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The Price of Freedom Ch 5

Hello again! Here we have the next chapter for “Price of Freedom”!

Once again, thank you to all who read it and support this fanfic! Including @suspicious-spirit and many others! It really means a lot to me and inspires me to continue on! ^^

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CH 5

It had been two weeks since Cagney became good friends with Specter. Two weeks they had met up at the grocery store for food shopping and chatted with one another as they shopped. Sometimes they met up outside of the store and just walked around the city to chat and Specter helped Cagney recognize buildings so that he would be able to find his way back home again. Meeting up with Specter was the highlight of Cagney’s day and it gave him a chance to relax, to freely laugh at Specter’s witty remarks and jokes, and also to feel like himself and not worry about walking on eggshells around Nathan.

The nightshade flower was just as condescending and aggressive as usual, but still Cagney put up with it. Surely the fear and uneasy feelings towards his boyfriend was worth the relief he felt whenever he was around Specter.

So Cagney was extremely surprised when Nathan told him that he was going to accompany Nathan to the location of his new job. Cagney had never gone out with Nathan whenever he left the apartment. Usually he was supposed to remain in the apartment when he wasn’t food shopping or anything like that. But here he was inside the car and driving downtown with Nathan at the wheel chattering once again about the new job he received.

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Fight, Flight, or Freeze. (OPEN RP)

Kanin was stuck in a fight or flight situation but just chose to freeze as a large specter caught sight of him. He began to shake, clutching to his bat as more of a comfort than a ready defense against the monster at hand. He backed up to a wall with a small squeak as the specter grew near.