spectator heels


In early 1974 George Cooper took these photos at 100 Holland Road, London W14, the West Kensington flat that Freddie shared with his long-term girlfriend Mary Austin. The photos where took around the time of their second single ‘Seven Seas of Rhye’.

As Mike Hayward recalls: “While Roger slummed it in trainers, Brian opted for white square-toed ankle boots. John trumped them both with his 1920s-styled 'Spectator’ two-tone stack heels. Shame we can’t see Freddie’s feet”.

Mark Hayward makes us note the miniature bottle of spirits on the coffe table to the left and a little toy penguin on the arm of the chair in between Brian and John.

Note the magazine on the table open at a photo of Liza Minnelli. “If anything,” said Freddie at the time, “we have more in common with Liza Minnelli than Led Zeppelin”. 

Photos from “Queen on camera, off guard” book.