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I have like million post about astro on my dash from you and I don't know anything of them so mind to help me to get to know them?

bagOH GOD YES. prepare tho, a lot of reading is coming, lmao. where do i start..

let me start with the members! there’s 6 of them in total, beginning with the oldest:

MJ (Kim Myungjun)

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He might be the oldest, but after getting to know him, you’ll question it.. His birthday is 1994.03.05, and he is SO DAMN CUTE. He’s a huge dork, talented and not appreciated enough. He makes a lot of lame jokes, HAHAH. He likes Iron Man! He auditioned for JYP with iKON’s Donghyuk and Yang Hongseok. He’s also a part of the smol hyung gang, hahahahaha.

JinJin (Park Jinwoo)

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He will make your heart flutter at some point, trust me. Jinwoo is the rapper leader of ASTRO! He was born in 1996.03.15. He is the last one to wake up in the morning, and just like MJ, needs more attention! His smile could heal wounds, k. Oh, he can play the drums!

Cha Eunwoo (Lee Dongmin)

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Here we have the minion prince (but let’s not get into the minion topic before everyone kills me, let me leave this for you to explore on your own. OR BETTER NOT, we’re all waiting for it to die out, lmao). He was born 1997.03.30 and wakes up all of the members. HE IS SO TALENTED AND GOOD LOOKING, oh my-. He plays violin, piano and guitar.

Moonbin (Moon Bin)

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Here we have one of my two main biases in ASTRO (because you cannot have just one, bye), Moonbin! Also tall, born on 1998.01.26, therefore his birthday is today! (that’s why I reblogged so much ASTRO and him today..) He’s a good dancer, omfg. He also plays piano! He’s childhood friends with iKON’s Chanwoo (they have birthday on the same day too, haha) and his sister was on Unpretty Rapstar 2. He’s absolutely cute and just damn p r e c i o u s.

He was in a TVXQ MV Balloons when he was litte!

Rocky (Park Minhyuk)

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Part two of my biases, Minhyuk aka Rocky! No one actually calls him Rocky, but tbh, that’s except for me. I call him Rocky all of the damn time, idk, I think it suits him and it’s really cute. He was born 1999.02.25, dances damn great too and knows Taekwondo. He auditioned for TVN Korea Got Talent. He’s beautiful and pls love him a lot.

Sanha (Yoon Sanha)

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Let me put this straight - this maknae will fuck you up. There’s no other way to describe it. Sanha was born in 2000.03.21 and I swear to gOD HE IS ONE OF THE MOST PRECIOUS PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH. I have so much to say about him, but this is ridiculous. He will probably be your bias at some point, because no one can resist his cuteness. He’s freaking tall but he actually acts like he’s 5. Everyone spectaculates that ASTRO debut date is based on the date he’s getting his braces removed, but we still have hope that he’ll keep them forever. He plays the guitar and is an actual angel, with a very flexible body which allows him to fit into a cupboards and bags. I had to include two pics for him, because he’s way too precious.


Moving on to some other stuff.. their debut date is set to be on the 23rd of Feb! So close yet so far, omfg. They are under Fantiago Ent. and were previously known as Fantiago Boys/iTeen Boys.

They already had a webdrama, called “To Be Continued” and it’s cute af, worth watching if you’re getting into them. Also, they now have out the first episode of their new show called OK!준비완료, and a preview for the second one. They are all going to be on the Vapp with eng subs! They opened a channel there recently.

Also, go on and watch their videos on the ASTRO YouTube channel! Some of them already have subs, most of them are very short, and they will def make you fall in love with them. TBH, I just binge watched them about 3 times now, so.. There are also many on the i-Teen YouTube channel, including two of my faves: this and this.

+ Make sure to check out their official Twitter & Facebook for updates as well as some cute selcas, etc.

That’s all that comes to my mind right now, but if you have any questions, go on and ask me~ I’m happy to answer anything! It’s a lot of reading, but trust me, it will be worth it. When I got into them I literally went from “I heard about them” to “fuck, when did they get into my top groups..”.

OH! And these are a must watch:

A, B,C, D, E. Tho all of them are a must watch.

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I hope thats something i experience.

Probably won’t be doing much tonight because I exhausted myself at work, but shoutout to my spectaculous friend @vipereign for helping me deal with the breakdown I was about to have and Mom Friend @moonseared for yelling after for not telling them. They are both FAB and if you don’t like them, idk what to tell you tbh?? You’re missing out???

Rose Quartz = Pink Diamond theory

DISCLAIMER: Sorry, I am not a native speaker. If my grammar is not correct, please forgive me.

I strongly believe in the theory that Rose Quartz is NOT Pink Diamond.

We can’t know for sure, yes, but the evidence against the “Rose Quartz is PD”-theory is quite heavy. I picked out the most discussed points and if you want to add something, feel free to contribute!

First thing that everyone is arguing about (mainly in the youtube comment section for some reason ^^; ) :

Quartz is a type of diamond!
No. Quartz’ are often mistaken for diamonds, but their mineral structure is not the same.

