I Like How Hollywood Is Realizing How Great Brie Larson Is When, If You’re Like Me...

You first saw her in Hoot and thought, “pretty good…”

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Before you saw her again in Scott Pilgrim VS The World and she was one of your favorite parts of the movie…

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Which was a prelude to her being the most prominent female character in the 21 Jump Street film and knocking that one out of the park too…

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And then you’re like, “Hey, there she is!” while watching her in The Spectacular Now

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Spar verbally with Danny Pudi on, “Community”…

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Her Silent-Bob-esque role in Don Jon

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Give a pretty damn good performance as the female lead in The Gambler

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And then realize people have caught up with you and realize how great she is with Trainwreck and Room.

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There are even films of her’s I haven’t seen (Short Term 12) which is supposed to be excellent.

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All in all, I like how Ms. Larson is finally getting the attention she deserves.

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First Kiss

Anon Request: “hey can i request one? ^^ (y/n) and (c/n) are friends. not necessarily best friends or strangers, but they talk here and there and are comfortable with one another. they both want to get their first kiss over with before high school ends and are too awkward to admit it.”

Spring time for you is great. Seeing all the gorgeous flowers, the warm air accompanied by a cool breeze, and the upbeat vibe that everyone seems to have now just feels amazing. Well, maybe their vibe is upbeat because high school’s ending soon… but who cares, it’s spring, school’s coming to a close, and you just found out today that you and (C/N) had to work on a final project together. Your heart nearly dropped when you heard your teacher call the both of your names as a pair. It’s not like you guys hardly ever speak and you couldn’t even approach him because that would be weird, because you do talk, it’s just that you guys are simply casual friends, and you don’t know if he feels the same about you.

“Wow, I really don’t think that we could finish this all in one class period,” (C/N) remarks.

“Yeah, me neither, if we want to get at least a C we’re gonna have to work on this a little longer.” You say.

“Hmm, well I mean we could stay after school and work on it together if you don’t have anything to do? You could meet me outside, by the school fields?” He offers.

“Sure we could do that,” you say with a smile.

###timeskip to afterschool###

“See (Y/N), I told you that we could finish this with just a little more time, we make a good team.”

“Yeah, we finished a little earlier than I thought we would too. I told my mom to pick me up an hour from now. I’m going to have to wait here so I don’t get on her bad side.”

“Oh wow, me too. Well, we could just wait here, maybe talk a bit.” He says with his million dollar smile. For a while you two just have random conversations, and you find out things you didn’t even know about him, and you fall in love with the new undiscovered pieces of (C/N). His sense of humor is out of this world, and the conversations never seem to go dull, you feel like he’s opened up to you so much, and in this moment, you guys aren’t just casual friends. It may be a bit deeper than that.

“…So..(Y/N)” he begins.


“You’re not seein’ anyone right?”

“…no haha it’s kinda embarrassing.” You try to hide your face, and you cover your eyes with your sleeve.

“Ah, don’t hide your eyes from me.” He states seriously, “How is that embarrassing?”

“Well because practically everyone is and I don’t know I haven’t.."You cut yourself off, this might be getting too deep for your liking.

"You haven’t what? Had a boyfriend for a longtime? Neither have I, well girlfriend you know what I mean haha anyway its nothing to be embarrassed by, you and me are on the same boat,” his awkwardness is showing a bit.

“No I mean… it’s like..”

“Like?” He’s anticipating for your answer.

“I haven’t even had my first kiss yet.” You blurt out.

“Oh…"He pauses for quite a while.

"I told you it was embarrassing!”

“No, no, no.. it’s alright… like I said, we’re on the same boat.” He’s feeling kind of embarrassed now too, you can tell.


“Yeah,” he starts, “I just want to get it over and done with you know?”

“I know.” You say.

“Like anytime would be great, as soon as possible right?

"Yeah I agree 100%” you add on.

“So since we’re both on the same page, it would be alright for…us? Like for us just to get it over with right now. I mean, it would be perfect since I sorta like you.” He says with a wink.

“..yeah..I mean cool, I mean sure lets do it.”

“Cool,” he says now closing his eyes. You take that as a sign to close your eyes too. Your heart is beating one thousand times per second, and you feel your face getting hot, and you really don’t know what to expect, until you feel his lips suddenly on your lips, and you’re instantly relaxed. It doesn’t feel wrong..It feels so right, but he then breaks the kiss.

“Wow, so this is what we’ve been missing out on huh” he says.

Okey dokey I hope that was OK. Tell me if you liked it anon!! Oh and, the smut will be posted tomorrow (Why i picked sunday to post a smut idk) and also the boy pov will be posted tomorrow or monday too! I also wanted to say that I got 100+ followers! I’m so happy, thanks for following me even though my writings not the best sometimes. I’m gonna work on typing up the most recent requests for you all bc ily so so much. P.s the imagine is short but I’ll try doing longer ones. Or do you all think this is an ok length?