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Ace & Aro Terminology

Since a lot of the discourse seems to stem from general confusion about ace/aro identities and terms, I want to try and go over some of terms I’ve seen people getting confused over.


A-spec: Anyone on the ace or aro spectrum.

Allosexism or Aphobia: Prejudice towards a-spec people.

Split Attraction Model (SAM): Also known as mixed orientation identity or varioriented. A term used when someone’s sexual orientation and romantic orientation don’t match. Not all a-spec people use it and it can be used by anyone. (Examples: Asexual heteroromantic or bisexual homoromantic).


Ace (or ace-spec): Anyone on the ace spectrum (the most common ace identities being asexual, gray-asexual, and demisexual).

Asexual: Someone who does not experience sexual attraction.

Gray-asexual: Someone who experiences sexual attraction only rarely or under very specific circumstances, also a term for people who feel that neither allosexual nor asexual fully fit them for whatever reason.

Demisexual: Someone who experiences sexual attraction only when a strong emotional bond (romantic or otherwise) has been formed with someone.

Autochorissexual/Aegosexual: A term used by some ace people to describe the way they are able to enjoy fictional sexual content or sexual content involving other people while having no desire to engage in sexual activity themselves. It is not an orientation in and of itself.

Allosexual: Someone who is not on the ace spectrum.

There seems to be some confusion about the difference between sex drive, sexual desire, and sexual attraction.

Sex drive: The drive or urge to engage in some form of sexual activity. Can be anything from non-existent to hyperactive regardless of a person’s orientation.

Sexual desire: The desire to act on ones sexual drive or urges.

Sexual attraction: The desire to engage in sexual activity with a specific person due to finding them sexually attractive.

For additional ace (and some aro) terms and identities click *here.

*Note that the definition provided for allosexual and alloromantic there are no longer the accepted definitions. See above for the correct definition of allosexual and below for the correct definition of alloromantic.


Aro (or aro-spec): Anyone on the aro spectrum (the most common aro identities being aromantic, gray-aromantic, and demiromantic).

Aromantic: Someone who does not experience romantic attraction.

Someone who experiences romantic attraction only rarely or under very specific circumstances, also a term for people who feel that neither alloromantic nor aromantic fully fit them for whatever reason.

Demiromantic: Someone who experiences romantic attraction (including crushes) only when a strong emotional bond has been formed with someone.

Autochorisromantic/Aegoromantic: A term used by some aro people to describe the way they are able to enjoy fictional romantic content or the way they enjoy the idea of romance while having no desire to engage in romantic activity themselves. It is not an orientation in and of itself. 

Alterous Attraction: A form of attraction that is neither romantic nor platonic but it’s own independent experience of attraction. It can be used to describe an experience with attraction where one is unsure if their attraction is platonic or romantic, where one is uncomfortable using the terms platonic or romantic, or where one feels that their experience with attraction is not accurately described by the terms romantic or platonic.

Queerplatonic/Quasiplatonic: A committed relationship that is either somewhere between friendship and romance or entirely separate from either.

Squish: A term used by aro people to describe a platonic ‘crush’, or a strong platonic attraction to someone. See link at the bottom for additional terms and definitions for ‘crushes’ based on various other forms of attraction.

Aplatonic: A term used by some aro people to describe that they do not experience squishes or have no desire to be involved in a queerplatonic/quasiplatonic relationship. Also often used by neurodivergent aroaces who have difficulty forming any kind of relationships with people. It is not an orientation in and of itself.

Alloromantic: Someone who is not on the aro spectrum.

For additional aro (and some ace) terms and identities click here.  

Friendly reminder that your sexuality is never homophobic. Want to date someone but don’t have sex with them? Not homophobic. Are you sexually attracted to somebody but couldn’t imagine doing romancy stuff? Not homophobic. If you identify that way, you are not homophobic for existing.

