speckled sussex chickens


They just keep getting bigger and more photogenic… The cockerel pictured is Duke Eggbert. The pullet with the most white on her is Miss Mayonaisse. I still haven’t decided a name for the pullet with just a little white on her chest. She has super pretty blue eyes though. They all have really bright beautiful eyes for birds! 


Figured I should do an update on the sussex. It’s hard to take photos of them, there are so many mosquitoes in our yard!

I thought that they were singing the egg song, but when I went back there today after not seeing them all weekend, both of the roosters started singing it at me!!! What. Are. They. Doing.


If you are holding a bird, it will poop on you.

If you are a small dog, of similar color to a flock of chickens, they will try to pull your fur out to find your feathers…

The first bit of knowledge I’ve known for a while, the second is something that I’m just now finding out. Anyone else’s chickens try to groom their dog?


Did you all miss my chickens?

Productivity note: The little dark Americauna in the back has laid a green egg every single day since she started laying. I highly recommend that breed over the Sussex (despite how good looking they are). Unless you are looking for a good meat bird you can get some eggs out of. As you can tell, the Sussex are fatties and they eat a lot @_@.