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A portion of Charles Guiteau’s brain

“The doctors killed Garfield, I just shot him”

This is a specimen of the brain tissue of Charles Guiteau. He is best known as the assassin of President James A. Garfield of the USA. 

While James Garfield was shot on July 2, 1881, he did not die until eleven weeks later. Most of his care was considered competent for the day, but his physicians rejected antiseptic technique, and if they hadn’t, it’s widely believed that Garfield would have survived. The exact cause of death was overwhelming infection, leading to rupture of the splenic artery.

His assassin was executed less than a year after his death, by hanging.

From the National Museum of Health and Medicine, via Flickr


Nosferatu; roots of the Vampyr Nation

Alex CF 2014

A beautiful ebony study case, detailing the findings of the late Cleric Abramo, in his tireless quest to seek out the source of the Vampyric viral strain, discovered the roots of the Vampyr species - Upir, or Nosferatu, a secretive enclave of ancient creatures. Please visit to find out more information.

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F37 Ginger Specimen by Face37

“Specimen book for the typeface F37 Ginger. Printed in a Fluorescent ink with a flocked embossed cover. Limited edition of 250. Each edition is hand numbered.”

Founded in 2008 by British designer Rick Banks and joined in 2013 by Annabel Welbury, Face37 is a London based design studio, focusing on the fields of branding, graphic design and typography. Their philosophy is simple. Ideas.The very best design comes from an idea, an idea that anyone can understand and appreciate. Whether that’s working with a strategic idea for a multinational or a subtle idea designed within a piece of type, our way of working is to find a simple idea and express it in it’s simplest form. Whilst simplicity is not the primary aim, it is the by-product of a good idea.

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