‘Francis’ vs ‘Frances’

Since I thankfully received many messages regarding my question from the other day, I’ve decided to make a separate post about this topic:

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Though what bothers me more than her age is whether her name is Francis or Frances…( ? _ ? )


Regarding “Frances” vs “Francis,” the correct spelling for a woman is “Frances.”  "Francis" is what is used for men.  Hope that helps!


The thing about ‘Frances’ is, though, that the official English translation uses 'Francis’. so that would be the actual spelling, even if it’s incorrect for her gender. Like Grell is actually Grelle, even though most fans, including me, ignore that from habit.


The official English translation takes a lot of liberties and makes a few mistakes; I think that’s why they misspelled it as “Francis;” it’s a mistake. They also translate “Demon” is translated as “devil,” etc. Grell is a made-up name, but it does mean “dazzling, flashy” in German. “Ciel” means “heaven, sky,” and I have heard it be used in real life–both for males and females. 


If I may on that debate over Frances’ spelling: Black Asylum who used to translate the chapters until recently used “Frances” and in my country “Francis” is definitely the male version of the name while “Frances” is used for female. The official translation in my language uses “Frances” as well. I’m sure the English one use “Francis” because the jap reading is “Furanshisu” but that’s just awful because Francis is definitely a masculine name (she’s so amazing it hurts to see her name butchered).


I wouldn’t call the spelling of Francis’ name a mistake by the translators- Yana decides the canon spelling of each character’s name. So the Francis mistake would be on her part, not the English translation’s. They do take a lot of liberties with character speech, translating some parts pretty oddly, but for the most part it’s okay.

Also a confirmation on Francis/Frances - The character guide states her name is Francis. So it’s definitely a mistake on Yana’s end and English team didn’t change it because they use Yana’s spellings and most English speakers don’t know there’s a gender difference.


Thanks for all your messages and explanations!! So, if I understood you all correctly then

this dude nice guy from ‘Hetal*a’ on the left is Francis, and the beautiful woman on the right is Frances. (Yana misspelled it though and the official translation adopted her spelling.) 


Bonus: The reason why I like the Weston arc despite its general unpopularity in the fandom is that we get to see many precious and adorable scenes of Frances!