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collects rocks: Combeferre, because he’s a nerd in all aspects of the scientific world, including geology
takes pictures of the other while they’re asleep: Courf takes pictures of Ferre when he’s sleepy because oh my god Enj he’s so adorable he’s like a really handsome puppy 
gets drunk and breaks shit: Courfeyrac, the giddy drunk.
can’t swim: Ferre. He wears armbands and Courfeyrac thinks it’s adorable.
remembers to feed the fish: Combeferre. Don’t trust Courf with pets, there’s a reason they don’t let him buy a puppy or look after Robespierre, this has been a psa
puts up Christmas decorations in November: Courf because “I’m getting into the Christmas spirit, Combeferre!” “Courfeyrac, you don’t even celebrate Christmas, you’re Jewish.” “Christmas spirit, you grinch!!”
sends inappropriate texts and snapchats while the other is in a meeting: I feel like this one is way too obvious to give an answer
makes sims just to drown them in the pool: Ferre (Courf makes sims just to make them woohoo)
brings the other coffee at work: Courfeyrac comes waltzing into the hospital with a takeaway cup and is all “One latte for my hot doctor boyfriend!” and then Ferre finds him and he’s like “You do know I’m only a student doctor, right.”
takes gym locker room selfies: Courfeyrac. Courf + selfies = ∞
signs them up for tennis lessons and a salsa-making class: I feel like Courfeyrac would do this as a joke but Ferre would end up getting really into it
forgets to charge the other’s iPad and leaves it dead on the coffee table: Courf, and Ferre is so angry because my fucking research courfeyrac i will end you


An argument for Specs as the best character, as requested by a Nonny.

God bless Specs, the only newsie who ever does a damn thing.

Racer, Smalls, and Albert to follow. Still accepting requests. 


Newsies! Jack, Crutchie, Specs, and Romeo. I saw the tour cast in SF last month, and sketched the boys from memory on the train… then decided to finish them off now and make them nice. Trying to make an effort to see more of my idea sketches through to finish.

I improvised a little on costuming based on photo refs of different productions. It seems that the newsies who aren’t Jack, David, or Crutchie switch up their outfits? Also the newspapers are just some scans I found from the 1890s-1900s, nothing special.


but why hasn’t anyone talked about this…?