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I did this pic because of Demisexual Pride Day! I’m both demisexual and -romantic so I combined the flags, specifically I’m demi-pan so that’s why I used the colours for characters!

I drew myself and my demi OCs!

Top row (from left):

  • Iris - demiromantic questioning
  • Ecila - demisexual panromantic
  • Scott - demi-bisexual demi-biromantic
  • Fernando - gray-asexual demiromantic gay

Bottom row:

  • Jessie - demisexual lesbian
  • Dan - demisexual and demiromantic
  • me - demi-pansexual demi-panromantic saphic
  • Lisa - demi-pansexual demi-panromantic
  • Kevin - gray-asexual demi-heteroromantic

I’m not very proud of my sexuality Mostly because I have many problems with myself, my rather conservative family and not-so-supportive environment. I don’t talk about it too much because I’m in closet (and also I had a few problems because of my feelings caused by it) but I want to have at least one day where I can feel at ease with it. Be proud, no matter how loud you are!!

B.A.P  Collectible Figures

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner a B.A.P figure! Please refer to this handy instruction manual for care. And don’t forget to save up purchase points to get a matching Matoki mascot accessory for your B.A.P figure!

Yongguk – Model # 3311990

Accessories included: ramen, tigger toy

One of the more low maintenance figures, your new Yongguk will keep to himself most of the time. This is his normal. However if he seems especially morose your unit has slipped into brooding mode and can only be returned to original factory settings when paired or grouped with the other figures in the line. When sad or nervous use the included tigger, take him to a museum, or engage in a discussion on world events to distract him. If your Yongguk disappears for a short time don’t worry, he is probably acquiring another tattoo or doing volunteer work. This model has a hidden ‘mentor’ feature that unlocks when paired with the Zelo unit.

Himchan – Model # 4191990  New Limited Edition with Pink Hair!

Accessories included: coffee, grilled meat

Your Himchan unit may be boisterous on occasion, but usually only when paired with the later models of the line. His self-esteem switch is touchy and can flip from confident to insecure quite easily. Tape may be required. To ensure this model keeps his pink hair as long as possible you must only wash with cold water. Your Himchan unit will be cranky about this but he’ll forgive you if you tell him he’s handsome. This unit has some boundary issues so it won’t be uncommon to see him with accessories from the other figures or even resting with them in the dormitory (sold separately).

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anonymous asked:

Oh my god I'm real curious- how long did it take you guys to get used to Namjoon wrapping his tail around you?? It seems startling cause he's so big and you know a God also did he do it immediately or lay off til he knew you guys better??

jm: since it’s instinctual, he’s been doing it since we met, but we got used to it pretty quickly (since he does it so much). however, the first time he did it, i… was not ready.


The assistant characters of Adams and Lugo in Spec Ops: The Line are meant to provide support to the player, as well as fill out many of the abilities and weapons that the player isn’t given access to over the course of the game. Adams is able to use explosives and special tech, while Lugo can attack with a sniper rifle. This lowers the mechanical load the game has to provide, and makes gameplay much more straightforward, while still providing versions of those tools to the player overall.

that one mmo guild with the SKAIA tag

john: is a contributing member. karkat made him one of the guild officers and nobody’s really sure why. is always on at really weird times of day. plays non-optimal specs and does things like play pvp-designed specs in pve raids, yet pulls near-top dps and nobody understands how the fuck he’s doing it. pulls a lot of portal pranks (”hey click the portal i’m summoning food!” and then people end up in asscrack nowhere). 

rose: very dedicated to her dark mage lifestyle (blm in ff14, shadow priest/warlock in wow) and will not part from it. has like 50 alts that all have the exact same spec. is dedicated to collecting really weird bits of lore and complains routinely about how the game keeps sabotaging the worldbuilding. doesn’t level professions. has some really weird talent point spending/crossclass abilities but makes it work for her. was originally the guild main healer. got sick of it. 

