specimen necklace


Moss Specimen Necklaces!

Each contains a little specimen of moss, hand harvested (sustainably) from the local New England forests and preserved in a little bit of high quality epoxy resin. Each one is super unique and hand crafted with care and consideration.

I just wanted to post this because I wanted to announce that at the time of this posting, there is more than enough time to order one as a holiday gift for a nature lover in your life, or just as a gift to yourself, because you deserve it. I just collected a full haul of moss this morning and I’m ready to create some pieces!


This little specimen bottle is stuffed full of heirloom marigold seeds that you can plant as you go on your daily adventures! These flowers are so easy to grow, and create strikingly large plants FULL of uniquely striped blooms! Plant one in someone’s yard, along the sidewalk in the city, in a friends garden, anywhere that needs a little color and life!… Where it came from will be a mystery, but you will know, and enjoy seeing the beauty you brought to life! You will also be helping pollinating insects, such as bees and butterflies! I grew tons of these in my garden this year, and the pollinators LOVED them! Give someone the gift of a surprise plant! Please do not plant these seeds in the forest, preserve such places for the native wildflowers!

Note: Please do not plant these seeds in the forest! Preserve such places for native plants! Many forests contain very fragile environments, new plants should not be introduced, as it interferes with the life that depends on these wild locations.

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