Layton's thoughts on Misthallery
  • witch girl plays flute to unleash monster to wreak havoc on town: thats a load of bs right there
  • father of girl with terrible illness falls off cliff so she and her brother stay in creepy mansion living alone being cared by A DINOSAUR that goes out and fights robots in the night to protect ancient legacy and just so happens to look exactly like a giant monster as they are fighting: ah yes that's better

Applause for the people that actually figured out Puzzle 31 in The Last Specter

To my Fellow Professor Layton fans

I think we all miss the Professor and Luke, since the last game was released 2 years ago. (at least in the US.)

Many fandoms dedicate a week to their games/tv shows/ movies. I suggest we do the same thing. I even have the themes for the week all planned out! 

Day 1:  Beginnings (Curious Village)

Day 2: Travel (Diabolical/Pandora’s Box)

Day 3: Love and Loss (Unwound/Lost Future) 

Day 4: Mentorship (Last Specter/Spectre’s Flute)

Day 5: Friendship (Miracle Mask)

Day 6: Legacy (Azran Legacy)

Day 7: Family (Layton Brothers: Mystery Room)

 I’d like to take a poll. When do you think we should have Layton week? 

My suggestion is the week of February 11th, the anniversary of the release of Curious Village.