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Y'know, Professor Layton is so cool, gentlemanly, and intelligent. In fact, all the ladies fall for him. And why wouldn’t they? In fact, everyone’s hot as fudge. Wouldn’t you say they’re

quite the hot-tea?

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Idk if someone has done this yet?? But here is just some analysis of Misthallery’s design.

Okay so when you look at a complete map of Mishallery, there are a few things that you probably notice right when you look at it.
First, the city seems kind of…parted? Yeah. It actually is.
If you take a closer look, the rivers running through Misthallery are seperating the town into four parts. I roughly sketched the rivers parting Misthallery on the second map (and you can see the parts on the last map).

Well, that isn’t that spectacular, but looking at this again, the map tells us more. We’ve all played this game and know that Misthallery’s “parts“ are named (from top to bottom): Highyard Hill, North-/West-Ely, Grand Bridge and the Market place.

“top to bottom“.
We’ve learned that the people of highyard hill are pretty wealthy, and that the Barde guy was even richer. The houses look good, there are many nice gardens. But if we go down a bit southern on the map, the quality of the architecture first just changes, then drops dramatically. And when we find ourselves at the market place at the bottom of the map, where the houses equal ruins in some places, the map ends.
You see where this is going, right?

The social classes are displayed from top (rich) to bottom (very poor).
But that’s not all.

I’ve noticed that there is always something inbetween the areas, and only one way leads from one area to another. (Third map, the blue circles are the ways I talk about). For example, the twin bridges, or the small mountain between grand bridge and the Ely street.

Just some random thoughts, it’s really late so sorry for my language!


Applause for the people that actually figured out Puzzle 31 in The Last Specter

I like this one theory that is going around by some Layton fans in regards to Katrielle and her relationship with “Professor Layton”.

Keep in mind that the Professor Layton series is notorious to providing red herrings and trying to make us believe that something is one thing, but turning out to be something else entirely. Such as making us believe that we travelled through time in Unwound/Lost Future or that a Spectre is haunting a town in Last Spectre/Specters Call etc.

This is just a theory though so do take it with a grain of salt….

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