We just discovered a new addition to our collection of Awesome Volkwagen Beetles in a very surprising place: the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. This miniature VW Bug was found pinned to the wall as part of a display of beetle specimens in the museum’s Entomology Collection, demonstrating that someone at that museum has a great sense of humor.

Photos by RiotheLibrarian and hailtothkngbby respectively.

[via Bored Panda]

Chocolate calcite

Resembling an artful edible decoration from some top Swiss chocolatier, these crystals of calcite from the Tsumeb mine in Namibia are coloured by reddish brown inclusions of the iron oxide mineral haematite. Measuring 9 x 9 x 4.3 cm, large speciments of tis nature are very rare.


Image credit: Joe Budd/Rob Lavinsky/iRocks.com