dave: has one dedicated main, max leveled character; fills the rest of his character space with alts at level 2 who have names like “fartsmell” and “dickballs.” has gotten a suspension at least once for these usernames. the dude who starts singing along to his music mid-raid fight and it becomes a group injoke. routinely refers to things with memes ala “are we gonna just leroy jenkins this” and every time karkat starts getting upset links people the onyxia dkp minus animation. king of the auction house, but only sells weird random bullshit for way more money than it’s worth. everyone knows he’s in a relationship with karkat, but talking about it gets your guild chat privileges removed (by karkat)

jade: has every crafting profession maxed. always seems to be online but also is always afk, until someone says “can someone make me an item?” and then suddenly, there she is. has several alts, all max leveled, but every single character she creates is the furriest race possible (worgen/tauren/pandas in wow, catpeople in ff14, charr in gw2). has all her raid gear glamoured to be sparkly and crazy looking and is one of the best players on the server, but impossible to get to raid with anybody but her own guild. tries all the roles a bit but decides she hates tanking, and sticks mainly to dps. organizes raids of old content. has a bunch of alts on an rp server.

jane: king of the auction house, but selling actually profitable bullshit and has a dozen ah addons to ensure she’s always got the best prices and has bought out undercutters. on the server she’s notorious for this to the point that people wonder if she’s actually employing bots, which she would never, of course. is the guild main healer and 10000% done with everybody else’s shit. encourages john’s portal (and other) pranks and treats magic food summoning as seriously as setting up a real life dinner party. she and dirk have the mt/mh dynamic to end them all and it’s well known on the server that they’re a package deal if you can get them to raid with you.

jake: always seems to be in some random corner of the world fishing. has almost as much gold as jane or dave but nobody understands how. quest completionist and likes to see all of every zone he can; has a million achievements but doesn’t know how to put his titles on display. has every single last holiday mount, pet, and custom gear, but never uses any of it. doesn’t talk much in the voice chat. everyone on the server knows he’s an absurdly good player but he never talks to anybody outside the guild, period, and constantly marks himself busy/afk. glamours all his gear to look as skimpy as possible. likes discovering little world details and exploring the map looking for interesting locations and rare spawns. logs off voice chat the instant a raid is over and never comes on it otherwise.

dirk: the guild main tank. not guild leader or even an officer, but considers himself in charge of learning and teaching raid strategy and takes it very seriously. is a huge asshole about policing the guild bank and raid times and is regarded by everybody as an “unofficial” officer just because he’s so much more strict about guild rules than john or roxy. always in voice chat even when he’s not online. regularly “hacked” by roxy when he’s being an especial jerk. fans with rose over the lore. rerolled his main character to be a hero class/heavensward class so that their personal story would continue, but does NOT have any alts on an rp server and keeps his character’s story to himself unless directly asked. best tank on the server, but everybody’s too scared to ask him to raid with them. people all vaguely know he and jake are together but it never comes up since jake doesn’t talk a lot.

roxy: guild officer with john. despite appearing to be the most laid back member of the guild she’s always in peak level gear and, unlike the rest of the guild, regularly accepts invites to other raids so long as they’re not planning to run it in the skaia guild. CRAZY good at pvp. runs regular pvp groups with anybody else in the guild who’s interested (dirk, karkat, terezi, and rose usually come along, at least) and is almost singlehandedly responsible for keeping pvp zones on lockdown for their faction. puts out good dps and occasionally offtanks but her main focus is definitely pvp. always seems to be online. has several alts, all of which are also max level and well geared. nobody understands how she has this level of skill, nor the time.

karkat: runs the guild. a stickler for raid times and routinely threatens people with losing guild status or whatever the equivalent of dkp nowadays is. talks a LOT between raid fights (dirk does most of the talking during the raid fights) and lays out where the fuckups were and who needs to do better. despite how angry he routinely seems he also regularly whispers people to ask about their personal problems and if they need any help, and puts in a lot of time outside regular raid hours to help people get geared up, sometimes solo running their alts through low-level dungeons. usually offtanks for guild raids and is passable at it (though not outstanding). posts on the forums all the time and is infamous there. always poor because he keeps helping other guild members purchase their flying skills and fund their professions.

