Recently I had been seeing rifles done in ERDL style cerakotes. Did some searching and figured out that the work is done by Sur-Tac Gear. Really wanting to send my URX 3.1 out to get it coated by these guys!

Photos: Black Wire Studio

Planning on taking a carbine course this weekend. This is the kit I’ll be taking with and using. I’ve got a feeling my next purchase will be an actual battle belt. But for now, this will do.

Mayflower APC
Eagle mag pouches

Eagle Duty Belt
Condor double pistol mag pouch
Bladetech AR mag carrier
TAG dump pouch
Eagle IFAK
Safariland 6378USN

Glock 19 Gen 4
Inforce APL
Zev Tech Fulcrum Trigger
Trijicon HD sights

Noveske Chainsaw lower
Geissele SSA/E trigger
B5 Systems SOPMOD stock
BCM 14.5 in upper
DD 13" Lite Rail III
Surefire SFMB556
Elcan SpecterDr
Surefire G2

Little rifle, big boom.

Switched stocks again. I broke the ARC a few weeks ago during range time. Not sure how I broke it, it got stuck halfway when I was collapsing it. CS/Engineer at MVB said it was most likely due to part not being heat treated properly. Their CS was top notch, had it fixed the same day it got to them, shipped it out the same day, all for no cost to me. The total turnaround from me shipping it off and getting it back was one week.

So I’m back to the PDW style again.