specimen bottles


This little specimen bottle is stuffed full of heirloom marigold seeds that you can plant as you go on your daily adventures! These flowers are so easy to grow, and create strikingly large plants FULL of uniquely striped blooms! Plant one in someone’s yard, along the sidewalk in the city, in a friends garden, anywhere that needs a little color and life!… Where it came from will be a mystery, but you will know, and enjoy seeing the beauty you brought to life! You will also be helping pollinating insects, such as bees and butterflies! I grew tons of these in my garden this year, and the pollinators LOVED them! Give someone the gift of a surprise plant! Please do not plant these seeds in the forest, preserve such places for the native wildflowers!

Note: Please do not plant these seeds in the forest! Preserve such places for native plants! Many forests contain very fragile environments, new plants should not be introduced, as it interferes with the life that depends on these wild locations.

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Hey guys, I need some help!

Spring is right around the corner, and I have some expenses coming up! We are working on expanding our garden, so we can grow enough organic food to fully supply ourselves. We live on a rocky mountain ridge, and it’s nearly impossible to grow veggies, so over the years we’ve built raised beds and other planters to grow food in. Some of our raised beds are falling apart (they were built from olllld barn lumber), and are in need of replacing. Etsy is my only source of income, which proivides enough to get by, but usually not extra expenses such as this.

Growing my own food is very important to me, and I’m really excited about the coming gardening season! Any purchase you make goes directly toward our garden, and our food supply for the year! Any contribution is greatly appreciated! Even if you can’t make a purchase, reblogging really helps! Likes are cool, but reblogs are best because others can see, and it helps to spread my work! If you like my blog and appreciate my photography and lifestyle, please help us raise money for our garden! All you have to do is reblog my work (with caption intact)!

You all are wonderful, and I thank you for all the support you have given me over the years! You all are what keeps me going, and living the life I love! So much love to you all! ♥

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I have this headcanon that Snape has tons and tons of bottles and vials just sitting around that he never really uses for anything.

Lots of unusually shaped and coloured bottles just sit everywhere in his personal spaces, collecting dust because most of the time they’re not very practical, but he can’t bring himself to get rid of a perfectly good bottle.

He also has regular muggle jars filled with random specimens, some of which aren’t exactly useful, but he can’t see a potential ingredient (or just an interesting-looking plant or bug) without picking it up.

All of his pockets are filled with vials, most of which are empty, but some have little moths or bits of leaves in them that he collected and then forgot about. Every time he shakes his robes out a dozen little bottles and vials clink onto the floor.