kanaya: off healer. everybody knows she and rose are together and they’re quite open about it. doesn’t especially understand a lot of mechanics or terms about the game, but is a decent enough player. takes her tailoring/weaving profession very seriously and is quite annoyed that she can’t design her own fashion, no matter how many times people explain limitations of in-game models to her. always logs off with a statement like “nobody stay up too late and have a good night.” people outside the guild think she’s a 40 year old mom. likes to mess around in the character creator. she and rose have several alts each on an rp server, each pair with a different and very specific relationship, no two the same. everybody knows this but nobody wants to know details. 

terezi: even bigger on pvp than roxy. almost exclusively plays on rp servers and therefore isn’t around a lot for actual guild activities outside of the non-rp characters she made because she didn’t want to be left out. even on the non rp server she constantly is /say and /whisper and /yelling in character and says R3PORT3D anytime somebody tells her to stop. whenever dirk and/or karkat get salty at other guild members she will jump in to threaten them with GU1LD COURT and refuse to relent even if someone says that isn’t a real thing. likes weird class/race combos and complains that so many interesting ones are off limits (W4RLOCKS SHOULD B3 4CC3SS1BL3 TO 3V3RY R4C3! SUCH BULLSH1T). also active on the forums. even more infamous than karkat because she won’t fucking drop her quirk.

What if elves were just big weird ants

Basically what i want to do with worldbuilding Elves is experiment with the implications of what a sentient eusocial clade of mammals would be like? There’s been authors who’ve flirted with similar ideas, like Terry Pratchett, but that aspect of fairy society has mostly been underdeveloped.  

To me it makes so much sense with Fairies. The lack of any recognizable social structure or hierarchy, despite the presence of “Queens.” The androgyny and morphological diversity (reproductive castes, hello!). The weird alien psychology and the propensity to “take” members of other species, a behavior found in various forms within many insect colonies. And of course they’re already aesthetically associated with insects, as well as with plants, implying a deep symbiosis. 

The setting I have in mind is one of those stock worlds that is turning so slowly on its access that one side is always in light and the other always in shadow. Hence their association with living either underground or in a “twilight zone” where time is permanently screwy (ie the meridian between the day and night zones). The harsh, constantly changing environment created a group highly adaptable social animals able to solve complex problems and “magically” parasitize genes from host species. Hence why Elves, whose “natural” form we typically call goblins, orcs, etc., produce human-like offspring with just a few external signifiers of their species. 

The lore is that, in an effort to fight overpopulation in an environment with dwindling resources, Elves, instead of wasting their time with interstellar travel, tunnel through space itself into other versions of their planet across different universal instances. Their colonial efforts bleed into worlds like our own, where they find mixed success and failure, often being unable to maintain human-level populations due to pathogens and other threats. Hence why the assimilation with humans, giving us the unearthly beauties as well as the older “monstrosities.” Human-elf relations are aided by both the subtle bending of brainwaves and attractive pheromones. 

