specimen bottles


Trapped Beauty by Marcus Rodriguez

Ravenclaw Common Room

o   Is a circle because circles represent the never-ending pursuit of knowledge, but all the students hate it because it’s total shit for hanging up posters and portraits

o   Has windows that are almost always open to let in fresh air (and to air out the smells of experiments gone wrong)

o   Has floor to ceiling bookshelves (enchanted, of course) but they don’t always hold books. They can have completed projects, trophies from house competitions, piles of extra pieces of scratch parchment (or paper, for the more *progressive* students), potion bottles, specimens in jars, tanks for magical creatures they’re currently studying, potted plants, their 14 coffee pots and the 15th that nobody uses because the coffee ends up tasting like a blast-ended skrewt

o   Ceiling has been enchanted to look like the sky (mimicking the Great Hall), but it usually shows the night sky’s constellations, no matter the time of day, not only because they forget to change it, but they like how it looks


This little specimen bottle is stuffed full of heirloom marigold seeds that you can plant as you go on your daily adventures! These flowers are so easy to grow, and create strikingly large plants FULL of uniquely striped blooms! Plant one in someone’s yard, along the sidewalk in the city, in a friends garden, anywhere that needs a little color and life!… Where it came from will be a mystery, but you will know, and enjoy seeing the beauty you brought to life! You will also be helping pollinating insects, such as bees and butterflies! I grew tons of these in my garden this year, and the pollinators LOVED them! Give someone the gift of a surprise plant! Please do not plant these seeds in the forest, preserve such places for the native wildflowers!

Note: Please do not plant these seeds in the forest! Preserve such places for native plants! Many forests contain very fragile environments, new plants should not be introduced, as it interferes with the life that depends on these wild locations.

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Depth over distance pt.1

[A/N: Hi friends! This is a little story i had been thinking about doing for some time now and I decided that i just needed to start somewhere, so i did. Not sure how many parts it’ll have, but lets say 5 for now! This story takes place in modern times, 2009 to be specific. Rae and Chloe are scottish, they’re childhood friends and live in Glasgow. Then they meet two lovely lads on a night out and then things start to change for our Rae.

Just want to say a quick and big thank you to Kathleen storey-time your help has been amazing, looking forward to writing this thanks to you! x

If you want, listen to this song while you’re reading, it might set the mood for you.

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It was a typical Friday night and Rae and Chloe were heading out for a night on the town. They didn’t even have to talk about the place they were going, it was the same place they could be found every Friday night. It was the same place where they would dance all night, where they would be pushed in all different directions, where they would have beer spilt all over them. Sometimes it would get so crowded that they would stop dancing and simply try to hold on to each so not to fall down, all while laughing so hard that they felt like their insides would burst into a million pieces. It was always going to be Ace for Friday night shenanigans and it was there, that euphoric Friday night at Ace, that fate stepped in.

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a small collection for sale 

- woodland moss

- handful of shells 

- some bones

- framed mouse/rat bone

-vial of shark teeth

-vial of cicada molts

- wet preserved squirrel paw

- lichen specimen 

-bottle of snake skin

and a couple feathers