Rose IS a quartz and even if you call it diamond a thousand times - she will never be one. She is PD’s version of Jasper. A very strong warrior (and maybe the first general of PD’s army). Jasper even tells us that she saw Rose as an equal opponent on the battlefield. She admired her strategies.
They have a caste system in homeworld…
That means they can’t be de- or upgraded from their position.
IF Rose was PD, Jasper would have said something different about her for sure. Diamonds ARE in charge and their rank/title/whatever-you-want-to-call doesn’t change just because they start a rebellion.

But maybe she changed her name!
Even if she CHANGED her name do you really think Jasper would call her by her ‘rebellion’ name? I really doubt that.

Jasper respected Roses fighting skills and may have also respected her as a person, despite the fact that she started the rebellion…
‘Respect’ does not mean ‘sympathy’ after all.

Based on her respect for Rose, Jasper would call her by the ‘real name’.

Some say that the Crewniverse just didn’t want to foreshadow and that’s why Jasper doesn’t call Rose PD, but they could have easily avoided foreshadowing by letting Jasper say something else about Rose.
As professional writers they would cleary try to dodge that more elegant.

But you can argue a lot on this point.

The Diamonds are ALL fusions and Rose is just part of a PD fusion!
This is actually an interesting aspect. It would of course explain the fact that Rose is very small compared to e.g. Yellow Diamond.
Like the big Ruby-fusion, the Diamonds could be made out of small identical yellow/blue/white/pink diamonds. 

However, this is a pure spectaculation with no evidence whatsoever. 

Some theories even take a step further and say the bubbled Bismuth in Lions mane is the second/third (we can’t know) part of the PD fusion.
In my opinion this is very unlikely to be true. Bismuth is a metal and can be turned into a crystal formation when melted at 271 °C.
(you can find a full explanation of Bismuth on wikipedia of course, because my explanation is rather small and not that informative).
Why would Bismuth, a non-mineral + Rose Quartz (and a possible third part) equal Pink Diamond? That doesn’t seem logical to me.

Roses height + the similarities with Jasper and how this is displayed in the show.
In the pyramid in ‘Serious Steven’ we see a picture at the wall that displays Rose Quartz fighting Yellow Diamond (the gem is on her chest, seems to be like an older form of YD).
Rose is the same height as YD on the wall and many fans claim that that is an OBVIOUS piece of evidence that Rose was in the same position/was the same height as the other diamonds. 
Some fans are also convinced that Rose shrunk herself afterwards by reforming multiple times in order to be closer to her allies. 
This can be partly proven wrong if you look at ‘Sworn To The Sword’:
Pearl shows Steven and Connie a memory via her gem where Jasper and Rose both appear and even if they are not in the same shot- they seem to be about the same size. 

Setting this event and the picture on the wall into a timeline, the only logical outcome would be that Rose was her actual size we’ve always seen in the show when she fought YD.
I mean why would she fight YD first and then Jasper? 
Homeworld was defeated by the gems and it’s a clear defeat when the leader or the authority (in this case it were multiple authorities too) gets their ass kicked somehow. Jasper is a warrior and she was probably run over by Rose first.

Like I said before, it can just be partly proven wrong
In Pearls memory Jasper was A LOT taller than Pearl. The perspective may have been distorted for dramatic effects. Remember when Jaspers sword is right above Rose? She seems so much taller there than Pearl OR Rose. 

She has special abilities!
Yes, Rose has a special connection to nature and can somehow control plants.
She also has healing powers which is a very specific and unique talent for a gem to have, just like Sapphires Future Vision. Abilities like Future Vision seem to be an equivalent to possessing weapons, but Rose Quartz has not just one but TWO abilities plus her shield. 
It makes her very special indeed and other Quartzs like Amethyst or Jasper don’t seem to have something like that. 

Strange enough, Roses ability to grow plants of any kind is something that she only could possibly do on earth. 
Did that ability develop ON earth? A question that might will be answered by the Crewniverse.

But the real question is:

Does anything of that prove that she is Pink Diamond? 

I personally don’t think so.
We don’t even know if Diamonds possess special abilities like Rose does.
Why should that even automatically indicate that she is a diamond? Pearls sentence ‘she is one of a kind’ definitely makes sense, because maybe Rose IS one of a kind. Maybe she is the most unique Quartz that anyone has ever seen. Let’s look at the evidence

-She is the first anarchist in homeworld.
-She starts that rebellion completely alone, but she SOMEHOW manages to gain enough allies to fight the homeworld gems back to homeworld, she even defeats the Diamonds (with her allies together).
-She developes some awesome magic abilities on the earth, something that no other gem has done before. 
-She gives ‘birth’ (if you want to call it like that) to a half-gem/half-human hybrid

To conclude my theory: 
I strongly believe in the theory that Rose Quartz is NOT Pink Diamond.
I believe she is a very special and unique Quartz that managed to think ‘outside the box’.
I believe that ESPECIALLY because she is ‘just’ a Quartz and not a Diamond that she is extraordinary.


I guess I would be pretty disappointed if the Crewniverse reveals that Rose is PD.
It would actually mean that she is such powerful, influencing gem, BECAUSE she is a diamond.
I like the idea of a ‘common’ (well, more common than a diamond) Quartz being the rebel way more than the leader becoming rebellious.