Bus stop blues

This is my first attempt at omo fiction. Hope you enjoy it :P
Nina sat at the bus stop, thankful for the shade from the hot sun. Despite it getting closer to autumn every day, it was still unusually warm. The bus was late as usual, and three other people were sat round waiting patiently as well, albeit with various mutters under their breath.
Nina cursed and looked down the road for any sign of an approaching bus. A man sat nearby glanced over at hearing her bad language and gave her a disdainful look up and down. Nina wondered if he liked what he saw – the shorts she was wearing showed off her butt pretty well, and her tight crop top was sure to capture some people’s attention. The man didn’t hold his gaze however; he soon went back to reading his paper.
Nina’s leg shook involuntarily as her desperation grew. She’d meant to go to the toilet before leaving college, but she’d had to stay behind after class, and when she’d gone to go the bathroom had been shut for cleaning. There was another bathroom, of course, but that was all the way down near the common room, and she couldn’t be bothered to walk all that way. On a good day, when the bus was on time, Nina could often make it home in a good twenty minutes. Today, however, she’d been waiting twenty five already. She wondered if there had been an accident in town.
She pressed lightly on her stomach as another surge of desperation came over her. She imagined sitting down would take the urge off for a while, but the only two seats were taken, one by the man reading a newspaper, the other by an elderly woman with a walking stick. She tried to take her mind off her need to pee by focusing on the newspaper man instead. Her sunglasses masked her eyes, meaning she could check other people out without them noticing.
He was older than her, but probably only early thirties, clean shaved with short brown hair and designed specs. He wore an expensive suit and an expensive watch. He was good looking, she supposed, and probably quite rich too. She imagined him driving a convertible, but then wondered why he’d be catching the bus if he owned a posh car. Maybe his car was in for a service.
He suddenly looked up from his newspaper and straight at her. She looked away. Had he caught her looking? She wasn’t sure, but suddenly the urge to piss caught her off guard and she had to throw her hands to her crotch to stop herself from leaking. He was definitely looking at her now, she was sure of it.
She began to do a funny little dance, not caring if other people started looking. She had never been this desperate before. For the first time, she started to worry if she was going to pee herself. That would be embarrassing, especially in front of this good looking guy.
The man stood up and slowly walked over to her. Shit, Nina thought, he’s coming over to me, he’s going to ask me why I was staring at him…
But instead, the man said, “Are you ok, hun?”
“I really need to pee,” Nina replied, her thighs clenched together as she felt herself begin to sweat. She was sure she was going to begin to leak any minute, and half expected to feel her crotch grow wet beneath her hands.
“I know somewhere you can go,” the man said, smiling and folding his newspaper away.
“You do?” Nina was so relieved to hear that. She hadn’t been aware there were any public toilets nearby. “Where?”
“Follow me.” The man turned and Nina began to follow reluctantly, her gait slightly clumsy as she tried to hold back her pee. She wished she hadn’t drunk an entire bottle of orange juice with her lunch.
The man led her down the street and into a small alleyway. There were definitely no toilets here, and Nina was a little reluctant to follow him, but she was so desperate she went in after him anyway. Eventually, he stopped and turned to face her.
“Here we go, away from the street, away from prying eyes. You can easily go here,” he said.
“Here? I can’t piss here…” Nina said, although as her bladder screamed for release she seriously began to consider it. She felt tears come into her eyes… was this his idea of a joke?
“Of course you can, no one can see you,” the man replied. He put an arm out to comfort her. “Just slip those shorts down and then…”
But it was too late. With one last jolt, Nina’s body gave up the fight, and she felt herself began to leak into her panties. Her pussy shuddered as the piss began to soak through to her denim shorts and run down her legs. The man just watched her, as Nina doubled over and began to cry, her piss hitting the floor in loud splashes.
Finally she gave up trying to hold it in and just let go. Her panties were already soaked, and her shorts had turned a darker shade of blue. She looked up at the man as she continued to pee, tears streaming down her face. He smiled kindly at her, and adjusted his trousers where a slight bulge had started to appear. He put a hand on her shoulder.
“Come on,” he said to her, “let it all out.” He gently stroked her hair. “There’s a good girl. Let it all go.” Nina closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder in defeat.



Hi! I’m trying save up money for a Switch and to help support good people I see who deserve a helping hand up. Or, heck, just buy nice tings for my girlfriend.  I’ve been fighting to enter remission from my Rheumatoid Arthritis so I don’t have much to spend frivolously from my cruddy retail job.

A lot of the examples above are previous commissioned/ arranged gift work from groups! And of course some recent painted style art of Necrozma’s appearance from @askpokepelago / @asklusamine which I run. All prices are in USD done through Paypal.

  • ‘Anime’ headshot animal doodle of your cat/dog/rabbit/rodent (photo required)- $5
  • Small animal critter full body full color- $20 with ref, $35 for me to design
  • Full body full color humanoid - $60
  • Full body full color dragon/complex creature- $85
  • Inquire for

If you can’t afford or are not in the market, I super appreciate reblogs! Please please do reblog!

Thank you!!

