you look at your hands
and you see the white bones underneath,
your skin ghostly, translucent,
your blood like rusted iron
seeping through and turning to dust;
you’re disappearing in the night,
blending with the shadows,
becoming one with the dusk,
waving the demon harpies hello.

and oh, you’re like the deep dark sea -
crashing against me, chipping at my stone walls
and taking my heart prisoner
one sand speck at a time, keeping me
away while drawing me in.
I want to reach out and hold you,
bury my face in your hair,
and break the curses
that have you falling apart.

you’re drowning with a smile on your face -
you think you deserve it
and you welcome the cold;
I’m late, it seems I always am,
my heart sitting heavy in my chest
as I brave the icy water -
I can’t swim but I can’t let you leave,
because you say you’re a monster
and I have to kiss the word out of your lips.

—  salt on your tongue, tears on my cheeks (m.p.

Dear anon,

I LOVE HALSEY AND THIS SONG IS BEYOND AMAZING! I seriously hope you like it, theres no smut but hopefully it isn’t a disappointment. I’m sorry I took so long to post something, I didn’t know how this one would end, but anyways enjoy!


Caged Hummingbirds

His eyes are dark. Threaded, coded with an emotion that tightens your throat and dries your lips. Willow green eyes watch you wet them.  
His face is hard, rigid like the line of his back, spine steeled and shoulders squared.
You’ve been driving along the desert edge for hours, watching the sun fade and the place you once called home become a speck of dust in the review mirror. With a pang of regret, you silently understand why you can’t go back.
There’s a building that emerges from the horizon, growing with every breath. The construct rises like an appendage, red brown sand coating like skin. It reaches out with the miles, and the car pulls into its grasp, curling around its closed fists.
The motel is dirty, caked with desert dust and heat haze. It glows with neon signs and setting sun, the light clings to the corners of marred surface, seeping into the cracks of skin to make it seem like it radiated from the inside out.
You follow his long legs, watching the muscles of his broad back shift beneath stained cotton. The sun glides over his flesh, tracing the fine lines of his face and illuminating the grey in his green eyes. He looks white, bathed in the glow of the setting sun, he’s an angel, incandescent with wings of sun rays. He isn’t like the motel, his glow isn’t an illusion. It clings to his cracked skin like prayers from your lips. Salvation is what you asked for, and they sent him, neon light eyes and blood caked fingertips. You still can’t tell who answered you, God or the Devil. 

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This might come off as extremely contradicting since 99.9% of my clothing involves some sort of sparkle, but why the fuck is glitter even a thing? It’s the worst thing that was most likely made by the devil himself. The herpes of arts and crafts, if you will. That shit never comes off. Oh, you have a little speck of glitter? Good luck getting rid of that shit. You would have to set your hand on fire in order for it to come off. So forreal, fuck glitter.

First Timers: Alice & Sky Diving

As part of our First Timers series, fans were asked to submit their stories. Here’s one from Alice. 

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I bought sky-diving tickets for my then-boyfriend on his birthday. We broke up shortly after, and I ended up with 2 tickets that expired a year after purchase.

About 11 months later, I finally got up the courage to go, and a good girl friend of mine agreed to come as moral support.

We arrived and signed pages and pages of liability forms. Then we sat waiting. We saw 1 plane take off with about 5 riders, and later those same riders came down as little colorful specks in the vast sky.

That first day, after the one plane took off, the winds got too fast, and they had to cancel the rest of the flights; we all headed home.

The next week, we came back, and this time there was barely any waiting. They hustled us onto the plane; we were 3 pairs of tandem riders. And suddenly, we were at 16,000 feet in the sky. And the door of the plane flung opened, and the first tandem pair approached the door. The instructor told the rider to put his legs over the ledge, and as soon as he did, he instantly disappeared into the wind.

Before I knew it, it was my turn. I just started grabbing at everything I could to stay in the plane. But my instructor told me to relax, and guided me to my inevitable destination.

Then, I was flung over the edge and into free fall at 16,000 feet.

At first, I was screaming so much, I wasn’t breathing in. My instructor kept yelling, “Remember to breathe in! Breathe in!” I finally did, and thought, “Oh, I’m gonna live!”

After free falling for a bit, the parachute was released, and we slowly glided down and I took in the beautiful slice of New Jersey we were floating over.

Actually getting myself to go through with sky-diving made me feel like there’s probably nothing in the world I’m too afraid to do. Any time I’m faced with something scary or difficult, I just say to myself, “I jumped out of a plane at 16,000 feet in the air; this–this is no problem.“

If we’re already lost in the world, why don’t we take it further and lose ourselves in one another? You are infinite in your potential. Your intelligence, your thoughtfulness, your beauty, it all knows no bounds. You deserve every last drop of kindness the universe at large has to offer. I hope you receive it. I long to be the one to give it to you, but I recognize that I am not the proper being to do so. The soul you have chosen to confide in is precious beyond all belief, may they grant you every speck of tangible happiness in this realm. You deserve all of it. Our paths will likely part soon, I have little reason to remain here, I too seek a kind soul to confide in. It would be a lie to say my heart aches in your absence, but it will pass. What matters most is that you are happy, that you are loved with infinity, cherished, shown the world for all its beauty and wonder and made known that it all dulls in comparison to you. You may not believe it but you are beyond precious. Priceless. A work of art worthy of the greatest museums in the world. With skin made of ivory and eyes made of zircon you are awe inspiring visually, to know you beyond the eye is a true gift, and it is one I will hold dear to the end of days. Please, treat yourself well, you deserve the universe and more.

I found this thing online to help tighten the pores on your nose without damaging them and it’s like a three stage thing. And the lady was like there will be stuff popping out of your pores and shit. And I was like nawh man that’s silly. I wash my face.

No. There was shit. It was gross. Like little black specks and grain. I WASH MY FACE OKAY THIS SHOULDN’T BE HAPPENING.

But 10/10 would recommend. Also my nose feels really soft and now I wanna go back and rewash my whole face with this stuff.

Terms of Endearment for all my special pals

(Inspired by the ravishing bellawhat)


Glorious genius
Sparkling cupcake
Valiant unicorn wrangler
Shining sunfish
Sweet cinnamon sugar puff
Silky smooth chocolate bar
Precious ruby
Rare and knowledgable idol
Divine dew-dropped deity
celestial starlet
Ethereal jellyfish
Beautiful shining moonbeam
Perfect speck of glitter
Diamond waterfall princess
Brilliant burst of starbeams
Goddess of one thousand suns
Tender and gentle paw print of love
Soft and delicate koala baby
Cookie dough queen
Brave and powerful racehorse
Tiny little lemon drop
Whimsical angel fairy
Wise and wondrous willow tree
Graceful galloping gazelle
Mystical crystal orb of awe and wonder
Cuddlebun babycakes
Darling dollface
Fragile gossamer butterfly
Luscious Amazonian warrior priestess
Sugarplum gumdrop
Regal ballerina
Unstoppable whirlwind of good ideas
Creative mother fox
Shimmering chandelier of radiance
Poignant peach petal
Swirling snow globe of joy

Payday 2 is 19€ in the steam store, and I have the specks on my laptop to play it. Problems would be, that I’m not very accustomed to playing FPS’s, I have kinda unreliable internet, I’d have to clear out the desk  in my room to make a good gaming station, and I don’t have people to play it with.

6 pm ryden thought

Y'all think Ryan has a periscope account? Like he just watches Brendon talk about his life and how he is. Then Ryan just sits there and smiles to himself knowing Brendon is happy? But then he gets sad because he can’t share that happiness with Brendon.