Period guys (and gals!) in glasses

A special post for Combeferre today.  You’re not alone in poor eyesight!

^^^This Belgian fellow couldn’t settle for just one set of magnifiers.

^^^Awesome lady!  Rock those glasses, girl!

^^^Don’t know what to say here……….>___>

^^^Another hip lady!

^^^Some of the spectacles themselves.  Tinted spectacles, like today, were used for a variety of protective purposes, usually against light or chemicals, while clear lens were mainly for reading.  Good luck getting long-distance spectacles!

^^^And, because we know men have always been lazy.  An 1832 cariacature promising “living made easy”: revolving hats that had all the gadgets men needed attached to their brims, from cigarettes to eyeglasses. Because “the intolerable trouble of holding them” was just too much.

So, see, Combeferre!  Lots of hot 1820s-1840s guys in glasses!  There’s still hope for you yet…!  :D