian bubbling up about someone named Malcolm Shepard – she eavesdrop, sue her. But there’s something he told Alfred, something that stuck out – glowing scars. She wasn’t sure what he meant until she saw the man face to face.

“So you’re the man befriending my son.” The tone is even, neutral, dark eyes focused on his face. She’s suspicious. 

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Sparks followed quickly behind Shepard on the Normandy CIC deck, wandering why he had to walk so quickly, “Commander! Is there any chance you could help me with something?” She hoped the man would stop soon, she had been following him all round the ship as he busied himself with other jobs, the biotic just didn’t have the confidence to stop him. “I could really do with a hand.”

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Shepard heard EDI’s shout from the laundry room and froze before checking all his white. He pressed the heel of his palm against his forehead then and sighed, realzing a sock WAS missing. “Joker’s going to kill me.”

“FREE! I AM FREE!” Jeff’s not going to forgive the Commander for showing her the Harry Potter movies; she took a special like to the elf Dobby, since she too was once shackled, subject to the whims of others.

Running by Vega – who paused mid-push up. “COMMANDER HAS GIVEN EDI A SOCK!”

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The weeks after Christmas had been relatively quiet, but it seemed like recently she couldn’t stop running into people while on patrol. “Sorry I almost didn’t see you there.”

“You know, I have an office now. That entitles me to people knocking the damn door, right?” Not that she really cares, because she knows it’s Shepard, by the way he’s blocking out most of the light. Leaning back in her chair as she was, boots propped up on her desk, fingers peeling the rind off an orange.