A spec evo dinosaur commission. This one’s a large, omnivorous descendant of Troodon. The goose-like bill inspired me to give it a fleshy crest and subtle iridescent colors like Floyd, a mostly-black muscovy duck I used to have. This one’s a male in breeding regalia - normally it would be a bit more subdued. It’s active during winter, so I gave it “furry” fingers like snowy owl toes, and the feet were informed by all those ostrich legs Piet’s uncle brought over. I took plenty of photo refs of those.


While more subdued while indoors, the lighting in Spec Ops: The Line is ridiculously bright, often to the point of being a little straining. In addition to reinforcing the draining difficulty that comes from playing through the game, this also allows some scenes, especially those in the final act, to really feel hopeless and grim, as darkness and burning fire consumes everything.

When the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon’s designs were initially released many people alternately dismissed or mocked them as bad. This was profoundly unfair. Putting aside how different aesthetics of designs appeal to different people, the designs were intended to be animation friendly and to really move. Which they did.

However at the same time those criticising people who shallowly insulted the Spec designs shouldn’t then be criticizing the 1994 cartoon designs. Again aesphetic appeal of designs are subjective.

Even if some of the choices were bad let’s remember that…it was the mid-1990s. It wasn’t like fashion was in a wonderful place back then. But even so I feel some people get way to hung up on the designs to bash the show.

Like Peter Parker was maybe too muscular and broadshouldered in season 1. Is it that big of a deal honestly?

He spent most of the show as Spider-Man in which his body shape was perfectly correct for the character, especially if you look at Romita Senior and Bagley renditions of the character at the time. In fact McFarlane, Larsen and even Bagley renditions of Peter Parker in the 1990s draw him as fairly musclebound when in his civilian guise.

Is that yellow cardigan ugly on Mary Jane. In my opinion yes it is but it really is the one and only thing wrong with her design. Everything else she wears including the boots is fine, the boots in fact are things that Mary jane has on and off worn throughout her history, including in her first appearance.

It’s just…a pretty shallow thing to say the show rides or dies on. Especially when you consider most of the other character’s looks are mostly just replicating the comics.

Really the show if you bother to put it in the context of it’s time is very strong where it really counts, that is to say the story and the characters.

For all the loud criticisms about ‘But the Moussy?’ or ‘Hobgoblin came first!’ or ‘Mary Jane wasn’t like she was in the comics!’ or ‘It wasn’t as good as Batman the Animated Series’ the show did sooooooooooooooo much right and many of those criticisms don’t hold up to scrutiny.

Let’s do some analysis.

Was the show as good as Batman the Animated Series?

No but apart from the Simpsons and Gargoyles what American Animated series from around most of Spider-Man TAS’ airing actually was?

Not even the New Batman adventures or Superman the Animated Series hit anywhere close to BTAS’ quality.

Those shows were a perfect storm of quality and caught lightning in a bottle.

Saying a show is terrible for not reaching those heights is utterly unfair, it’s like saying a movie or a gangster movie is terrible because it’s dared not be as good as the Godfather. Or a fantasy movie is terrible for not being as good as Lord of the Rings.

It’s stupid and ignorant.

You grade things based upon the NORMS of the time.

In the mid 1990s there were quite a few cartoons attempting to be more serious, trying to rise above cliché simplistic Saturday morning adventures and since that’s what virtually every cartoon for the previous three decades had been doing each show attempting to do that in context thus deserves major, major kudos.

And that’s what Spider-Man the Animated Series did too.

Does the censoring hurt it? Does it’s restricted budget (due to the pricier ventures of other shows, including BTAS) hurt it?

Sure, but it’s like classic Doctor Who. You judge it based upon the limitations placed upon it not merely on the surface level of the final product. I know that is not the common wisdom for tv/flm criticism…but frankly that just means that common wisdom for TV/film criticism is really, really narrow minded and should instead be reformed. Doing otherwise is like grading a kid with dyslexia harshly when he literally has factors beyond his control holding him back despite him doing his best.

So bearing that in mind no Spider-Man the Animated Series really isn’t a bad show at all, nor a bad Spider-Man show. Especially when you put it into context of the previous Spider-Man shows or even the ones since.

