Stella’s blog is officially a year old, and has over 600 ponies following now! Obviously, I can’t draw every single one, so I did a selection of friends, cool people, long-time followers, and other followers who stand out to me.

Front row (R to L): Carrie Shadow, Johnny Lightem, Moxie, Stella Lux, Velvet Cheveux, Vermillion Spin, Blue Screen

Second Row: Spectralight, Lady Froey & Cormac McCloppy, Spectty, Doodle Heart, Savant, Attraction, Creamsicle Delight

Third Row: Pirate Dash & Twilight, Necro Mortem, Dainty & Princess Moe-Lestia, Cherry Soda, Ace & Bee

Fourth Row: Rye, Fleetwing, Twirly & Daisy, Fanny Pack, Deagle, Opalescent Pearl

Fifth Row: Hyper Brony, Kissing Kings, Mango, Crackerjack, Shade & Doppelrac, Thunder Charmer

And of course, a huge thanks to everyone else who isn’t drawn here! Seriously, every new follower, like, reply, and reblog means a lot to me!