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Today the Department of Gorgeous Glass Art is further exploring more extraordinary work by Indiana-based glass artist Kiva Ford (previously featured here). Ford combines his artistic skills with his background in scientific glassblowing to create delicate glass vessels that contain miniature glass objects, including animals, body parts, flowers, and geometric structures, exquisitely detailed and trapped inside like scientific specimens inside impossible bottles.

“Ford’s artistic work is influenced by his interests in history, mythology, and the natural world, and his affinity for scientific objects led him to pursue a college degree in Scientific Glassblowing. Several of his pieces are treated as if they were natural specimens preserved in jars like a floating, wriggling octopus, colorful glass birds, or delicate glass flowers sealed within glass bell jars.”

One of our favorites among his recent creations is a larger, elaborate piece entitled Metamorphosis, which features each stage of the metamorphosis of the red-eyed tree frog, from egg to tadpole to adult frog, as a progression through a series of laboratory glassware.

This video provides a fascinating look at how Ford creates his sculptures:

Follow Kiva Ford on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with his latest hand-blown glass creations. Many of his miniature sculptures are available for purchase via his Etsy shop.

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Frolic in the Forest on Etsy!
These little specimen bottles are so cute! (: They each contain a copperhead rib bone, a tiny quartz crystal, and a sprig of lichen! (:

I’m only $100 dollars away from having enough money to order my new camera! (: All orders this week will go straight towards making my dreams come true! Thank you guys so much for all the support so far, words cannot express how grateful I am to you all! (: 

I have this headcanon that Snape has tons and tons of bottles and vials just sitting around that he never really uses for anything.

Lots of unusually shaped and coloured bottles just sit everywhere in his personal spaces, collecting dust because most of the time they’re not very practical, but he can’t bring himself to get rid of a perfectly good bottle.

He also has regular muggle jars filled with random specimens, some of which aren’t exactly useful, but he can’t see a potential ingredient (or just an interesting-looking plant or bug) without picking it up.

All of his pockets are filled with vials, most of which are empty, but some have little moths or bits of leaves in them that he collected and then forgot about. Every time he shakes his robes out a dozen little bottles and vials clink onto the floor.


Hey guys, I need some help!

Spring is right around the corner, and I have some expenses coming up! We are working on expanding our garden, so we can grow enough organic food to fully supply ourselves. We live on a rocky mountain ridge, and it’s nearly impossible to grow veggies, so over the years we’ve built raised beds and other planters to grow food in. Some of our raised beds are falling apart (they were built from olllld barn lumber), and are in need of replacing. Etsy is my only source of income, which proivides enough to get by, but usually not extra expenses such as this.

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You all are wonderful, and I thank you for all the support you have given me over the years! You all are what keeps me going, and living the life I love! So much love to you all! ♥

Ice Aura Quartz Crystal Necklaces
Shard - Crystal Chokers
Dainty Choker
In the Pines
Lichen Vial Necklace
Tiny Terrarium Necklace
Hand Painted Crystal Claw Necklaces (Arctic & Tropical Sea)
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Lichen Specimen Necklace - green glass bottle

Frolic in the Forest on Etsy!


a small collection for sale 

- woodland moss

- handful of shells 

- some bones

- framed mouse/rat bone

-vial of shark teeth

-vial of cicada molts

- wet preserved squirrel paw

- lichen specimen 

-bottle of snake skin

and a couple feathers


✨✨🌿In the midst of an enchanted forest you find a magical fairy egg nestled amongst the soft bed of moss. You reach In your knapsack and pull out a small specimen jar and bottle the small egg up in hopes that you might carry it with you to see it open!🌿✨✨ ✨🌿Be on the look out for this Enchanted Fairy Egg Necklace that will be posted to my shoppe soon!!

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Frolic in the Forest on Etsy!
Bone, Crystal and Lichen specimen necklaces! (:

I’m only $100 dollars away from having enough money to order my new camera! (: All orders this week will go straight towards making my dreams come true! Thank you guys so much for all the support so far, words cannot express how grateful I am to you all! (: