spectre sound


“Hello hello can you hear me? As I scream your name. Hello hello, do you need me? Before I fade away. Is this the place that I call home? -YES- to find what I’ve become. Walk along the path alone. We live we learn we lie. Deep in the dark I don’t need the light. There’s a ghost inside me. It all belongs to the other side. We live we learn we lie..“ SO fucking excited for the new #alanwalker song! Beautiful words, beautiful Spectre sounds. Can’t wait to put this on repeat for a million months! You are the best DJ in the world. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I love the guy screaming at the end!😂😭This is my best interpretation of the lyrics that rent releases yet, so don’t bash me if I’m wrong later!!! 🙃#alanwalker #walkers #electriczoo #ezoo #thisismyhappyplace #thisiswhereibelong #plur (at Electric Zoo Festival)

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