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☠- Grantaire and Combeferre? Thank you!

☠ - angry/violent headcanon 

grantaire: very self-destructive. has a habit of shouting at himself in third person. quite volatile and has been known to lash out at people (which he feels incredibly shitty for afterwards).

combeferre: aggressively protective of his friends (esp. triumvirate) to the point where he’d kill to protect them. if you upset enj or courf you’re in deep shit with combeferre, run as fast as you can.

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idk enough abt bpd to talk to u but i wish i could!! what are your fave headcanons abt borderline enjolras and dependent courf??

ahh *purrs* it’s ok that you don’t know enough about it i just wanted an excuse to ramble so thank you :3

the triumvirate all live together and they’re like this little support network. ferre is really good at helping his friends, he leaves notes around the house telling them how loved they are and reminding them to stay hydrated or take meds, and his friends always come first to him.

ferre is courf’s primary depended and enj is his secondary, and les amis as a whole are sort of dependeds to him? he can be really confident around his friends but he’s v anxious when he’s alone, especially when he has no way of contacting anyone. he gets attached to people very easily (example: marius) and hates any form of confrontation, especially within the group.

enj relies on his friends’ support for the cause, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to continue working towards his goals. his friends are the most important thing in the world to him but he struggles with supporting them, although he’s really empathetic. he’s v impulsive and gets angry easily. 


Newsies! Jack, Crutchie, Specs, and Romeo. I saw the tour cast in SF last month, and sketched the boys from memory on the train… then decided to finish them off now and make them nice. Trying to make an effort to see more of my idea sketches through to finish.

I improvised a little on costuming based on photo refs of different productions. It seems that the newsies who aren’t Jack, David, or Crutchie switch up their outfits? Also the newspapers are just some scans I found from the 1890s-1900s, nothing special.


but why hasn’t anyone talked about this…?