In terms of it’s characters and handling of supporting cast and subplots it’s absolutely not just clear cut obvious that Spec Spidey is superior.

Consider that the show was so well plotted that the grand finale in season 5was being seeded as early as seeded in season 3. That the show managed to hit the emotional truth of the Death of Gwen Stacy DESPITE not being able to kill anybody and then looped that back around into motivating the character for the grand finale and his ultimate emotional fulfilment. Consider the show is arguably the most soap opera-esque American animated series for children ever, with some episodes haveing love polygons let alone triangles. The latter being in fact something all too appropriate for Spider-Man.

Consider that whilst the show might have altered some characters in a detrimental way, others they made more interesting. Yet others they changed but the altered characters were not uninteresting characters unto themselves despite being different. The Felicia Hardy of this show is a very different beast to the Felicia of the comics, but she is also more reltable and has a more significant arc. She is also not an uninteresting love interest.

Look I do think it’s a shame that the alterations made to some characters were drastic and detrimental. But taking them in isolation, unlike the crappy USM show, again they weren’t unlikable characters unto themselves. Plus as the first legitimate attempt to properly adapt Spider-Man teething problems were bound to occur. USM being made so long after Spider-Man was a pop cultural icon doesn’t have that same excuse.

Hell for all people’s griping about Mary Jane in this show, honestly there isn’t much wrong with her as a character unto herself. She just isn’t Mary Jane from the comics, but still has elements of her nevertheless. Her backstory with her father is tweaked but not uninteresting. She can still be resourceful when needed. She could still be supportive and brave and all that. Just watch the Hydro Man episode to see her character in action.

And for all the griping about character changes…Spider-Man himself is basically perfect.

Whilst not as whining or neurotic as the comic books (and thereby less aggravating) frankly this version of Peter Parker is how Peter should be written. That is to say not word for word like an exaggerated 1960s Stan Lee comic book character nor as later renditions of the character were which flanderized some of those traits.

This Spider-Man could feel guilt but wasn’t at times seeming like he was mentally ill.

He was funny, confident, sometimes selfish, sometimes angry, but ultimately altruistic and heroic.

Yeah every so often like in the Dr Strange episode the writers goofed up, but on the whole Spider-Man in this show was the first time in any adaptation you got to see the character properly represented which is…well kind of the most important thing.

More poignantly this show did the spirit of Spider-Man correctly. Despite changes to the characters and lore, the sequence of events and so on this was the first time we got the ‘feel’ of the original Spider-Man comic books.

Spider-Man was a down to Earth regular guy albeit a smarter and more altruistic one, who dealt with regular life events alongside fantastical superhero stuff. His fortunes vacillated often in relation to his activates as Spider-Man.

He had a friends and family and acquaintances of people who could exist in real life, a ost of colourful adversaries with their own plot lines weaving in and out of Peter’s own.

There was a continuity to the show wherein the events of one episode could have an impact down the line, characters had arcs.

And the series ended with an adoring love letter to the character by highlighting what makes the character who he is. The last few episodes of the show Spider-Man meets a version of himself who’s lost everything and gone to the darkside and contrasts that to another version of himself where he had everything and appreciates the fact that he isn’t either of these people but rather himself. He then saves all of reality  and proceeds to tell his God, his creator, Stan Lee himself that he is his own man beyond what Stan intended for him and goes off into the sunset to be happy.

But I guess all of that is worthless because of Mary Jane’s cardigan…


Details on some of the a-spec shirts I designed. I think I managed to incorporate the special designs on some flags into the outfit? I apologize if I offend anyone’s sense of fashion or standards of modesty.

1: Asexual (not pictured)
2: Fraysexual
3: Cupiosexual
4: Grey-asexual (not pictured)
5: Lithsexual/Akoisexual
6: Demisexual
7: Abrosexual
8: Placiosexual
9: Quoisexual
10: Aceflux
11: Autochorissexual/Aegosexual
12: Apothisexual

Let me know what you think about yours! And please tell me if I left anyone out. I’ll be happy to add more asexual identities to the set.