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—— The specs for the 1987 model would appear to be :
Engine: Renault four-cylinder in-line unit - Capacity 1397cc - Bore 76mm - Stroke 77mm - Garrett T4/T3 turbocharger
Nominal power: 380bhp at 7500rpm - Torque 43mkg at 5000rpm
Gearbox: Five forward gears and reverse - Two-disc clutch
Brakes: Ventilated discs front an rear - Four-piston calliper - Forced cooling - Adjustable pedal - Two master cylinders, front and rear - Adjustable limiter with hand lever and hydraulic control
Coachwork: Single shell in reinforced steel
Dimensions: 3.66m long by 1.85m wide by 1.33m high
Weight: 1080kg
Top speed: 190 to 274kph depending on gearbox ratio  —-


Hyundai Teases 2018 Azera | Rationally Emotional! | Luxury Sport/Sedan Car News | Follow for more

Hyundai has published a set of teaser sketches to preview the all-new 2018 Azera.

The sketches suggest the sixth-generation Azera looks sharper and more upscale than the model currently found in showrooms. Its front end falls in line with the design language introduced by the i30 hatchback last month, while its rear end receives thin LED headlights connected by a light bar. Teaser sketches usually don’t tell the full story, so the production model might end up looking a lot less muscular when it lands.

Technical specifications haven’t been published yet. However, the Azera could surf the industry’s downsizing wave and come standard with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. A re-worked version of the current model’s direct-injected 3.3-liter V6 engine will be offered at an extra cost, and front-wheel drive will be the only configuration available regardless of how many cylinders are under the hood.

The new Hyundai Azera will go on sale in South Korea next month, but it’s too early to tell when we’ll see the U.S.-spec model. It could debut next month during the Los Angeles Auto Show, but the company has a history of showing new models in its home country well before they make they’re introduced on our shores.

Learning Sign Language Headcanons

Companion headcanons to this fic! But all you need to know is that Romeo is deaf and Specs doesn’t know any sign language at all until he meets him.

  • Romeo does start teaching Specs sign language, and at first Specs is really shy and terrified he’s getting all the signs wrong but after a while he relaxes (there may or may not be alcohol involved the first time he properly lets go and trusts his instincts) and he learns pretty quickly because he’s more than happy to spend lots of time with his boyfriend
  • His ‘no’ looks a lot like ‘duck’ at first, and he doesn’t understand why Romeo dissolves into giggles until he can barely breathe
  • Romeo teaches Specs in the order than he deems most necessary, so ‘kiss me’ and ‘I really like you’ are learnt before almost everything else
  • When they get to learning parts of the body Romeo more than happily agrees to be a demonstrative model. Specs brushes his hands over Romeo’s cheeks and neck and shoulders, memorising every sign he gets shown. When they run out of bare skin, he learns the signs for each item of clothing as they take them off
  • Specs finds himself signing along with everything: the TV, the radio, songs, his own conversations with his hearing friends, other people’s conversations. He gets confused or apprehensive looks from most, but Romeo beams: he’s never been able to understand so much of the background noise of what was going on and, although Specs was mostly doing it subconsciously, it was much appreciated
  • The first time they have a full conversation without Romeo having to write words down or fingerspell them, he’s sure he’s in love
  • He takes Specs home to meet his family, and his sister just raises her eyebrows and signs ‘he’s cute, nice job little brother.’ Romeo blushes and explains that Specs can, mostly, sign, as Specs just coughs awkwardly. Luckily it gets better after that.
  • They attempt tactile signing under the table during dinner, but they both get hopelessly confused and end up laughing, which is more than a little awkward to explain. They get better at it over time and, when they live together years later, they use it when they’re lying in bed with the lights off, ready to go to sleep.
  • There’s nothing Romeo loves more than lying curled up in the arms of the love of his life, drowsy and content as he feels Specs’ sign ‘I love you’ under his fingers. It’s an experience that Romeo is convinced is the closest to magic he’ll ever get.