spectacle lake


Spectacled Bear,  Okay, maybe this was the best idea. But the view is great :) by Andy McGarry

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i feel somehow deeply wronged by your unwillingness to lie and tell me davey has kissed many boys and titillate me with tales of humid tents on summer days and ridiculous truth or dare rounds and scary stories at sleepovers and the occasional broken arm... why would you do this to me, eli? WHHYYY CRUEL WORLD

I’M SORRY OK please accept this not-canon, no-uprising, everyone-is-alive-and-living-a-normal-life chavey au drabble as an apology~

It was late June, and muggy didn’t even begin to describe the way it felt when Davey stepped out of the perfect 72 degrees of his house and into the early evening. His skin was sticky in the 30 seconds it took to leap from the covered porch and walk to the end of the driveway where his bike laid in the grass, waiting for nature to reclaim it. Tim had just mowed earlier in the week, but blades of grass already stuck up wildly through the spokes of the wheels. Nothing grew like a summer lawn, and Davey had a feeling he would be the one sweating on the mower tomorrow morning.

All the more reason not to be at home when the sun sneaked her pale golden fingers between the houses on his block.

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if you ever feel bad about your writing, it might help to remember that in the first harry potter book, jk rowling compares the large size of hagrid’s feet to “baby dolphins”.

a multi-million dollar industry is based on that book.