spectre confessions

“Nothing annoys me more than someone saying that Mark Meer is an awful voice actor. Sure his MShep voice was a bit hooky in ME1, but no one ever acknowledges that he provided the voice for the vorcha and hanar or, more prominently, that he was one of the main designers for how the aliens should speak and what vocal effects to use.”

Paris est un nombre_002 : Des hommes meurent la nuit dans leurs lits…

“ Des hommes meurent la nuit dans leurs lits, tordant les mains des spectres qui les confessent et les regardant pitoyablement dans les yeux ; — des hommes meurent avec le désespoir dans le cœur et des convulsions dans le gosier à cause de l’horreur des mystères qui ne veulent pas être révélés. Quelquefois, hélas ! la conscience humaine supporte un fardeau d’une si lourde horreur, qu’elle ne peut s’en décharger que dans le tombeau. Ainsi l’essence du crime reste inexpliquée.

“The more I think about it, the more I think a lot of the sexism in Mass Effect could have been averted if there were more women in the design and writing team. There was a huge missed opportunity for FemShep to have the option of talking back to Benezia about her ‘mother’ comment, and it wouldn’t have been so hard to design Thane for the design team if they let a woman send in some sketches. It also might have made the asari less insulting as a race of "diplomatic, sexy ladies.”“

“I don’t love Traynor but I do love the inclusion of her. To have a woman who is so intelligent, and yet still very feminine and awkward, to have a woman interested in gaming and spa treatments, to have her a hypochondriac as well despite how smart she is - I love it. I might not romance her, and she might not be my favourite, but I love how she defies stereotypes and is utterly unique.”

“After playing Dragon Age, I really want an approval system in Mass Effect. Have the characters respond to Shep based on their approval. The implied friendship with some characters got really irritating. Especially since in one of my playthroughs, I was playing I was playing a douchebag xenophobic Shepard who hated Garrus simply because he was a turian.”

“I get why some people would be upset by the sexualization of the asari in the games, and i was too, but after hearing the comment about how the race is far more comfortable with their sexuality, it made me really admire them. they are comfortable dancing in bars for 100 years or more, then they grow into whatever they want to be. they don’t let their past lifestyle get in the way of their future, like so many in our world do, and so many in our world want us to do. it’s never shameful to dance!”