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When you put a writing prompt how can we read the stories that come from the prompt? They all sound interesting

Hey amigo, that’s easy! Click on the notes and see if anyone replied with a story!

When a preview ends in ‘…’ it’s usually a story. So click on the blog to read the full story. In this case, you have to click on ‘spectralart’ to read the full story. 

My sister was ranting to me how there was this creepy guy at school while I was drawing BJC then she then asked for my pen in the middle of the convo and wrote “can i hav ur number?” and ranted how it was his first message to her while she wasn’t even online.

Basically, it fits whatever BJC’s doing here. XDDD

(my sister drew his left hand after I left for a while)

Used whatever I had lying around in my room to do this so he’s colored in highlight pens and a blue colored pencil